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  1. NBA - Michael Jordan NFL – Earl Campbell or Walter Payton NCAAF - Husker – Turner Gill NCAAF - Non-Husker – Tim Tebow NCAAB Husker - Tyronn Lue NCAAB - Non-Husker – Michael Jordan MLB – Ron Santo NHL - Jonathan Toews Boxing – Mike Tyson Wrestling - Iron Sheik
  2. They could have ranked him dead last. He's still my favorite coach regardless of league.
  3. Husker Favorites By Position

    QB - Tommie Frazier RB - Ahman Green FB - Andre Franklin WR - Irving Fryar TE - Junior Miller OL - Dave Rimington DL - Ndamukong Suh LB - Leroy Etienne DB - Reggie Cooper KR/PR - Dana Brinson K/P - Kevin Seibel
  4. Really hope we can get a healthy season out of Gifford.
  5. best QB to ever run the option at NU

    Frazier was a dynamic playmaker and ran the option well but Turner Gill ran it like no other. That late pitch to Jeff Smith in the '83 Orange Bowl that he scored on in the final drive to put Nebraska within a point of tying the game was legendary.
  6. Han Solo Spinoff Confirmed

    Went in not expecting much. Unfortunately I got what I expected. The Darth Maul sighting was very cool. Otherwise just sort of a forgettable 'Star Wars' pic for me.
  7. Verduzco on Quarterback Recruiting

    I do like the gut feeling part. Sometimes you can just tell that a guy has 'it' even though he might not be the highest ranked recruit wise or have the best stats.
  8. ** 2018 Opponent Previews: Colorado (Game 2) **

    Think it's really cool to see the Huskers and Buffs going at it again.
  9. Avengers: Infinity War

    Could have been edited down but I liked it. Especially the last quarter of the film. Wanna get this sucker in 4K.
  10. Yeah this applies to me too. What he did definitely should not automatically end his college football career.
  11. Post-Spring Game Pressers

    I completely forgot about his vast NFL experience. I just like his demeanor. Very calm, well spoken and obviously intelligent which makes me feel like we're in such better hands than previously.