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  1. DE Ty Robinson

    To be fair, this guy has family from and still living in Nebraska.
  2. DE Ty Robinson

    Schaefer and McKewon husk CB’s now. Commit watch for this one too.
  3. DE Ty Robinson

    Wiltfong husk CB.
  4. DE Mosai Newsom

    Id rather not pass on a kid like this just because he’s slightly under developed in his junior year of HS. If Iowa, Minnesota and NW think he’s good enough for their front seven then he’s good enough for ours. Imo
  5. WR Bryce Childress

    Sounds pretty set on Illinois. Called their staff “different” from the other ones recruiting him.
  6. ATH Chris Hickman

    Think most husk fans who follow recruiting, and understand the situation, would see going 1/2 on the Burke kids as a win. Hickman is a tremendous player in his own right and would be a big win for Frost imo
  7. DE Mosai Newsom

    Picked up a few more husk CB’s. Commit watch this weekend.
  8. ATH Chris Hickman

    Mckewon put in a husk CB here.
  9. LB Marcus Hicks

    Some kids are just not interested in Nebraska. No matter who the coach is or what kind of awards he has won. It’s just part of recruiting.
  10. LB Nick Henrich

    Then there’s this one.
  11. LB Nick Henrich

    Speaking on contact...I get the feeling we should have a good assumption where Ruud will be going today.
  12. LB Nick Henrich

    We certainly are behind at least Iowa and ND. But I think we should feel good about Ruud and Frost in this situation. They’ll be at Burke basically every Friday when contact can be made.
  13. Spring Game Ticket Sales

    Weather is looking better by the day too.