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  1. WR Tommy Bush

    Can you imagine a 2 TE set with Rafdal and Allen at 6'7" and 6'8" with a 6'5" receiver? That would give our QB some really huge mismatches to throw to. It's hard to think a 5'10" DB is going to be able to play the ball for the INT in those situations.
  2. S Dallas Craddieth

    I'd think he's behind Griffith and Crosswell. I would hope so!
  3. DB Houston Griffith

    Probably need to beat Wisconsin at this point. I'm sure some of these kids want to see us take the next step and that seems to be surpassing Wisconsin and Iowa. Agreed. And we need to play Ohio State close enough that it's a game. Kids are going to want to OV to that game and if we get beatdown it will not look good at all.
  4. WR Chase Cota

    A quick glance at last year's top kids in California and 10 of the 25 left coastal states. More than half stayed out west but that's a broad brush stroke. But how many of those 10 left the PAC 12?
  5. DE Micah Parsons

    I hope he visits Miami during the season so he can take in that game day atmosphere! It's a good thing there's not too many people to keep those smoke inhalation levels higher on a per capita level! Haha!! Right?!? It's pitiful. I wonder if it increased at all with Richt taking over. I think this is going to come down to Ohio State, Penn State, and Nebraska. In the end I think we will get our hopes up, finish in the top two, and he will choose Ohio State. BUT... if we have a 9 win season and play within 14 of Ohio State then he may look our way, see himself as the jump we need to win and the key missing piece and sign on.
  6. S Dallas Craddieth

    We are one of his better offers for sure. I wonder if he is an (A) guy on our board or a (B) guy on our board. You'd have to think with how many highly ranked and highly recruited players we are still in play for that this might be a situation where we stay in contact and groom him as a backup plan. He's a close to home kid who seems to immediately have major interest in us. Have to think he might be a safety net at this point, unless coaches have already been told by top prospects they are going somewhere else.
  7. WR Chase Cota

    A lot of these WC kids don't want to leave weather paradise and beauty for hot/cold and distance from home when they can play in the PAC 12 and stay with what is comfortable to them.
  8. DB Houston Griffith

    Not much being reported on Houston. He's been quiet. His teammates from IMG were polled on where they think he will end up a a majority said FSU. The other school mentioned, but less frequently was Nebraska. I think we are in his top two right now, but a lot will depend on if we can get him back up for an OV, and how our season goes. If we win 8-9 games and don't get blown out by Ohio State or Wisconsin, then we have a shot with him. If we lose to our ranked opponents and get embarrassed by Ohio State then I don't think we have as much of a shot with him.
  9. Don't sleep on Ark State, There is a lot to be learned Day 1

    We are going to prep for them for two weeks. They don't have much they can prep on us because we have no film out there of our defense they can study and our offense will pretty much look like a new offense with Tanner Lee's skill set vs Tommy's. Where we should see a big advantage over AKST is our depth and strength. We should pull away in a big way towards the end of the game. They won't have the depth of strength to stick with our big guys all 4 quarters.
  10. What Will Huskers Do With All the Money?

    I think he is doing a pretty good job listening and trying to address fans concerns. The fact that he took several thousand seats out of Memorial Stadium so that fans could have more seat width was not something he did for revenue. He did it to help the fans feel appreciated and heard. Same thing with the wrap around video boards. He seems to be wise in his financial approach, not blowing money on crazy things like doubling the size of the videoboard in north stadium to keep up with the Jonses as many people would like. I love that he's addressing all athletics and giving some of the non revenue earning sports upgrades and love. Some AD's would just pour all the money back into football and basketball. He could be building a players center with a lazy river and mini golf like Clemson. But he's looking at a pool for the swimmers, and a gymnasium for the gymnasts.
  11. Who's Next?

    Next could be Tutt, Carson, or the WR OVing for the AkSt game.
  12. DE Micah Parsons

    He has visited Penn State multiple times, Ohio State multiple times, Alabama, Rutgers, Michigan State, Michigan, West Virginia, and Nebraska and of all those visits he says Nebraska was his favorite due to the fans that chanted his name at FNL and the amazing facilities. Guys we are seriously in this with him. Ohio State and Miami are our biggest competition right now!
  13. WR Cameron Brown [Nebraska Commit]

    Wonder if it has scared his parents off to see these recent kids getting caught with marijuana. You'd have to think it might deter some good kids.
  14. WR Joshua Moore [Nebraska Commit]

    Here's the question - has he already filmed the commitment video? And if he has, when did he film it?Rumor was it'd be filmed soon. However most times they record all the options in case of a changed mind. He's putting his video together next week, to be shown on the 18th.
  15. QB Grant Gunnell [Texas A&M Commit]

    We pass on Shough - Michigan gobbles him up, he kills it at elite 11, all these new teams want him. We put all efforts into getting Gunnell in 2019, everyone is pretty high on him going to Nebraska. He stays home, commits with his good friend to A&M and we end up chasing after a guy in Iowa who is a Norte Dame fan and really wants an offer from them.