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  1. ** Scott Frost megathread all things SF***

    My intention was NEVER to make this about Dee. My apologies.
  2. Meh I’d be fine with him leaving. I’m all in on Gebbia. I don’t anticipate Lee will have a very long career as turnover machines don’t last long in the NFL. Could see him catching on in the Canadian league or something like that.
  3. Line has moved to Nebraska +8. Taking that all day.
  4. Penn State Week Pressers

    Apparently our team is still nervous out there even though we were playing our 10th game of the year.
  5. A decision could be made sooner than we thought

    I was all for letting him finish the season but this team has quit. He needs to be gone now and maybe an interim can at least get some effort out of the team for the final two games.
  6. It’s actually kind of amazing how few plays our defense has made. Their offense has done whatever the f#*k they have wanted to.
  7. Underdog against Purdue

  8. I think the recruiting services meant to rank Lamar Jackson as a -4⭐️
  9. WR Jalen Hall

    They better be extremely confident they can flip Hightower otherwise this is idiotic. I've always thought we had a much greater shot with Hall than Hightower.