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  1. Trump's America

    As evidenced by Robin Roberts on GMA.
  2. UNL White Nationalist

    I'm sure he has a litany of acronym'd agencies keeping tabs on him. He has every right to his opinions. All of this attention he is garnering right now is feeding into his twisted desire for attention. He considers this winning. I think we as a public should leave him alone and let those whose job it is to monitor, monitor.
  3. Sounding official he's with the treenuts. I still like our class, but this one I think hurts the staff because they may have told someone they were full.
  4. So the school has stated he hasn't signed yet but Urb has a signed LOI in hand? This one is so weird. I thought for sure the excitement from the stadium was from JJB.
  5. I heard may not announce, but rather just send in the LOI. Sharp and Benning just said the staff went nuts and then got a text from a coach. Couldn't reveal who it was but it might be JBB. That'd be UUUUUUUGE! I have no other insight so banish me if you must.
  6. Negative Recruiting?

    Well he does have that heart condition.
  7. Did you just assume the bookie's gender? TRIGGERED! Wait, this isn't the P&R forum. Never mind. Back on topic. I sure do hope we get this kid that is the most athletically gifted pass rusher we've had on campus since Randy Gregory. Hyperbole much...sheesh.
  8. The city parks and rec puts it on and it's all ages. Maybe it's just me, but dancing is painful. I stomach it because the 6 year old has fun, but to me it's very forced. Maybe I'm a jerk...who knows.
  9. Our town has one. I've got daughters. I'm not a fan. Call me heartless, but I'm just not a fan of them. It's just a bunch of guys with their daughters and an awkward DJ trying to get us out on the dance floor. I'm not an alcoholic, but to get me dancing, I do need a little bit of a social lubricant. OP asked, I answered.
  10. TE Chris Hickman

    And we have a long way to go to getting them. Multiple people close to the families are saying we are behind. Good season may help.
  11. Sydney Loofe

  12. End of Net Neutrality

    The best part is the mug sip at the end. It's almost like a smooth subtweet at Pai.
  13. Trump's America

    Nope. He literally said "I have the best words." The longest word in that statement was the plural word. "Amazing" is too many syllables.
  14. End of Net Neutrality

    Sounds like free market was taking over. If only you had established a monopoly on the 3 on 3 game in your area. Or you could have had a few types of tournaments. One where the gym they play in had no lights and another where for just $25 more, you got the lights turned on.