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  1. I do not have a PS4, but I would consider getting one for the Resident Evil 2 remake. That looks fantastic.
  2. 2018 World Cup

    Argentina vs. Iceland coming up. Messi is my favorite player to watch, but Iceland is very, very fun to watch.
  3. 2017-18 NBA Season

    I doubt Pop wants anything to do with the Ball family. I'd think they'd want something like Ingram, Randle and picks instead.
  4. 2017-18 NBA Season

    Kawhi wants out of San Antonio. He wants to go to the Lakers, but I don't think there's a lot the Lakers could offer the Spurs, nor do I think it makes much sense for the Spurs to trade him to LA. Now Boston, on the other hand....
  5. LB Nick Henrich

    Yea, not really feeling any level of confidence with him anymore.
  6. Who Is The Better Player? Curry or Westbrook

    Nice to see that the top 10 NBA players thread has spawned two offshoots today. Let's look at this logically: - Their scoring averages are virtually identical. - Westbrook has higher rebounding and assist averages. - Curry has better shooting percentages. - Their efficiency ratings are virtually identical - Curry has a higher percent of win shares. So, the definitive answer is...... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  7. Where will Lebron James play next season

    The old-school wars between them and the 76ers should be great in the years to come.
  8. Where will Lebron James play next season

    I also don't necessarily think keeping Kyrie is in Boston's best interest. He's a ball stopper, and they've got a core of young guys that can share the ball and still play.
  9. ATH Garrett Snodgrass [Nebraska Commit]

    I want both him and Jurgens at LB.
  10. Where will Lebron James play next season

    I want the Celtics to trade Irving for him, just for the schadenfreude.
  11. Who are your Top 10 Basketball players of all-time?

    You're absolutely right; he's a stat monster, and does things we haven't seen since the Big O. I would have a hard time putting him above guys like Shaq, Hakeem, Stockton, Malone, or Isaiah Thomas, let alone some of his contemporaries like Durant and Curry, though.
  12. Most Underrated Athletes

    The top 10 NBA players topic gave me an idea: who are your most underrated athletes across team sports? Who doesn't necessarily get the recognition that their accomplishments might deserve? One for me is Derrick Thomas. He was an absolute monster as a pass rushing LB, and still owns the single game record for sacks at 7. I might be a bit biased, as he's still my favorite NFL player of all time, but he left us far too early, and doesn't get his due IMO.
  13. Who are your Top 10 Basketball players of all-time?

    Westbrook? That's interesting. That gives me an idea....
  14. Who are your Top 10 Basketball players of all-time?

    1. Jordan 2. LeBron 3. Magic 4. Kareem 5. Bird 6. Wilt 7. Russell 8. Shaq 9. Kobe 10. Duncan