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  1. Football is increasingly becoming a positionless game. Almost anything one could describe as innovative will fall under this header. This staff totally gets that, whereas I think one of the biggest flaws of the previous staff was their systems felt 30 years out of date. We will be cutting edge, schematically, on both sides of the ball. The cutting edge, on both sides, is to stop worrying so much about what position it is, and just get the best guys on the field.
  2. Let's play hypothetical. Assume everyone else stays the same, but the offensive line makes that big jump. Would production really improve along the same rate that line play improved? We actually saw this scenario play out last year, during the middle of the season, after the introduction of Decker and Jaimes. There was a stretch during the middle of the season where the pass protection was actually quite decent. The passing game didn't improve. In fact, over the course of the season, Lee's production doesn't correlate with the quality of offensive line play. (Lee is consistent, just not consistently good) That's not to say line play over the course of the entire season wasn't quite poor, both in the running game and passing game. 6 man protections being beaten by a 3 man rush, an atrocious percentage of runs where first contact was at or behind the LOS, on and on. The reason we see line play as being even worse than it really was is because when they did block well, they weren't rewarded with big plays. Tre Bryant had the same number of 20+ yard runs as Ozigbo and one more than Wilbon. Bryant had 3 in his 2 games. Wisconsin is an even better example of the running back mattering. I think we'd all be pretty happy to have their line blocking for us. Look at their top 3 rushers in attempts: 299 att, 6.6 ypc 96 att, 3.8 ypc 61 att, 4.9 ypc Taylor was a monster last year. Even with quality line play, you must have the right guy carrying the ball to make it pay off. Blocking just gets the play started, it comes down to the ball carrier to take a good start and make it a great play. Better line play with a better running scheme and the correct personnel should equal a much improved running game. Line play on its own can only take you so far.
  3. Anyone predicting anything right now isn't basing it off much, and therefore the prediction isn't worth anything. Anybody can toss out a number, it's the method that generates that number that is really important. Honestly, the question posed in the OP is irrelevant in year 1. The data is all across the board for wins in year 1. Year 2, on the other hand, sees much more consistent results because that's really the first year most coaches are going to have pieces in place to begin accomplishing their goals. Year 1 is more of a prologue.
  4. Chicago Tribune Article on Santino Panico

    2004 made for better message board fodder than football games. We may have been more violent online than on the field.
  5. Yeah, it's not who you can sign, it's who you can get in and actually use. This article assumes attrition is a wash, and doesn't consider any context when looking at the rankings. Wisconsin, for instance, recruits well to their scheme, which is why they're always under ranked in these measures. Their major problem is those schemes, and those players, have very limited ability to scale up, which is why the top tier Big East teams give them such a hard time. When you consider the quote above and the number of higher ranked recruits that have never made the field (or sometimes the program), we probably don't have the 4th most talented roster. It's possible we do by next fall, but I'd attribute that to the possibility this incoming class is under ranked due to several JUCOs and players who missed seasons, were injured, or otherwise had scenarios that may have led to less accurate evaluations by the services. The number one thing Nebraska has to do to make these kinds of stories feel more accurate is get these higher ranked players into (and keep in) the program. On paper one can say Nebraska recruited to a certain level, but when a new staff comes in and has to do so much need based recruiting just to fill numbers (rather than due primarily to scheme change)...it just doesn't feel like it. I'd expect, due to the makeup of this class and the types of positions we had to bring in, that we see as few redshirts this year as we've seen in a very long time.
  6. Frost & the Auburn Bowl Game

    There is, but much of what is said is incorrect. SOS is a filter, it's not a metric. We should not measure teams on SOS but rather use it to put the things we can measure into context.
  7. Always. But is there any place in the country currently better situated to procure and develop talent at that position? If I were a young QB, I'd want in on this action. This system is a dream for an offensive lineman. A lot of variety, but quick plays that don't leave you hanging out to dry. The last system was so slow, and because it kept so many people in tight it made reads very difficult. There's a good reason the entire line played much better with Decker in. I expect we will see opinions radically change on a few players.
  8. I can't wait to see how much better we are here. My biggest pet peeve is a linebacker being blocked by a center 5 yards down the field. It should almost never happen. Our backers for too long have been slow of feet and slower of mind. If this question were about a player rather than a position group, my answer would be Honas. Watching his tape makes me shriek like a school girl.
  9. Tyjon Lindsey

    Now I know we are officially in the offseason.
  10. Tyjon Lindsey

    It's not just what he can do with the ball in his hands, either. This offense gets multiplicatively better the more threats there are on the field. Not all offenses do.
  11. I'm convinced that's correct. It's so nice hearing this new staff speak because they're all on one, very descript, page. They can tell you exactly what they are going to do, and why they are doing it. Gives everyone, especially the players, a lot of confidence. I'm warming up to this staff more and more everyday.
  12. And I still have no idea what Langs was trying to accomplish.
  13. Purdue will become the team people thought they were this year, which is actually a massive jump.
  14. The Running Back Room

    I don't think it mattered.