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  1. Jason Sitoke

    Offensive Line

    Thanks, buddy
  2. Jason Sitoke

    Offensive Line

    Agreed. First week it was ‘details’. Last week it was ‘buy in’. Not sure what the theme will be Monday. I realize that they have to do these press conferences and answer questions. The sad truth is they are not a very good team. They haven’t won this year because they haven’t been as good as the teams they’ve played. Looking to the schedule, Bethune Cookman is the only game I can say we should win, no doubt.
  3. Jason Sitoke

    there's no reason to lose to purdue...

    Yesterday looked a lot like some of Bo’s games against Wisconsin. Not really gonna split hairs about which stomping I felt better about.
  4. Jason Sitoke

    Nebraska will beat Michigan

    I'm not sure Michigan's offense will score 40 in ANY conference game all year. I'm guessing Notre Dame must be a playoff contender then....and not just according to NBC.
  5. Jason Sitoke

    Nebraska will beat Michigan

    I think there's a difference between expecting them to win, and not being surprised if they win. At times, the team has looked good. Lots of energy, improved defense, dynamic quarterback (when healthy). Michigan has more talent and should win, but they are no juggernaut. I won't be surprised if Nebraska wins. I won't be jumping off a building if they don't, and I won't be tearing down any goalposts if they pull it off. Mark me down as someone who believes this train is gonna take some time to get moving, but once it does, there will be no mistaking it.
  6. Jason Sitoke

    Big Ten Down

  7. Jason Sitoke

    B1G Week 3

    More like ruining their season
  8. Jason Sitoke

    Post-Game Presser - Troy

    I thought it was ‘work smarter, not harder’.
  9. Jason Sitoke

    What did we learn? -Game 2- Troy

    And who would you rather have as head coach then?
  10. Jason Sitoke

    Post-Game Presser - Troy

    Agreed. Jaw clenched the entire time. Looks like he wants to puke.
  11. Jason Sitoke


    But then it wouldn’t get the attention it so deserves.
  12. Jason Sitoke

    Hypothetical: If we win our next two games...

    This has aged well. Like a bottle of fine milk.
  13. Jason Sitoke

    Post-Game Presser - Troy

    So we got that going for us. Which is nice.
  14. Jason Sitoke

    *** Official Troy Game Thread ***

    Really tough to imagine who we can beat right now. when we look good, we make a terrible mistake that costs us. And when we look bad....I start drinking at noon
  15. Jason Sitoke

    *** Official Troy Game Thread ***

    We are not anyone’s super bowl. Dumb comment by the announcer.