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  1. LB Nick Henrich

    Thank you for your service and god bless.
  2. Who's Next?

    Mostly random
  3. Who's Next?

    Think the only thing keeping Iowa in the mix is the family connection at this point tbh. They’ve been actively recruiting him for two years now and still can’t hold us off. Coukd be way off. But this is how it seems to be playing out imo.
  4. Who's Next?

  5. LB Nick Henrich

    Minnesota is still very much in it fwiw
  6. LB Nick Henrich

    Schaefer said on the radio it’s basically down to Iowa, Nebraska, Minnesota and Wisconsin.
  7. Chinander on His Defense

    No mention of strain. I like him.
  8. Friday Night Lights 2018

    Believe he’s a long snapper walk on offer.
  9. LB Owen Pappoe [Auburn Commit]

    Not even close to the same situation.
  10. LB Owen Pappoe [Auburn Commit]

    Not a chance this happens. Move on folks.