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  1. The Republican Utopia

    Reading this with the giant smiley emoji next to it is priceless.
  2. Immigration Ban

    What a piece of s#!t.
  3. Trump: More Popular than Ever

    Help us Jon Stewart. You're our only hope.
  4. Trump: More Popular than Ever

    Why doesn't he talk much about the stock market these days?
  5. Anybody know when and where it's best to buy tickets to the gun show?

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Dilly Dilly

      Dilly Dilly

      Well, that didn't take long

    3. ZRod


      That's what she said!

    4. teachercd


      I could not help but laugh at this!!!  Ha

  6. The Republican Utopia

    Literally everyone cut bait on John Edwards, and what he did is pretty much on par with what Trump has done (minus having an affair while his wife was dying). Obama has been criticizes by all sides, as has Hillary. Your argument is pretty weak.
  7. Trump-endorsed news sources

    Is that a subtle jab by Marco at Trump? All those things could be said of Trump as well.
  8. Trump Foreign Policy

    He's not a bigot afraid of cultural change...
  9. Immigration Ban

    This seems like a great way to breed terrorists. When they grow up with no parents, into a f#&%ed up life, I wonder who they will blame. I wonder how they will get their justice.
  10. Guys, guys, guys. Why can't you just believe everyone is out to get Trump, and they were so out to get him that they forgot to stop him from getting elected and accidentally damaged Hillary Clinton's campaign? It's so logical! #deepstate
  11. I accidentally hiked a mountain with the GF when we were in Italy... We were in Monarola of the Cinque Terre and we went to hike one of the trails. It forked and one path went up and the other went around. I asked her if she wanted to go up and she said yes. We figured it wouldn't be too bad. We ended up hiking up hill for almost an hour, with essentially a 1000 foot elevation change in about 2 miles. Then we had to get back down to sea level again in another 2 miles. Took almost 3 hours total and whooped our butts because we were in slip on shoes. She had jeans on and I had a button up long sleeve shirt on. But oh my God were the views worth it! Hiking through terraced vineyards on a seaside cliff over looking colorful cliff side towns is something everyone needs to experience. I think that would tie with only the Grand Canyon hike for sheer beauty.
  12. Trump and the Press

    Uh... Isn't Fox News the biggest?
  13. Trump Foreign Policy

    If we're concerned about higher prices doesn't that mean there are abnormalities elsewhere too? You would think that there would be a balance between wages and prices. Obviously things will flux, but like the stock market there would be a corrections that occur to normalize things.
  14. Trump Foreign Policy

    That's one of the biggest issue that needs to be figured out with globalization. How to normalize wages/labor costs, and make subsidized industries more equal. If Trump we're actually a smart man he would be trying to figure that out rather than throwing a tantrum. Yes, I said globalization. No, it's not stopping, you protectionists, despite Trump's best efforts. The world will march forward without us. Progress, while sometime taking steps backwards will always be net forward.