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  1. Good god, let the man rest.
  2. Realistic Coaching Hires with the AD

    Major Applewhite at Nebraska would be the height of irony.
  3. The debate is over... right?

    I thought about Jai Alai.
  4. Why I like Scott Frost

    They didn't get flagged for Too Many Men on the Field, did they?
  5. That was my last game as a student; the catharsis was great.
  6. Keep the Kids at Home

    Could just be different strokes, different folks, too.
  7. Keep the Kids at Home

    Agree to disagree; saw both of them live in HS, and thought Stick was the much, much better prospect.
  8. Keep the Kids at Home

    I don't think Fant ever really wanted to go to Nebraska.
  9. Keep the Kids at Home

    The one on that list that makes me most angry is Easton Stick. He'd already be a multi-year starter here.
  10. Movie Reviews

    Also brothers with the guy that played Eric Northman in True Blood. Their dad is longtime actor Stellan Skarsgard, who's most notable recent credit is in the Marvel films, although he was also the Big Bad in that King Arthur movie that came out in the early 2000s.
  11. QB Spencer Petras [Oregon State Commit]

    The fact that POB hasn't been able to jump Lee yet should tell you what you need to know about where he's at right now.
  12. QB Spencer Petras [Oregon State Commit]

    Have you seen either one of them play this year?
  13. The debate is over... right?

    Only because he would have scuttled the FB and wrestling teams for something cool.