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  1. Barfknecht Nails it to Eichorst

    You can be the nicest, most honorable guy in the world but how can you expect to keep your job if you don't produce results?
  2. How many teams have had issues after losing their legendary coach? Pretty much all of them. We've been through Frost's resume, and like everyone else I have pretty substantial reservations about his young head coaching career, but sometimes you gotta gamble. The last 4 hires were calculated and justifiable at the time, maybe now we go with our gut. tOSU did it, Michigan did it, Wisconsin did it... I think the one thing I like the most about Scott right now is how extremly well spoken and thoughtful he is. The dude is smart. Let's see how his team comes back after not playing a game or really practicing for 2 weeks. He had a lot to manage with a team that scattered due to the hurricane. If he can pull them together and put together a good season with his team that will speak volumes!
  3. Yesterday is why...

    But keep drinking right? Right?
  4. Option

    I don't know if we even had a triple option in the play book. Tom like to setup the handoff to the fullback, not let the QB read it. See Slchesinger in the 95 Orange bowl.
  5. Option

    Guys help me out here, when did Nebraska ever run a true triple option scheme?
  6. Yesterday is why...

    Take a step back Matty, it's only football.
  7. My complaints so far

    Lol Matty gonna Matty. So did the coaches do anything wrong, or is it all the players' fault? Langs said he would, but still has yet to ever get his QB in a rythme with short easy throws. Do we even know what short pass can do to relive the pass rush? There is no sense of urgency at any point in any game this year when trailing. We continue to run almost exclusively outside against quicker teams, even after having success up the middle more than once. Defense pressures the QB and gets results, but why would we keep doing that? If we lack DB and LB coverage skills why make them cover entire routes by not sending any pressure? Where are the exotic looks that every 3-4 employs to confuse the O?
  8. At what point?

    Bob Stoops, Les Miles, Scott Frost all available. That's some Game of Thrones scheming if they planned this out.
  9. So Lee has one less INT than Tommy did all of last year on roughly 200 fewer attempts...

  10. Just finished watching the first quarter. Can't wait to see the big rally in the second!

    1. HuskerfaninOkieland


      Fast forward.  Quickly.  But stop at the commercials because that's the best part

    2. El Diaco

      El Diaco

      Heads up. Your spellcheck is changing clusterf#ck to rally. Weird.

  11. A Punt: One of Riley's Favorite Plays

    Who doesn't love a coffin corner kick?
  12. The Republican Utopia

    Because we should deregulate one of the safest industries in the world... This one really ticks me off since it's something we as consumers already have extremly small control over, and frequently get screwed. Not to mention the regulation were implemented because PEOPLE DIED! http://www.apnewsarchive.com/2017/An-influential-industry-committee-is-recommending-that-the-Federal-Aviation-Administration-eliminate-or-scale-back-dozens-of-safety-rules-including-one-on-airline-pilot-qualifications/id-1dfed8594490421ba2f73d301b9ebe89