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  1. If we had a team full of players that worked as hard as Mo Barry, had the same attitude as Mo Barry and had the same ability as Mo Barry we would be unstoppable. Man I love this kid. Every interview he does, his passion for the game and his passion for this team are abundantly clear. And its not just a bunch of smoke and mirrors, it shows up every Saturday in the way he plays. Happy he is a Husker! 

    1. admo


      I like Mo Barry too.  But this team has plenty of football dues with ALL of that too.  We've just had some stupid stuff happen (including Barry). 


      Hang in there, we will turn it around soon.

  2. Frott Scost

    What did we learn? -Game 2- Troy

    I learned that three weeks ago, two weeks ago, hell even this last week I havent been this excited for Husker football in a very long time. After this last game, Im just ready for the season to end already. Feels like I did last year and its not a good feeling.
  3. Frott Scost

    Options for Game #12

    That would also work.
  4. Frott Scost

    Options for Game #12

    I get that but there are only 2 games on our schedule that could be considered guaranteed wins: Troy and Illinois. They rest are either guaranteed loses or toss ups at best. We will be playing with fire if we wait all the way to December to see if we need a game to get bowl eligible. Who knows if anyone will want to play that late in the season. If Akron is already bowl eligible, there is no way they will come back. Just saying getting to a bowl game is more important than a bye week IMO.
  5. Frott Scost

    Options for Game #12

    We will not beat OSU this season. Whether we have a bye week or not. It might be the difference between losing by 21 as opposed to losing by 28-35 but we will still get beat handily. We need the extra bowl prep very badly since we didnt get those extra practices last year. And with how hard our schedule is, we need all 12 games to get bowl eligible. If you have the opportunity to schedule a game, you NEED to do it. But like I said earlier, im guessing they wont try very hard and will only have 11 games. And if we only win 5, Moos will have a lot of pissed off people on his hands.
  6. Frott Scost

    Options for Game #12

    My guess is there will not be a make-up game. We will just have an 11 game regular season.
  7. Not sure what Texas did last year to get a preseason ranking. Looks like year 2 might be a little rough for d-bag Herman also. 

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    2. Redux


      Heh, would laugh myself silly if the lay a goose egg in a series vs Maryland

    3. JJ Husker
    4. Stumpy1


      Maryland offense is moving the ball pretty well against them.

  8. Frott Scost

    *** Official Akron Game Thread ***

  9. Frott Scost

    Akron Game Weather

    This sucks! I will be shocked if this game is played looking at the weather forecast.
  10. Frott Scost

    Question on “Club” seats

    It means you get to watch the game with a bunch of rich snobs. Congrats!
  11. Frott Scost

    Big Ten Announces Future Schedules (2022-2025)

    By 2024 we should be humming along like a well oiled machine. Ill only worried if we have to start a new QB that year. Not saying we will go undefeated but every game should be winable.
  12. Frott Scost

    ***Official Akron Look-A-Like Thread***

    Todd from breaking bad
  13. I mean its getting to the point where teams wont even be able to field a roster for their season anymore and the NCAA needs to make some rules to ensure players dont up and leave a week before a game. Its fine to transfer, but now we lose a roster spot and a scholarship for 4 or so players that decided to transfer over the past couple weeks. My suggestion is you only have certain months you can transfer. Lets say from December 1st-January 15. Right after the season and before signing day. That way teams can plan ahead. Lets say its like a two week notice we all give when we quit a job. And then from April 1-beginning of summer workouts in June. After spring ball but before the season. That way teams can get their foot in with some graduate transfers or transfers from other schools before fall camp. And cut out the stupid sit out a year rule. That way the player doesnt lose two years because they are mandated to finish the year at the school they signed with if they start summer workouts with that team. Just my 2 cents here.
  14. Frott Scost

    ***Official Akron Look-A-Like Thread***

    Buddy Garrity Downtown Anderson