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  1. Which QB Should Be The Starter

    If we are going to put a lot of value on the spring game, which we shouldn't but this thread will, then one of the biggest things Gebbia struggled with was getting balls out to open targets in space. Likely one, maybe two TDs lost on inaccurate throws to open receivers. Even on some completed balls, they weren't always the prettiest. The thing we didn't see from Martinez was what kind of velocity he has. That's a concern with that shoulder. Hopefully there are no issues. If this is a two horse race, it'll be a fun one. Martinez is much more natural, but it's hard to outwork Gebbia. We saw a lot of 'want to' from those guys today, and that bodes well regardless.
  2. *** Official 2018 Spring Game Thread ***

    That is the number one takeaway from this game. We ran our offense and defense...this wasn't something thrown together as an exhibition for the fans. How many spring games can we say that? First spring game and the installation on both sides of the ball is ahead of any time in the three years under Riley. This is what a fully fledged offensive system looks like. We can argue execution, or who should play, or any of that kind of stuff, but we can't argue that we finally have competent systems in place and coaches that can install those systems. You almost never see first year staffs that can put that kind of product on the field in the first spring game. We have so far to go, but on the other hand, collectively we are so far ahead of where this team has any right to be.
  3. *** Official 2018 Spring Game Thread ***

    Yeah, if we picked QBs as starters based on spring games we'd have a horrible prediction rate. One thing I noticed is Gebbia and Vedral were pushing a little bit, put too much stress on themselves, whereas the other two were more relaxed. The white team QBs naturally looked much better when the white team offensive line played well, which sadly wasn't that often. Martinez is comfortable running the ball and making quick throws, so he looked good. That's not to say he won't look good in the fall, too, but this was his element. The other thing to notice...Gebbia and Martinez were never more than two feet away from Mario. If one talked to him, the other wasn't far. Should be a very competitive summer at the position.
  4. *** Official 2018 Spring Game Thread ***

    Least vanilla first half of a spring game in the history of spring games. This is gonna be fun, folks.
  5. QB matchups announced for Spring Game

    Yes. While the competition is really just beginning, and summer will be huge, he's way out in front in knowing this system. You can't shortcut experience, and he got some good game reps with all of those blowouts. I'm very doubtful he's eligible, though.
  6. Post-Practice Presser - April 19

    Love the standard Held holds the backs to.
  7. Winning Stats

    Note: What correlates to wins in football is well known and the information readily available. For example, not surprising is the role of turnovers, but something that is a bit surprising are penalties. More imprtantly, this is a really poor method. There are many reasons why, but a big one is it shows correlation, but implies causation. Rushing stats are a good example of this. Teams that rush for over 200 yards have an obscene win total, that doesn't mean every team should be rush heavy. It's an inverse correlation. Passing stats, in general, actually correlate better if you're looking for a causal factor.
  8. For the first time in years

    Good teams in this era still get blown out. It doesn't happen 5 times a season or anything like that, but it's a pretty big percentage of just about any teams losses. The offenses just have so many current advantages that it doesn't take much for a game to get out of hand. Step 1 is developing a game-like mindset every day. One of the true hallmarks of those old teams was that Saturday was easier than Tuesday.
  9. For the first time in years

    That's the likely scenario, and matches what new head coaches have historically done. There is usually, on average, about a 2 win jump from year 1 to year 2. I would note, however, that Frost having brought a complete staff that just performed a rebuild makes this a very unique situation. They're way ahead this spring in terms of installing schemes, expectations and routines, and that should snowball through summer and into fall camp.
  10. For the first time in years

    They don't mind a missed tackle going for a big hit, in the context of the play. A huge emphasis for spring, on both sides of the ball, is to play with the correct leverage and know where your help is. When Held talks about a RB beating the safety, and Ruud talks about a LB coming up to make a tackle, they speak the same language. The fundamentals of the players will be improved because the fundamentals of the coaches are improved. More often than not we had guys to make the tackle, the problem was often that maintaining gap control became so rigid there was only one possible tackler. If he missed, it was 60. On the other hand, I was just watching one of UCF's games recently, and was very impressed how their defensive lineman bailed on screens and sweeps. Now, they didn't always make the plays they should have, either, but more often than not a ball carrier had to beat several defenders.
  11. Huskers looking to add grad transfer at QB?

    Which makes a lot of sense. On the other hand, this staff doesn't throw false praise around. If they're saying something about a kid, it's because that's their honest views based on practice.
  12. Where Is It OK to Start Walk-Ons?

    I won't deny that's how it's commonly framed, though I would take some exception to it. Walk-ones are merely players who have yet to get a scholarship. They're not worse players. They weren't even necessarily unrecruited players. They simply, for one reason or another, do not yet have a football scholarship. Many eventually do get one. Do they suddenly become better when that happens? Coach DeWitt said it best. He doesn't necessarily know who is a scholarship player and who isn't, and he doesn't necessarily care.
  13. Pro-Style QB

    I think it's a stupid designation. It's always been a stupid designation, but as offenses in the NFL adopt more principles we see at the college level (more shotgun, more QB running, faster tempo, etc) it just becomes a silly way to describe an offense/player. We know what characteristics this offense needs, better to focus on those than trying to divide all QBs into two categories.