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  1. Some home cookin going on right now.
  2. LB Javontae Jean-Baptiste [Ohio State - Signed LOI]

    Urban just confirmed on BTN.
  3. Spring Game Ticket Sales

    Past years they provide you with the best seats available. You might have an option for the individual section, but I haven't tried for tickets in a few years.
  4. Holy cow, just finish the game.
  5. Han Solo Spinoff Confirmed

    Believed that there was no issues with the quality of the movie and that they were just silent on it because they wanted TLJ to run its course. So the teaser dropped for the Super Bowl (trailer on Monday's GMA). Was interesting in a good way. I'm hyped.
  6. So the Solo movie looks pretty good.

    1. teachercd


      I won't be seeing that move solo.

    2. knapplc
  7. I'm a huge Star Wars fan, I knew why the First Order has the tech they had and I had no problems with that part. I had no problem with that or why the First Order just did not jump ahead of them and turn around. Space is 3 dimensions so if they just jump ahead the Resistance can just alter their course away from the ships and we're stuck in the same place. I also get operational security and information being need to know, but there was no point to this because by the time that the freak out happens on the bridge by Poe enough people knew about the plan to actually put it into place. So then it feels like they are just keeping information from Poe/the audience so that we can then be surprised by how they're getting off of the ship/to a place that they can ask for help. Also understand the diversity with the Clone Wars and Rebels and I'm with you on that.
  8. Love Randy Moss.  Glad he got into the Hall of Fame.

  9. About TLJ being a masterpiece ten years down the line, hard to see it happening. Even when the BS Nerd takes die down, there are still a number of issues that TLJ has that ESB does not. The entire narrative in ESB is tight with smart motivations and characters that react normally to their circumstances. The entire Holdo/Poe "confrontation" and the Finn/Rose side trip end up being superfluous. I would understand the Holdo/Poe situation if they were unable to determine how they were being tracked and though there was a traitor, making it smart not to reveal the transport down to Crait plan. But all she says is have hope and that saying that if you don't have hope that the sun will rise then it never will (whatever that saying was). The Finn and Rose side plot was a little better, but Rose just ends up being a mouthpiece for Johnson. Its hard to find this a masterpiece if you can take 5 minutes to think up a different plot that would work better then what was filmed (one being Johnson nixing Poe and Finn not going to Canto Bight together because there was no "conflict" between the two of them). There are spectacular moments, but I think this movie will end up falling just north of the prequels in overall quality by the end of this trilogy. Also after watching it again today, Kylo was totally manipulating Rey from the 2nd force skype session. The 1st one he doesn't know what's going on, but suspects that it might be Snoke and then from there says stuff to Rey to make her go to his side. Also Also, if anyone can be a hero and it doesn't matter where you come from, as per the message Johnson was going, why can only white people use the force? Luke, Leia, Rey, Kylo, and the little slave boy.
  10. Lindsey and Owen Hospitalized

    Here's a thought, maybe we don't know what exactly the coaching staff informed the team before their break besides that they will get after their butts once Winter Conditioning began. We're not certain if they were provided workouts to do to get ready before Winter Conditioning. So I'm going to posit this theory, the team is in shape, but not to where Frost and Duval want them to be. They adjusted the workout and Lindsey's and Owen's bodies reacted poorly. Doesn't mean that Lindsey or Owen were not in shape (or really anyone else on the team), just means that they had a poor reaction to what they were doing.
  11. James Palmer Jr: B1G POY

    All-B1G, but the MSU and OSU guys will need to slump hard before discussing POY.
  12. Or its because Happ gets a lot of touch fouls.
  13. Make your free throws. Good win.
  14. Biggest movies you've never seen

    Probably a number of movies that I haven't seen, but can't remember. I have never seen any of the Godfather movies, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Young Frankenstein, Smokey and the Bandit, the final Hunger Games movie, and I can't remember if I've seen Rocky I or II (have seen III, IV, and V),