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  1. NCAA Round Three - Colorado

    Is anyone else's stream of the game really spotty?
  2. ** Scott Frost megathread all things SF***

    I'd be all for this, but some of the side discussions are making this novel legendary. Once I heard from Hedley, I was over worrying about our search for a coach to fill a not yet open position. Also, if Hedley is right on the press conference on Saturday, I think we can trust the rest of his statements.
  3. ** Scott Frost megathread all things SF***

    I'm pretty sure Daniel Tosh is a UCF grad. Though I don't think he's "4.5-5 million" a year donation successful.
  4. ** Scott Frost megathread all things SF***

    I've had this exact tinfoil theory since the Riley hire. It's at least a plausible theory that only has a few holes.
  5. Huskers vs. Rutgers

    Almost set a record for the lowest point total allowed to an opponent in the rally scoring era.
  6. Slang Words Used In Your Area

    Can confirm. We are Hastings Public but they call them Yum Yums.
  7. Worst Job Interview You Ever Had.

    My senior year of college, some firms brought in talent scouts to interview new hires. I interviewed with Strong Capitol Management. With them, if you interviewed well, the company would fly you out to Wisconsin to go through the full interview process. I made that trip. While there news broke that the CEO and other senior managers there were being investigated by SEC for some shady mutual fund dealings. The next day I purposely bombed the interview because there was no way I was going to jump on that sinking ship. One question was, "What is a tough decision I had to make and what process did you use to come to the decision?" I rambled on about breaking up with a high school girl friend and how hard it was for me. At the end of round robin interview process they brought all of the prospects in to give us an "Everything is fine" talk. The next spring the CEO ended up paying a fine personally and was barred for life from the industry. I will say the campus was beautiful.
  8. Nurse arrested for doing her job

    Also, from what I've heard, there was already blood drawn. Fairly standard procedure to get a blood sample upon admittance. The officers just needed to wait for a warrant if they wanted access to the samples. There was a SCOTUS ruling siting when a blood sample may be taken from a person from law enforcement. They are the reasons the nurse gave; With a warrant, with consent, if the person is under arrest. That is it. I think the guys screwed up. If you watch the released body cam footage, they realize it later.
  9. I'm pretty sure he stuck around long enough to hear it the first time. There wasn't really anyone who he could tell it to that would have mattered or better context. With the conversation between him and Sam, it made sense to reveal the name to us as the audience. Also, I think the show runners are trying to leave things for GRRM to reveal. Hoping he would finish Winds. He hasn't so they had to push forward.
  10. Jon is basically the same age as Dany.
  11. Terence Crawford

    That body shot was brutal.
  12. CB Brendan Radley-Hiles

    As long as Kaplan or Phoenix aren't in play, I'm not too worried.
  13. Less than one week to go ....

    I treated this weekend grocery run like a impending snow storm. Tri-City area is said to be inundated with a large influx of visitors.