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  1. S Dallas Craddieth

    I can help out as well
  2. Board Announcements

    I was wondering about that. Good catch.
  3. Board Announcements

    To the right of their name in their profile, there is a counterclockwise arrow that displays the name history. Edit: This only shows up if the user has changed their name in the past
  4. Trump Promises Megathread: Kept or Broken

    He is, he just had to fill it up first
  5. Every platform seems to be going away from local multiplayer.
  6. 2018 NFL Playoff Team Prediction Contest

    Should the deadline be Thursday the 7th since the Chiefs and Patriots play that night?
  7. Fall Camp Updates - Offensive Line

    Gates, Foster, Conrad, Farmer have all been named starters. RT is the only spot that has not been locked down yet.
  8. ***2017 OFFICIAL VISITORS***

    He's planning on visiting that week, but nothing official has been set yet.
  9. Board Announcements

    Interesting, that's how it works for me. I'm sure the bugs will work themselves out as the upgrade is going on.
  10. Board Announcements

    You have have to press the heart twice to like the post. It's probably to be able to select different reactions. Since we only have the one reaction, maybe we can see if we can have it just be one touch.
  11. Fall Camp News & Notes

    Dang! Ol' Brucey was way overpaid AND making his own hours! That means he made like $3,500/hr
  12. S Dallas Craddieth

    So Nebraska was the first I've seen do this, but was there anyone before us?
  13. What Will Huskers Do With All the Money?

    You heard it here, folks. Eichorst is calling Husker fans fat.
  14. Pick your team

    Where's the 2009 Defense?