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  1. Should we be surprised?

    Read a very scary account about the shooting in California this week. I guess this happened as kids were getting to school and they were milling about before the start. Secretary heard the first gun shots and rushed all the kids inside with the last kids getting in shortly before the gunman reached the school. That's a frightening what if that might have matched or most likely surpassed Las Vegas and had been 1000% worse.
  2. Blow Your Mind...or not.

    Martinez's Junior year had him run for over 1000, pass for nearly 3000, and have Abdullah run for 1000 I'd say that's a good offensive year. Was he great? No, but it feels like offensive coordinators at Nebraska get an unfair shake if they don't run a "Nebraska" offense.
  3. Nebrasketball Game #1- Eastern Illinois (Nov 11, 7:30 BTN+)

    Make your free throws. Make them and this is a more comfortable game.
  4. Hey I'll be the first to say this information sounds very sketchy, only brought it up because it is pretty much the same information as has been said before at least in regards to Riley. The Frost info also sort of matches what Power'T brought up. Could be a phone interview was conducted. Could be back channels that said hey we're going to be offering you this contract at the end of the year and we're giving you till the end of the year to give us an answer.
  5. 3rd hand information (Brother talked with someone at the game today who knows someone high enough up in the Athletic department) that is pretty lock in step with whats been said. Riley was informed he was let go after OSU and they offered Frost with a 45 day time frame. Time frame is pretty much just make a decision at the end of the year.
  6. FYI UCF is playing on ESPN 2 right now.  Watched a couple of their games this year and it seems like they run plays that people get mad at Riley for doing, but hey double standards.  This does not mean I don't want Frost as coach next year, just that they do a lot of throws on 3rd and short which is something Riley and Langsdorf gets roasted for.

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    2. whateveritis1224


      In looking at this offense, the only thing that it appears the team does not have is a running QB.  If Frost does come next year do I think it will be a completely smooth transition, no.  But I think we have the playmakers to at least make it run.

    3. ZRod


      Lee is actually has decent speed, I don't think he has any burst though, and he would always rather pass it.

    4. whateveritis1224


      Barring people leaving, off the top of my head the only two people graduating are Hoppes and Demornay.  If Lee decides to stay I think the offense can improve.

  7. ***Official Northwestern Game Discussion Thread***

    Forgot to add it to the reply, but this response was to the question about why we called a timeout on Northwesterns first play. Attempt to get a 3 and out, get the ball back and see what happens with 40 seconds left. Obviously Jackson ran for 30 yards on the next play so did you see Riley call another timeout?
  8. ***Official Northwestern Game Discussion Thread***

    Force a 3 and out you get the ball at approximately midfield with 30ish seconds left. Move the ball 15-20 yards and Brown kicks the game winner. Defense didn't do the job.
  9. Quick question, was last night the first time Nebraska had two 100 yard receivers?  (Morgan and Hoppes)

    1. B.B. Hemingway

      B.B. Hemingway

      Spielman did it twice by himself a couple weeks ago:D

    2. zoogs


      I'm inclined to say no, but I didn't find a counter example just now. Two 400-yard passing days only had one receiver above 100 (KU '07, Purdue '15) and even the 500-yard passing day by Ganz vs KSU '07 only had one. Purify led the day with 108 on that occasion.

  10. Enough with the fan abuse

    Also, definitely prove me wrong, all they said was that they liked Lee and his skill set, which is similar to what they said about Tommy.
  11. Enough with the fan abuse

    Lee ended up being a captain for the football team and they had been around him for over a year, doesn't seem like a stretch to think that he would be a good representative at Media Days for Nebraska this year. The coaches felt confident in Lee. Has he been good this year? Started out terribly but he's played better these last few weeks. My main point it that it was the Media who was making Lee out to be the savior to what ails Nebraska's O and the only thing Riley did wrong is not telling people to take a step back.
  12. Enough with the fan abuse

    How much of this was Riley and how much of it was the media (National and Local)? Did Riley do anything to stem it? No, but I don't really remember Riley saying he was anything but a good QB and that we were happy to have him.
  13. Nice win by the national team.  Onto Trinidad and Tobago.

  14. ***Official Illinois Game Discussion Thread***

    Almost prevented the offense from running out the clock. It's one thing to play through the whistle, it's another thing when the play is clearly over.
  15. ***Official Illinois Game Discussion Thread***

    It was a terrible penalty. Did not see how late but it wasn't just finishing the play.