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  1. Duval's conditioning starts Monday. UCF players share.

    Previous staff's fault. No focus on finger strength/nutrition.
  2. Assistants Announced

    Yeah. I crunched the numbahs...and with their strength coach added - $4,846,225. Which is pretty comparable. A big reason is that they just added a 10th coach at $800,000 a year, whereas Ruud I think starts at $200,000. Resources will not be an issue. If we start seeing similar success, there will be substantial merit increases to keep the staff together.
  3. Assistants Announced

    To be fair, their assistant pool was lower than Nebraska’s before the increase. I think their total pool is like 7.5 now. Nebraska’s is 5. If NU starts beating Ohio St on the field, my bet is that the salaries will be on par with Ohio St as well.
  4. Chinander Preaches Aggression, Turnovers

    Yeah. It probably would've been like 12 - 0 with him playing.
  5. Chinander Preaches Aggression, Turnovers

    Was he suspended for the ASU game? If you mean the UT game, we are in agreement that it would've been different. I doubt the ASU game changes much regardless of who was on defense, since we scored 0 points, and gave up 3 safeties.
  6. Blackshirts: More than a Slogan

    I wouldn't mind if we stopped using the term altogether. It's become something that fans argue about (how many? when do they get them?) more than anything else. It certainly hasn't meant 'great defense' in quite awhile.
  7. Blackshirts: More than a Slogan

    I keep hearing that Nebraska hasn't won anything in a long time... but then I hear people say that today 'everyone gets a trophy'
  8. Parrella

    But that grilled cheese played at NU and was one of our own
  9. LB Javontae Jean-Baptiste [Ohio State - Signed LOI]

    We'll look forward to seeing him as a transfer once Schiano leaves next year.
  10. RB Maurice Washington [Nebraska-Signed LOI]

    Oh, now you've done it. You've summoned the barbarian horde of CB defenders.
  11. LB Javontae Jean-Baptiste [Ohio State - Signed LOI]

    It was probably Moos getting Qdoba to cater lunch, or something. That usually makes people excited in my office.
  12. OL Jarrett Bell [ASU -Signed LOI]

    He changed his name too? Well played.