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  1. 2017 PreSeason Over/Under Thread

    Just under. And that will give us a top 20 scoring defense. O/U team sacks at 30.5
  2. The DE that's supposed to be real good for ASU scares me.
  3. This isn't exactly breaking news. Corral has been working on Bookie for awhile.
  4. WR Tommy Bush

    Will be here for the Wisconsin game.
  5. TE Cameron Jurgens [Nebraska Commit]

    Actually rivals changed it to TE after the reranking. He was originally listed as an athlete fwiw
  6. TE Cameron Jurgens [Nebraska Commit]

    Yes, he fell completely out of the top 250.
  7. OT Nicholas Petit-Frere

    If UF turns him away we might, very long shot.
  8. Schaefer had a conversation with Bookie last night. There's a VIP 247 article. Would some kind soul with a subscription give us plebeians a rundown?
  9. Russell Wilson is not their QB so not scared.
  10. Huskers to Hold Walk-On Tryouts

    Has anyone informed wifi and his naturally strong family? Thinking they could be immediate help to Coach Cav.
  11. WR Joshua Moore [Nebraska Commit]

    Moore has been retweeting some of Bookies old tweets fwiw. Probably trying to send a message.
  12. ***2018 Recruiting***

    It has been rumored that Hall wants to leave California.
  13. Probably since the days of Matt Herrian pre leg disaster.
  14. WR Manuel Allen [Louisville Commit]

    The coaches are fans of seafood imo