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  1. Tim Miles receives one-year contract extension

    This solves nothing. Either fire him or giving him a longer extension. Recruiting is already in a bad place and losing Hunter and Xavier basically cement that. Ugghhh..
  2. 2018 G Xavier Johnson

    Brutal. Just Brutal.
  3. Kenya Hunter to UConn

    First casualty to losing Hunter with loss of Xavier Johnson.
  4. So, who is going to leave?

    Yikes.. but since it already happened.... No.
  5. OK, where is Damian Jackson???

    This thread has everything you could possibly want: Military talk People calling other people hitler Rudy offsides Circus Seals This thread delivers.
  6. Stan vs Bell

    Bell might be one of the more overrated Huskers in history.
  7. POB...still in the QB room?

    Your source better have some salt water aquarium guy connections or I aint buying it.
  8. Frost’s QB Room

    It is crazy how much the POB talk has shifted from today to this time last year. I never was as excited as some were when he first came in but also dont think he is an awful QB.. He just seems to be an awful fit for this offense. I am a bit surprised he has stuck around this long, but could see him going to a program like a Wyoming or some mid major where he can pass a lot. While I would bet Gebbia might be leading slightly, I still wouldnt be shocked to see Martinez start day 1 or at some point. This is not going off of all the talk but just off what we know. The Bunch talk is nice but there is a reason he is a walk-on. My early prediction: Game 1: Gebbia Martinez Bunch POB transfers after the semester ends. Game 12: Martinez Gebbia Bunch
  9. Spring Practice Notes

    I will only be ok if they give it a cool name like how Bo called his hybrid defense the Peso.... lets see... What can we call a defense that is heavy in the middle...
  10. Spring Practice Notes

    Man, we are going to have a lot of Middle Linebackers on the field at one time.
  11. Spring Practice Notes

    Or he will get replaced by someone who will. Whoever is on the field will look much better than what was on the field last year and that could easily be the exact same guys. Excited about that.
  12. Kenya Hunter to UConn

    The problem here is other coaches know the hot seat is there. I dont think this is an easy job to fill.
  13. Kenya Hunter to UConn

    I would bet money on sooner. If he loses Copeland and Palmer, this team will struggle... Erstad is also probably going to coach himself out of a job as well but to your point people ignore things because he was a husker. He hasnt been good in the B1G which is a crappy baseball conference.
  14. Kenya Hunter to UConn

    Moos has already came out and said Miles will be back next year. He isnt going anywhere even if players leave and coaches leave.
  15. Kenya Hunter to UConn

    This is a huge loss. Yes he has had some swings and misses but Hunter has constantly been on some of the big additions. He has also been here for quite a while compared to the revolving door we have had at other spots. This could also hurt in retaining guys. Wouldnt be shocked to lose a guy or two currently on the team. Kenya seems to be there "go-to" guy.