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  1. Keyshawn Jr. Gone if Riley is Fired

    I didn't realize that was a shot at Tommy. Sr. Can kindly never step foot in Memorial Stadium again. Armstrong and Lee are 2% difference in career completion percentage. Tommy gave his all for this team. Good response as well. I will always respect him as a player, he may not be the best but he proudly carried on the tradition of tough and gutsy Nebraska quarterbacks.
  2. Who's ready for turkey, football, and Frost rumors all day?

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    2. ZRod


      Shoot dang! What ya sick with, and whose cooking?

    3. Comfortably Numb

      Comfortably Numb

      Its just some bad chest congestion. Coughing, gasping for air. Other than that don’t really feel too bad. Wife is cooking, she wisely won’t let me anywhere near the food/kitchen. The aroma is killing me, normally I’d be in there sneaking some samples...

    4. ZRod


      Ha I wish you strength until the food is done!


      My dad's got pneumonia, but he's doing alright. He was short of breath earlier this week so my mom was finally able to take him to a clinic haha

  3. I sent like 3 emails then talked with co-workers all day. Our manager came by and told everyone to go home at likr 1:15 this afternoon
  4. Jokes on you, you don't have a wife! Ha!
  5. Huge natural gas fire north of Detroit! I live about 7 miles from the fire but it looks like it's just down the block the way the night sky is lit up. Sounds like a jet has been circling my neighborhood for the past hour. Hopefully everyone stays safe.

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    2. ladyhawke


      ZRod, how is it this morning in your neck of the woods? Anymore to report on the big fire of last night?

    3. ZRod


      I guess it left an 18 foot crater. The fire burned itself out after about an hour and a half, had to burn through 7 miles of gas in the line. No injuries reported.


      I'll probably see how close I can get to it this weekend :D

    4. ladyhawke


      Wow.  Well, glad to hear you are safe.  Hang in there!

  6. No worries, we all makes mistakes. I may have said the same thing, but atleast we know not to now. Didn't mean to call you out again, just summarizing.
  7. She did. You can be passionate and not curse people out. She is respected. I agree with her 90% of the time, and I think the poster she responded to probably deserved a rebuke, but it still doesn't make the manor in which it was done right. Meh, it's not worth it. It was just some very choice words for an outwardly sexist looking comment.
  8. She might be on a break after she wigged out in this thread.
  9. Keystone Pipeline

    You realize we will likely see none of the oil here in the US that is transported through the XL line right? If you sit dow to weigh the pros and cons of XL, they pretty much tell you it never should have been allowed here in the US. 90% of the pros that were given were propaganda and outright lies by Trans Canada.
  10. Kalu Appears to Spit at Fan

    Maybe there was a tradh can in front of the guy...
  11. If you go through Lars's recent tweets he makes it sound like it came from a contact in the Athletic Department at UNL. He said something like, "he knows how to fly close to the sun of high ups at the AD."
  12. You better watch yourself buddy! I know a few people who think prettt highly of the particular brew around here.