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  1. **** Official Hockey Thread **** (NHL & College)

    Pens fan since childhood as well. Finally got to see my first live game last year before the NU-PSU game. It was freaking awesome! I get center ice every year and hardly miss a game.
  2. Grow a Pair, Huskers.

    I was over by Dunes West just outside Mt. Pleasant the last few years. I wish I was still there, we moved to Omaha in August. I have a fair amount of friends that are gamecock fans as well. Looking forward to playing the dawgs. Hope it's a good game.
  3. Live Trip Report

    Just the words on the clothes
  4. Live Trip Report

    We are at the Omni hotel with a tour/charter. Lots of Husker red so far. We went to Ruth's Chris last night and it appears as if my brother in-law is allergic to calamari. Fan fest wasn't all that exciting but you could catch a ride in a formula one car through downtown.
  5. Roll Call: Indianapolis

    I'm N!! Taking my 2 year old daughter for her first Husker Game!!
  6. Most Quotable Movie Of All Time

    Do you take drugs Danny? Everyday. Then what's the problem?
  7. Favorite Mixed Drinks

    Bourbon and ginger
  8. Who's got better late night?

    I used to watch Letterman, but now I DVR jimmy Fallon every night. I think his show being produced by Lorne Michaels makes it better than the others.
  9. Sorry Huskers, you're in a cursed bowl matchup

    I just wish I could go to the game. It's the 2nd bowl game within a short drive and I'm either out of town or working.
  10. Roll Call MoFos

    Sec 22, Row 15. It's good to be back!!!
  11. Dan Beebe to Leave Position

  12. **Predict the Chattanooga Score, Rushing & Passing Yards**

    NU - 52 UTC - 10 Pass - 258 Rush - 265
  13. Favorite Mixed Drinks

    Bourbon and ginger.
  14. What are you reading right now?

    I've been engulfed in a prep book for my board exam tomorrow and before that I brushed up on the South Carolina Pharmacy Practice Act for the law exam. I wouldn't really recommend those.
  15. My 10 o'clock news guy

    This is Missouri. They were part of the Confederacy, as was Oklahoma...which pretty much explains a lot. Quiet, you