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  1. DE Ty Robinson

    More like dung, amiright?
  2. CB Cam Taylor [Nebraska - Signed LOI]

    I'm sure we could sneak a jersey on him, but he has to be licking his chops looking at our depth chart.
  3. Spring Game Rosters

    Unless they really couldn't separate them and just picked randomly. Maybe they put Vedral on white knowing right now he is ineligible and picked straws for who would join him.
  4. Spring Game Attendance Tracker

    I believe the opposing team ticket sales is the biggest variable
  5. Trump Foreign Policy

    But I thought our President said it was a success...
  6. If I remember correctly, they started playing it my senior year in 2012
  7. Wasn't Tom still AD when they started Let Me Clear My Throat?
  8. Happy Birthday to The Bobfather

    Saw that and thought the same thing
  9. BTN's Dienhart's Priorities for Nebraska

    It also doesn't help when the coaches called plays that did the o-line no favors and were doomed to fail.
  10. POB...still in the QB room?

    You done messed up A-A-Ron!
  11. China

    Well add another "accomplishment" to this administration
  12. Westerkamp vs. Swift

    I went with Westerkamp for a couple reasons. Everything that he got his hands on, he caught, where as Swift lost focus at times and let the ball go through his hands. Nate also had more accurate/prototypical QBs throwing him the ball than Jordan. If the roles had been reversed, I believe Westerkamp would have been the leading receiver in Nebraska history. I also like his name, so I guess there are three things