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  1. Head Basketball Coach Search

    In terms of rotations, overall game planning and execution, he's shown more growth this year than any other time in his tenure. He still has a ways to go in terms of situational gameplanning, though.
  2. Count Nick Bahe as in on being butthurt about Nebraska's bench celebrations. 

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    2. C N Red

      C N Red

      s#!t, if it was Creigs#!ton he would love it and not only that, he would have participated when he was at Creigs#!ton.

    3. teachercd


      If it was his BaheJays doing it we would get to hear things like "Let me tell you...let me tell you how KRUNKED it gets at home when the Jays ARE..ON-IT...the fans are krunked...the team is krunked...the bench MY GAWD the bench is so krunked that you could bottle and sell their krunk as an energy drink"

    4. Xmas32


      Ugh, Bahe is the literal worst.


  3. Bracketology

    Nebraska still in the "Others receiving votes" section of Bracket Matrix. Thanks to something called BoW Sports Analytics, Nebraska is still in 1 bracket.
  4. Bracketology

    Does it make him any less of a douche?
  5. Head Basketball Coach Search

    This part has aged particularly well, too.
  6. Head Basketball Coach Search

    I've been on this train for at least 3 seasons now, but I'm ready eat a hearty plate of crow. Miles should get a new contract after this year, too.
  7. Bracketology

    Keep fighting the good fight.
  8. Louisville gets hit hard: has to vacate the 2013 National Title. First team in Final Four era to vacate a title. 

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    2. VectorVictor


      @Dilly Dilly lots of warm hugs from the coaching staff. 

    3. Ric Flair

      Ric Flair

      On the bright side, Rick Pitino is available if Moos decides to make a change. HOOKERS FOR EVERYONE!

    4. VectorVictor
  9. Bracketology

    You might have missed the tenor of my post.
  10. Bracketology

    A couple of numbers: - 35: Oklahoma's RPI as of today. - 40: Highest RPI of a Power Conference team to be left out of the tournament (Cincinnati, 2006)
  11. Bracketology

    They are in a free fall. They'll get in because of their early resume, but they'll be in a ton of danger of losing in the first round.
  12. Bracketology

    Nebraska now in the "Others Receiving Votes" category on Bracket Matrix. Somehow, Oklahoma is still a 6 seed on average.
  13. Zone has been Miles' secret weapon in multiple games this season. I have no issue with them playing a zone D; had they scored in the last 5 minutes, they would have won.
  14. Classic Nebrasketball fan. I've been saying that for weeks.