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  1. "Scott Frost Cements Himself as the Coolest Coach Ever"

    Teach me the ways of the GIF you almighty GIF Master.
  2. Biggest Concerns?

    Using this logic, I will go with QB. I think Gebbia is a crazy hard worker and Martinez is getting there but both are young, learning a new system and have expectations. The whole team is fairly new. While I think the future is exciting, it will take these kids time to create the cohesion we want. I think the WR core is super talented and has some big time guys, but I just hope we can find ways to get them the ball in space to let them work.
  3. Fall Camp

    I get TG might be the guy to start, but I think I speak for most in saying Martinez/Washington combo in 2019/2020/2021 sounds like it could be VERY FUN.... Unless Gebia ends up being the man.
  4. Fall Camp

    Oh, like Tickle Me Elmo?
  5. Fall Camp

    I think the mind game they are playing is to praise them for improvement. I think they are trying to be more "supportive" than Tear these guys down to build them back up. I like the style. I think constantly yelling at the kids and ripping them in the media can motivate some.
  6. Huskerboard Fantasy Football 2018

    I should be all signed up.
  7. Huskerboard Fantasy Football 2018

    Sweet. Do you need my email address Mav?
  8. Huskers Land 2018 JUCO F Dedoch Chan

    I dont know why this kid didnt have any major offers. His list is not overly impressive but he did put up decent numbers in highschool and in the JUCO ranks. He is the style I hope we move toward. A kid who can run the floor a bit and get rebounds. I didnt realize till a bit ok we have him for 3 years... Does make it potentially a bad situation if he is really bad. Overall, if he can give us 10 minutes off the bench.. I am happy.
  9. Homegrown Huskers

    And kids also tend to have some "ego"(this hasnt changed from 80's and 90's.) and maybe go where they are deemed "wanted". I think this will get better simply because we should hopefully get back to using the walk-on program as it should be used.
  10. Predict Final 2019 Team Ranking

    The one thing I have more confidence on with Frost and Co. is they wont have nearly as many kids de-commit later on. I think they tell a kid to take his time before giving his verbal. I assume we lose one here or there but overall I think we continue to trend up. Obviously other schools will also add more kids. I think we end up a few spots higher than last year. I'll guess 16th. I am not as concerned because I think they are more focused on finding the right kid who mentally wants to work and fits system.
  11. Homegrown Huskers

    It looks like Nebraska has Chicken Pox. I think that other places are starting to ramp up recruiting the "middle of nowhere Nebraska" kids better. Wyoming, North Dakota, South Dakota have all done a good job of showing the kids the love when we havent. I would assume in the 90's you take a walk on offer from Nebraska over a scholarship elsewhere but now I think with how expensive school is, kids are more willing to go where they can save money.
  12. Huskerboard Fantasy Football 2018

    Just saw this now. If anyone drops out, I am in.
  13. We cut the cord the other day. I wonder if BTN is playing hardball because they know with streaming services like Hulu, Youtube TV, PS Vue that if Comcast has enough people ditch, they lose out.
  14. 2020 Basketball Recruiting Notes

    The highlight tape of I saw of his seems like he has a very long shooting motion. Built kind of like Lance Jeter... He is a "sturdy" 5'10. I think at one point he was VERY highly rated but has come down a bit.
  15. 110 Man Roster released

    I am more interested to know who his roommate is.