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  1. Lost faith completely in College Football awards

    Submissions are sent by the Big XII office and not by the team?
  2. Why all the Boise St. Hate?

    Relieved is more like it. Hate is far too strong of a word. Boise State had an average a score of 51-8 against 8 opponents this year. These eight games were over by the end of 1st quarter, in small stadiums, with little chance of injury, on and on. Which only proves they played a weak schedule, not that they are an elite team. It is a nice story, but the fans read too many press-clippings and got too full of themselves. Boise State doesn't deserve to be in the conversation. Same for TCU. I'm relieved that at least one of them lost. BSU vs. TCU for the BCS Championship would have been a complete joke.
  3. +1 Beebe's attempting to hurt the reputation of the program on as many levels as possible: fans, recruiting, etc. Just imagine - as Beebe is presenting the trophy the fans...applaud. Completely ignoring the presence of the man himself. Beebe would have been horrified. Were some letters angry and obnoxious? Sure. But a credible threat? Beebe needs to prove it or make a retraction.
  4. **Predict the Texas A&M Score, Rushing & Passing Yards**

    Nebraska 42 Texas A&M 20 Passing 200 Rushing 300 Still think they should join the Big Ten in '12...just sayin'.
  5. Big Ten division names ... Any ideas?

    Sweet & Dude
  6. **Official Missouri Game Discussion**

    Beat a 10 team...at home.
  7. **Official Missouri Game Discussion**

    You mean the chop block? I seen it oh wow Yep, that's what I was referring to. Nary a mention from the boys upstairs either. Was that on Crick? Crick will probably be suspended for allowing himself to be blocked below the knees.
  8. **Official Missouri Game Discussion**

    You mean the chop block?
  9. **Official Missouri Game Discussion**

    Was that a read by Helu or designed?
  10. **Official Missouri Game Discussion**

    That was damn good.
  11. **Official Missouri Game Discussion**

    Ah c'mon. MU hasn't held on any of their third and longs?
  12. **Official Missouri Game Discussion**

    Nice replay by ABC.
  13. **Official Missouri Game Discussion**

    Playing the Tigers, the refs and Beebe...
  14. **Official Missouri Game Discussion**

    Sam's helmet hit Martinez' helmet. Bunch of BS.