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  1. The Omarosa Chronicles

    And what would you say the economy was like that Obama inherited?
  2. The Omarosa Chronicles

    Why don't you backup your claims? You throw these one liners out constantly without any sourcing, back it up. It's a simple request. Further more, the economy grew at 2.3% last year. It was similar in the first quarter of this year, and was at 4.1% in the 2nd quarter. I think analyst unanimously agreed that the 2nd quarter surge was due to Trump starting a trade war. Companies are buying up materials before the prices go up. We'll see how the year finishes, but I think most agree next quarter we won't see the same growth rate. Obama hit 4% or higher in 3 quarters during his presidency, and he wasn't gifted a stable and growing economy.
  3. The Omarosa Chronicles

    Please provide the source of this quote.
  4. BTN Bus Tour

    You can mess your are up way easier with a heavy dumbe that a barbell. But regardless they're going to have spotters at those weights.
  5. BTN Bus Tour

    Well, we're the only "major" program with a new staff and big bane coach this season.
  6. DOJ Initial Russia Hearings

    Another crazy circumstance with a lawyer. This thing is going to suck to litigate for team Mueller, a lot of attorney client privilege circumstances.
  7. BTN Bus Tour

    There's just something so right about hearing that name called on a big play. I'm going to enjoy that again.
  8. I need a snowblowing Android with a phone any recommendations? Input? Deals?

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. ZRod


      Pixle blower? I don't need anything that crazy.

    3. JJ Husker

      JJ Husker

      If you just want an Android blower, I'd go with Ex Machina :D

    4. RedDenver


      No, the upgraded Deus Ex Machina is much better.

  9. Dems Rebuild

    The comments on there are, uh... interesting revisionist history.
  10. Trump's America

    To be fair, I actually had no idea this was to be in honor of the centennial anniversary of the armistice ending WWI, and some soldiers would be dressed in period pieces for the parade. Not a terrible idea, but I'm sure we could honor the memory of those veterans in other meaningful ways too.
  11. Trump and the Press

    Probably because one of us is making up revisionist history, and can't acknowledge, for whatever reason, that the president of the United States States is completely wrong in what he is doing.
  12. The Omarosa Chronicles

    Except everyone agrees that the growth has been steady and relatively continuous for almost 10 years now. What in the heck are you even trying to argue?
  13. Trump and the Press

    I don't see Hillary bitch about the media on a daily basis, before during or after her campaign like Donald does. All he had to do was not antagonize them and it would be fine, he would be treated like Bush was or better. He literally declared them an enemy, completely unfounded, and dangerous to our country's institutions. They still gave him fair coverage after that, but he continued to put him on blast. Obama never caved like this and he got it even worse from Fox News during his term.
  14. It wouldn't be the off season without a sellout streak thread.