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  1. Unpopular Opinion

    Dave Grohl is probably my favorite front man right now. I know more bands do this sort of thing, but he's the best at the "pull someone out of the audience to play with the band" bit.
  2. Name change Request- Comfortably Numb

    I'm sure my students would love that.
  3. Barfknecht to Leave OWH

    Lee was, by far, the worst choice for that AMA. He earned a ton of the flack he got on there as well (not the graphic stuff, mind you). I haven't been visiting r/CFB for long (a little over a season), but I've found it to be far more well reasoned and kosher than a lot of subreddits over there.
  4. Name change Request- Comfortably Numb

    "I, have become, JJ Husker" doesn't have quite the ring to it when you sing it.
  5. Bold Predictions - Preseason Edition

    - Gebbia starts the entire season - How About Stanley? breaks the 1,000 yard receiving barrier - No RB rushes for over 1,000 yards - We are in the top 30 for both Total O and Total D. - Defense will be +15 in the TO margin
  6. The Running Back Room

    There's no way to actually figure it out, but if that group could have ran behind some of the lines in the 90s...
  7. The Running Back Room

    You're right; they didn't. I was alluding more to that particular time in program history; we love to romanticize the past, and the 90s in particular, but that run of 3 backs is right there among the best in program history. I mean, I generally agree, but......we're on a message board. These types of meaningless discussions are pretty much what MBs were built for.
  8. The Running Back Room

    I also think that the run from Helu to Burkhead to Ameer doesn't necessarily get the respect it (and they) deserves. All three are in the top 6 of the career rushing yards list, above both We Backs and LP.
  9. The Running Back Room

    Ozigbo will have a role, but he won't be a featured back, nor will he get as many carries as Bell or Bryant, barring injury.
  10. The Running Back Room

    Uh, you had LP and Ahman Green in '95, with Benning and Childs backing them up. You also had Helu and Burkhead in '10, and Burkhead and Ameer in '11 and '12.
  11. I'd bet dollars to donuts that Newsom runs for president in the next 8 years.
  12. Way Too Early 2018 Depth Chart

    I stand corrected.
  13. Way Too Early 2018 Depth Chart

    I thought I read that he was getting a majority of reps at one spot, with Reed/Neal rotating at the other.