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  1. Breakout: Ron Brown and religion

    So what youre essentially saying is, you have no clue about why people didnt want him rehired so youre going to blame it on the fact that people are upset because hes a christian? Jesus fing christ.
  2. Russia

    Jesus that whole thread of videos is an absolute joke. Especially the one where he talks about Russia helping us win WW2 and he feels a sense of loyalty to them because of it. Trump needs to go back to history class because Russia was actually aligned with Hitler until he secretly attacked them...what an embarrassment.
  3. Buy In

    Who the starting QB is
  4. Buy In

    Wow, what a great interview! Glad Mo Berry is a Husker!
  5. Dog People

    Like I said in a earlier post, puppies are like little kids. Are babies and toddlers born knowing how to behave? No, but they learn over time with structure and training. People who dont want to take the time to train the puppies should not have them. Just like people who let their kids do whatever they want should not have kids.
  6. Dog People

    Thats a good video that shows the companionship side of a human and dog relationship. You also have the dogs that help kids with autism. The dogs that literally sniff out bombs and save human lives on a daily basis in both miltary and police units. The K9 units that work with their human handlers to catch criminals. The dogs that alert their epileptic owners minutes before they have a seizure so the person can get to a safe place. The dogs that jump in front of rattlesnakes and take the bite instead of letting their owners get bit like the story I just read the other day. The dogs that protect houses from robbers and intruders. The dogs that help blind people get around town. The dogs that save people from drowning. I can go on all day about what dogs do for humans. I guess my question to you is, even though you dont own a dog, how can you not respect and appreciate an animal that has done so much for the human race? Things that humans are not physically capable of doing at times.
  7. First music you ever bought

    Well most people on here would say no since I listen to Nickelback still lol
  8. First music you ever bought

    DMX and Britney Spears CD at the same time in 1999. Obviously my taste in music has improved since I was 12 years old.
  9. Dog People

    Until you own a dog and you see the unconditional love this thing gives you, you will never understand. Id rather be around my parents dog than be around people I dont know. My dad is 83 years old. He was devastated the last dog we had that died. Took him 10 years to get another. If this dog dies before him, he will be soon after which is hard for me to say, but I know the way he reacted to the last death. There is a reason they are called mans best friend and people say dog is spelled god backwards. Humans can learn a lot from their dogs. They would literally do anything for you and love you no matter how you treat them. But just like any young being, when they are pups, they need structure and to be shown how to behave properly. Some people are just too selfish or lazy to do that and then blame the dog for their poor behavior.
  10. Its a ranking of how your athletic program compares to other athletic programs in the nation, so yes we should. Bill Moos has said as much also.
  11. Florida offer

    What if the laces were out and Ray Finkle kicked the game winning field goal for the dolphins in the super bowl?
  12. LB Jackson Hannah [Nebraska Commit]

    He has already come out and said his producer was in his ear telling him to stir up controversy because it would be a boring show if it was just Nebraska vs Nebraska. People need to let it go already.
  13. LB NaNa Osafo-Mensah [Notre Dame Commit]

    Well everyone knows youre not truly committed until you are 132% committed so lets flip him!
  14. What is your favorite Husker Video

    Not sure how it would have been different under Frost. He still wouldnt have been a good passer and good defenses would have made adjustments to stop him from running just like they did under Pelini.