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  1. Fall Camp Updates - Receivers & Tight Ends

    Played against that guy in HS. He was terrifying in the open field.
  2. Early in the season, pretty good. Nothing near what I'm sure you're used to, but the average crowd is about 25K or more in the early months. After hunting season or when the weather gets worse, probably closer to 20K. Still working on perfecting the game management to make the atmosphere the best possible, and if you haven't seen, we're working on adding some personality to the stadium with some water features in the corners of the end zone. (People are calling them waterfalls, or tropical settings, when more likely, they'll be more like the river rapids that are actually pretty common around Arkansas.) Seriously, we do have a pretty passionate fanbase, just not as big as others. Great stuff. More visiting fans should be like you.
  3. Fall Camp Updates - Quarterbacks

    if someone has to light a fire under POB, then he just doesn't have the right stuff........if he walks, he walks. you compete and get better or you suck eggs and ride the pine. Yea, that's just not true at all.
  4. RB Garrison Johnson

    He moved to this school because his dad switched jobs. But yeah, it's his fault. Sure he did.
  5. RB Garrison Johnson

    On the fence about this kid. Apparently this will be his third HS in four years. Likes to "move" a lot.
  6. N64 controllers are nowhere near huge. The original Xbox controllers, though? I'd love to see them try and use those.
  7. Repealing the ACA under Trump

    That's because it's not a human right. It's not only a product/service, it's a luxury.. Holy sh#t, son. Take a lap.
  8. Last Chance U

    I didn't have a problem with yelling and screaming. I had a problem with how he treated the people around him. He let Kam (the DL kid from PSU) do whatever he wanted, and yet would jump down Isiah Wright's (starting RB) throat for blinking. Also, the way he turned on the OC in the last bit of the final episode was a huge, huge, no-no for me. Like I said, loud and tough, doesn't bother me. But... you also have to pick people up, and NEVER dress down your assistants in front of players. I agree with all of that, just saying that I know tons of coaches just like him. I just thought high school/juco football coaches were generally pieces of sh#t by nature. My nephew played at a Juco that is very comparable to EMCC, and he says the show was fairly toned down from what his experience was.
  9. 2017 Alternate Uniforms

    I don't quite get the hate for jerseys. I'm 30, and ill still wear a jersey everytime I go to a game(or frankly every game day no matter my location) I've never gotten the hate, either. It's a piece of team apparel, designed to show support. Some people just need to get off their own lawns.
  10. Ranking the Alternate Unis - Round 1

    I really, really like the 2013 Alts. Didn't change a lot, but finally gave us a black jersey. The Yo Noid jerseys should probably be burned, if they haven't already.
  11. Osborne gives up North Stadium box

    Probably Eichorst.
  12. 2017 Alternate Uniforms

    I wear my old Frazier one at least once a season.
  13. Elijah Blades heading to JUCO

    I fully get if you are A. unsure about where you want to go, or 2. unable to make the grades to get there, but if you waiver AND waste everyone's time in the process, while also not putting forth a full and honest effort, that's when it hits the fan. Good luck in Arizona. See you never.
  14. SIGNED - CB Elijah Blades

    Nate Clouse, tho.