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  1. Bold Predictions - Preseason Edition

    If meds could make me see Taylor Martinez I would have had a much more enjoyable year.
  2. Bold Predictions - Preseason Edition

    I think you missed my point...if a position that is hard to generate sacks is the leader, then that usually meant the other positions didn't generate someone competitive in that department. There are exceptions, of course. Suh put up 12 in 2009, and Crick had 9.5. Good targets to shoot for.
  3. Bold Predictions - Preseason Edition

    Really looking forward to seeing Carlos play. Coaches have mentioned him numerous times. I think this defense really favors him because he's so big but still so explosive that he can play just about anywhere. Guys like him that you can move a lot pre-snap allow you to screw with line calls without actually needing to bring extra players. He would be on my shortlist, though, of defensive players to really bust out. All that said, I'm kinda hoping you're wrong on this one simply because it's hard to generate a lot of sacks from his position.
  4. Bold Predictions - Preseason Edition

    75 out of fifth, 86 out of third. If this run defense is indeed as improved as the coaches are letting on, this is very possible.
  5. Bold Predictions - Preseason Edition

    Regardless I think they're favored. They play us in week 6, but week 4 they play Iowa and we play Michigan. Would a 5-0 Nebraska be a big shock against a 3-1 Wisconsin, given people's trending opinion of Nebraska? I think going into Wisconsin under those conditions we would be the upset pick of the year.
  6. All Frost Does is Win Games

    Pretty incredible numbers however you slice it. He's always been a winner and he's always surrounded himself with winners. It's also the standard he has, and when he's at the podium speaking, he's speaking to his incredibly lofty standard.
  7. Frost’s QB Room

    So unless one of Mario's test questions was "would you put strawberry syrup on chocolate ice cream", he didn't gain much.
  8. If he were my son, I'd tell him to stop listening to Mike Riley.
  9. Biggest Concerns?

    Those aren't outside pass rushers, though. Freedom would be generally a 3 or 5 tech.
  10. Frost’s QB Room

    Practice time, not game time. It's Mike Riley practice time, so he's probably better at getting the cherry to stay on top of the sundae.
  11. Bold Predictions - Preseason Edition

    Boldest of the bold predictions? No coach has ever repeated in a subsequent year in either the AP or Eddie Robinson award, much less unanimously.
  12. "Injuries"

    From what Frost has said in the subject, no.
  13. BTN Bus Tour

    They do seem that way, don't they. It's like the coaches' success last year hasn't worn off. We've seen very, very few obstacles in this transition and some amazing gains.
  14. BTN Bus Tour

    Which is partly based on success against a set of weak schedules.
  15. We used to do these and seemed like we got away from them last year. I thought they were fun. With Akron prep about a week away, seems like a good time to start a thread. These are my season bold (or not) predictions. Stanley Morgan surpasses 1000 yards receiving. Maurice Washington surpasses 1000 yards rushing. Avg defensive sacks 2.5 or greater Avg defensive turnovers 2 or greater 4 or more Huskers drafted Michigan is in the national title picture heading into the Ohio St game UCF finishes with at least 3 losses