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  1. F.T.L.O.C. is it Friday Game Time yet...??????

    SO MUCH ENTHUSIASM!!! I like it.
  2. The 'Players or Coaches or Both?' Thread

    You cannot blame coaching for the fumbling mishaps that happened on special teams today.
  3. Here is why we lost

    8 guys all night in the box. How do you succeed with that? T mart played a hell of a game. This was the defenses error.
  4. Nebraska fans are PATHETIC.....

    So when you were booing in the 2nd quarter--at the play calling--did you follow your "boos" with an explanation to the players that it was not directed at them and rather at the coaches? Until you figure out a way to differentiate your play-calling boos from your player-derived boos, stop booing in general.
  5. NU is going to the big MF'ing dance!

    The only way this is definately going to happen is if we win out. . .the Big XII tournament. I mean we finally won ONE big game, and were very close to p*ssing it down our collective leg. So until there is some consistency and the ability to finish, I am not getting my hopes up to get into the Big Dance.
  6. Front page of ESPN CFB

    Talks about the breakdown of Nebraska and the entry into the B1G! My link We are creeping back to Big Time!
  7. The NEW Radiohead album: The King of Limbs!
  8. What's the dealio with this Moto Bionic? It'll be running on 4G if its available in your area but there have been rumors that there is an unfixable flaw where it overheats but Motor has denied that rumor. My ex girlfriend works at Verizon and told me to get the HTC Thunderbolt over the iPhone 4 and Motorola Bionic. I'm in the waiting process to see how much the 4G will cost and if that price will affect people not located in a 4G area. Is the kickstand really a selling point to the masses? Its like a car company pushing a radio antenna to sell the car.
  9. Who's really our BEST Quarterback?

    There is no way you can say Carnes, Starling, or Turner are better than Martinez, Green, or Spano at a collegiate level because none of them have taken a snap yet! Sure they might have great potential, but sometimes that doesn't work out (see: Cody Green). So I then had to pick between those three, its pretty clear. Taylor Martinez is my vote.
  10. Front page on ESPN cfb

    Its always exciting to see Nebraska on the front page! My link GBR!
  11. Ubben out, Rittenberg in

    Fixed it for you. Ever since we joined the Big Ten, I've been following him off and on and he seems to bring basic facts, which are taken to a whole another level here at HB.
  12. Ubben out, Rittenberg in

    Knapplc I saw that you use the same name on the ESPN comment boards. Thanks for being consistent! What do you think about the B1G blogger vs. Ubben?
  13. Schlabach's Way Too Early Top 25 2011

    How did you get the footage from my work? :