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  1. I'm dubious of any league starting in February that barely has sites picked in June. At this rate they'll just be issuing helmets next March.
  2. How Do You Spell Expectations in Nebraska?

    I assume you're talking in wins, because we've already seen a ton of progress in many areas. A team can get better on the field and it not result in more wins, for a variety of reasons. It's exactly what I'm predicting for Purdue, for instance. I think they'll be better but because they overachieved in wins last year I think they'll post a similar record. It's possible to be better and still only go 4-8 if things like injuries go against us. On the other hand, if things fall in our favor, 8-4 is also possible. There's a lot of fortune that goes into this game. Mike Riley's first two years are very similar, performance wise, but two very different records. Northwestern are posting 10 win seasons followed by a drop, but those teams are all around neutral in terms of yards per play differential, it's the games many bounces that is accounting for the change in record.
  3. That is one inconsistent preview. Page 4/5 alternate between saying 'bowling may be difficult' and 'both sides of the ball are good enough to win 6 games without a problem'.
  4. Cameron Jefferies

    The offenses you mention, ranked nationally in terms of yards per play: 62, 41, 8, 71, 26. For comparison, Nebraska's offense ranked 32. The Big Ten West: 120, 115, 108, 87, 81, 53.
  5. OT Martin Veinberg

    Height can be good, but it also has a downside. When you're that tall, you lose the leverage battle, start bending at the waist to help compensate, then lose balance and power as a result. A player needs exceptional footwork to play offensive tackle at that height to use their length as an advantage and not a disadvantage.
  6. Finally! Blackshirt Talk

    That's a really good defense you describe...it's also only been done a handful of times the last 10 years, mostly by Bama teams, and all pretty ridiculously talented. It's a hall of fame standard, not a reasonable expectation for today's game. The good news is you don't need that level to win in an alternate possession game. It's all about relative efficiencies. But there are some good numbers to shoot for that in about any given year are attainable for a very good defense. Avg Rush Attempt 3.5 ypp Avg Pass Attempt 6.5 ypp Those don't seem high, but if you achieve both you will be very hard to move the ball on, and if you have a good offense you will easily win the efficiency battle and therefore comfortably win the game.
  7. Because coaches on talented teams often get punished for having too good of a team relative to their (high) expectations.
  8. 247: Most Indispensable Huskers

    They certainly have shown they don't know what indispensable means (please stay healthy, Jaimes).
  9. Cameron Jefferies

  10. Vegas sets Huskers Over/Under at 5.5 wins

    In all seriousness, one I kinda like if you got a good price is Rutgers Over 4. Mostly because they're making some good offensive changes and may have a semi-legit QB and RB this year. They really couldn't get worse. The value is in the non-con including Texas State, Kansas, and Buffalo. Throw in Illinois and Indiana and there's five without a real upset. The downside is any other win would be.
  11. Vegas sets Huskers Over/Under at 5.5 wins

    There's only one sure fire way to bet college football....fade @teachercd.
  12. Take that list with a big grain of salt as he doesn't particularly rate Colorado high otherwise, and Colorado doesn't project that favorably based on his methods. He's projecting new players to be better than what left and counting on the fact they avoid Oregon and Stanford. This is his hedge betting kind of pick.
  13. Vegas sets Huskers Over/Under at 5.5 wins

    Usually, but those kinds of trends are statistical noise and best ignored.
  14. Vegas sets Huskers Over/Under at 5.5 wins

    Think of how far along each of these are: - A lot of "his guys" will play. Recruited a full boat, along with a great walk-on class, then has added to that with attrition. That's not including guys that were redshirts or low usage guys last year that fit well. The downside is this means a lot of inexperience, which is a good reason to get excited for year 2. - Either way the QB is going to be young. Frosh QBs are doing quite well these days, likely due to all the 7 on 7 and camp work they get in year round. Both eligible scholarship QBs are also very mature and hard working. Neither left Mario's hip pocket during the Spring game. I expect both to have a great summer. - Staff reiterated during the tour what we already knew: the continuity has resulted in them being ahead of schedule. We saw it in the spring game as both sides competently executed the new systems. Needs polish, needs detail, but that's overachieving for your typical Year 1. This kind of thing snowballs; the better you enter summer the better you enter the fall. The summer period is the most important practice period of the year and if you're set up well there you have a leg up.
  15. Husker Coaches to Tour State

    Every time I watch Mario talk about the QBs I feel it's not so much a QB competition as an exercise in seeing if Martinez can cut it.