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  1. SIGNED OT David Knevel

    Welcome aboard Mr. Knevel. We got our OT we've been waiting for!
  2. DT Kyle Shortridge [Louisville Commit]

    I don't want to jump the gun here, but that sounds pretty awesome to me. Sounds almost like he is giving NU a shot at sealing his commitment before even scheduling anything else.
  3. Michael Rose was in the 2012 class, making this year his first year... Has not redshirted. Skers you referring to Santos? He redshirted last season.
  4. Nexus = Workhorse

    Is Nexus not committed to Nebraska yet? It's not on his recruiting profile. I thought he was a heavy Nebby lean. Come on Nex, pull the trigger! We need you in Big Red!
  5. Alonzo Moore Interview

    He will start out at CB. I've heard that as well, but I still want the question asked. And it still is stupid, IMO. This kid is crazy with the ball in his hands Where would you put him Paul? He played QB in HS right? There, RB, or WR?
  6. S Su'a Cravens [USC Commit]

    That would be about the worst thing too. If we lose Cravens to Mich and have to see him for 3-4 years, that would just be terrible. I'd hate it even more if Hoke snags him before we even get a chance to pitch NU to him. I'm hoping if he goes to USC we see him in a couple of rose bowls against them during his tenure there. I'll drink the Aid though and get pumped for a possible commitment. Drink up!
  7. LB Darian Claiborne [Texas A&M - Signed NLI]

    First post and I actually dig it. I'll give you a +1. Let's stop fearing the tigah's!
  8. QB Aaron Bailey [Illinois Commit]

    Illini coaches were in to see him this weekend according to rivals previews.
  9. SIGNED LB Josh Banderas

    Welcome to Big Red Mr. Banderas. Hopefully this is the start of what could be a beautiful weekend of recruiting awesomeness.
  10. SIGNED OT Zach Hannon

    According to this http://sports.omaha.com/2012/04/09/spring-football-practice-quick-hits/ Zach Hannon visited for a practice with Michael Rose. I see that it was reported here that he visited the 24th as well? Two visits in two weeks? That's pretty awesome if so!
  11. QB Matt Alviti [Northwestern Commit]

    Especially cause they usually fudge on the numeros a little bit when submitting measurables. Ganz was only like 5'10 though and I enjoyed his play.
  12. S Marcus McWilson [Kentucky - Signed NLI]

    I think scout is probably the best recruiting service now. They seem to be really picking up their game lately.
  13. SIGNED DE Avery Moss

    Just watched Avery play the South Sioux City Cardinals (class B champs two years in a row). Avery looked very athletic. I was impressed with his ballin' abilities. If Bo doesn't want him he should at least let Doc know about him.
  14. Hey crew (that's all of you not just paulcrewe). Thought we needed a holiday thread to take a little break before the home stretch of the crazy month that I am sure is to follow. What better time than Christmas day (plus it's a dead period...) I read the board a lot and post every once in a while as a minimal contributor. I just wanted to give a big holiday thank you to all the recruitniks who put in a lot of time reading other boards and giving us the scuttlebutt, the premium users of paid sites that give our poor tooshes the skinny on what's happening in the recruiting world, and the mods who run the cleanest board I have ever seen without interfering all the time with the fun by making examples out of people and banning them for stupid reasons. This is still, and probably always will be, my favorite sports message board. So to everyone, keep up the fantastic work. I can't wait to see what happens as we wrap up this recruiting class and bring in a smaller but hopefully extremely talented hull of players in early February. Merry Christmas everyone! T-Husker
  15. S Jordan Diggs [South Carolina Commit]

    Indeed. Talk some sense into him Bo! I will say that if he still wants to do the live announcement with hats at the Army AA game, then I'll know something. Hope we gain his commitment before then. JMO Have we ever been picked during a hat selection? Did Cally recruits ever do the hat game and throw on a skers hat?