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  1. It's only funny when T Mart is in it.
  2. Post-Practice Presser - April 19

    Everyone knows the Execs were always better teams.
  3. You gotta load the rest of the images for the story board dude. There's like 70 some frames.
  4. Russia

    I guess this goes here... http://thehill.com/homenews/administration/383851-trump-well-put-sanctions-on-russia-as-soon-as-they-very-much-deserve Right... Russia did nothing wrong and nobody tougher, except for like maybe Obama? Maybe that's why he's soft on Russia, not because they own him, but because Obama was tough on them. Makes sense given his track record of trying dismant the former's President's legacy.
  5. Barbara Bush Passes Away

    To Young to remember her stint as First Lady, but I've never heard an unkind word about her.
  6. DOJ Initial Russia Hearings

    #2 is also what is massively wrong with this country right now. Party before country...
  7. I knew about the acting lessons. The problem is he isn't that young in the movie. Maybe it will be like Casino Royale and the character we know and love all comes together at the end of the movie.
  8. DOJ Initial Russia Hearings

    What's the turtle scared of?
  9. I'll admit that last trailer got me excited. Still doesn't seem like Han though. I wish this guy could portray the same bravado that Ford did, but he just doesn't have it for some reason.
  10. I fly home from Detroit or Flint at least twice a year. Only once has Lincoln been cheaper to fly into than Omaha and that was like Easter Sunday of something, which I didn't book. Typical Lincoln is at least 100 to 200 dollars more per ticket. Not worth it when someone can pick me up in Omaha. Even when I've driven to Chicago and flown out of O'Hare it was still 100 bucks more to fly into LNK.
  11. Immigration Ban

    What benefits are they eligible for, and how much do we spend on them annually?
  12. Immigration Ban

    What world do you live in, because it's not reality.
  13. Trump's cabinet

    https://twitter.com/PressSec/status/985517977951928320?s=20 There's just one problem with this photo, Mike Pence is in it..