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  1. Thanks for the input you guys. I guess I never really considered the fact that some major movie distributors have pulled their catalogs. Just seems like Netflix used to seem better at least movie selection wise. It's all (mostly) TV related content these days it seems.
  2. 2018 Winter Olympics

    Yeah I agree Costas is tons better and I think Scott Hamilton does a good job too.
  3. We have Family Video's here and we just went today to pick something out. Netflix just seems a little thin lately.
  4. Has anyone else felt like Netflix movie wise has maybe been a little thin lately? I'm not talking about all of the TV related contect which they seem to be loaded with. It's just been a struggle for my gf and I to find decent movies this past month.
  5. 2018 Winter Olympics

    We've been watching a lot of the Olympics and one thing is for sure. Mike Tirico is still just as stiff and unenjoyable as ever.
  6. RB Moses Bryant [Nebraska Commit- PWO]

    There is something about Bryant's running style that I find really intriguing. Kind of a smooth effortless style even though it might be a little unconventional looking. I'm pretty happy he's on our roster.
  7. Ryan Held Makes Rivals' Top 25 Recruiters

    Great post Mav. This is all pretty cool to have happening and super neat to watch. Go Big Red
  8. Huskers in the 2018 NFL Draft

    There has to be some teams out there who would give Kalu a good look imo. The Tanner Lee saga will be interesting to see how it unfolds.
  9. I don't think it's as simple as just going by stats alone but who knows and I respect the point that you're making. The one thing I'll say is that I'm excited to see whom ever it is at rb this year under Frost and Walters and it's been a long time since I've felt that way. Also who knows we might even see an entirely different back emerge this season. I'm excited to see the new formations and how they're ran also.
  10. Personally I never understood how some people crowned Bryant as our 'best back' after running for a lot of yards against Arkansas State. I like his speed. Beyond that he's a decent back to me but not a game changer. As for Wilbon he definitely has play making abilities but to me he actually lacks some speed but having said that when you have the moves he does he's able to make up for it. Also every time he seemed to start getting into a groove rep wise he would then suddenly get pulled. The previous coaching staff definitely hamstring'd him and the entire running game as whole. I'm actually excited to maybe see more of a Bell/Wilbon combo but either way I'm just excited for this season to start and I fully trust Frost and co regardless of who they go with and at what time unlike the previous staff.
  11. Jordan and the Argonauts

    Congrats Westy. I still think in the right system and with the right team he could be a valuable weapon in the NFL.
  12. Super Bowl LII - Eagles vs. Patriots

    Alshon Jeffery has always been a pretty good receiver and that would have been a pretty good grab darnitt.
  13. Super Bowl LII - Eagles vs. Patriots

    Made the gf and I some slow cooker whisky meatballs today with brown rice and gravy on the side. Corona with limes for me as well. Go Eagles.
  14. Changes to Spring Practice and the Spring Game

    I will be making the trip down to Lincoln within the next few years for this. Heck I might even try to make this years spring game.