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      *NEW* Husker Football Commits - DE Casey Rogers, RB Miles Jones, WR Dominick Watt   01/16/2018

      Huskers get a commitments from   Avon, Connecticut Defensive End Casey Rogers Fort Lauderdale, Florida Running Back/Wide Receiver Miles Jones Hollywood, Florida Wide Receiver Dominick Watt   See the 2018 Class   Who's Next?
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      The 2018 HuskerBoard Starting Lineup   01/17/2018

      The 2018 HuskerBoard Starting Lineup is now live! Click HERE to read the rules, and look in the Contest Crib for nomination and voting threads throughout the next several weeks.   This is a great opportunity to say "thanks!" to your fellow HuskerBoard members for keeping you informed or entertained throughout the past year. Nominate your favorite HuskerBoard member today!


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  1. RB Ta'zhawn Henry

    My wording was off, it wasnt that Washington doesnt want to be here, I just think Henry wants it more and at this point I dont want to wait till NSD to find out we lost him and potentially lose Henry as well. This is a gut feeling thing for me. I assume the way you are talking you have sources, I am going by actions. Hope I am wrong.
  2. RB Maurice Washington

    Can you add Ohio State to the poll?
  3. RB Ta'zhawn Henry

    I think Washington strings us along and we lose both Washington and Henry.
  4. RB Ta'zhawn Henry

    I am pretty confident he will end up at Ohio State.
  5. RB Ta'zhawn Henry

    I kind of want Henry with a chip on his shoulder over Washington. Lets take the guy who wants to be here and let him know he has to prove himself....
  6. 2018 Starting Lineup Campaigning Thread

    Or you can also send him a nice big jar of Prunes.
  7. DB Cam Taylor

    I know... and I just wanted to rip on you. Not sure.. Tuesday game is less than ideal. Might just watch this one from home.
  8. Bracketology

    I truly hope this game is the game that shows these players they can be special if they play the right way. That game reminded me of "No Sit Sunday" however it was probably a stronger overall performance. They need to play that way for every game moving forward. If they beat Ohio State, they suddenly are very much so in the driver seat for a tournament appearance. But all that crashes down if you lose a home game here on out(except maybe Maryland). And you cant lose to a bottom team on the road(Outside of OSU thats all they have left). @Wisconsin and @Minnesota wont be easy but you need to win both. If you lose to Ohio state, I think you need to go 8-1. If you beat Ohio State, I think you can maybe get away with 7-2. Michigan is your signature win. You played close with Kansas.. you are building that resume. LETS GO!
  9. The defense was as good as I have ever seen it. Guys played with awesome energy. Closed on the ball well. They did give up a few more easy layups than i would have liked but they shut down almost everything else. I loved the ground and the student section getting after Wagner. It was all in clean fun(from what I heard). This is the team we all recognize as special. The team against Illinois is the one that makes us question Miles... Biggest difference was energy and interest in playing defense.
  10. DB Cam Taylor

    The things you dont get could fit in a very large book..... *Please dont punch me the next time we run in to each other at a Gopher/Husker game.
  11. Holy cow.. What a Hall of Fame class this year! St.Paul, Husker and LOMS... The whose who of classes.
  12. WR Dominick Watt [Nebraska Commit]

    Seems like a lot of reactions came in early this morning. I wonder if guys were sleeping or off the twitter machine when he committed.
  13. 2017-2018 Season Notes

    He grew up in South Dakota and most South Dakotan's and North Dakotan's are Vikings fans. He re-tweeted a few of the Vikings celebration videos. He is a smart man!
  14. JUCO CB Kenneth George, Jr.

    I thought I read they were there to meet with one of his teammates and saw/heard about him from a current player and were talking to him.... At least I think that is him....