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  1. DE Ty Robinson

    Has some sort of family connection to the program and that’s how we got him on campus so early.
  2. Saw this on RSS and thought it was an interesting topic to discuss here. Which position(s) group do believe will make the biggest jump next year under the new staff? I think that the OL group and the defensive backfield will make huge jumps. Mainly due to better perceived coaching and more competition.
  3. LB Khris Bogle

    Huskies love corn, not many people know that.
  4. LB Khris Bogle

    Go Huskies Go Red Big
  5. ***2019 Recruiting***

    If we don’t get Chester Graves I’ll be pretty pissed.
  6. Who are your “Super Six” for the 2018 class? Reasons for inclusion could be: - Best career - Biggest early impact - Excitement level for the prospect Mine are: 1. Caleb Tannor - he’ll have a chance to play early. 2. Adrian Martinez - we go from maybe not taking a QB to having one of the best in the country signed. 3. Tate Wildeman - will hold down an end spot for a couple of years and will be consistent and reliable the entire time. 4. Mo Washington - homerun threat we’ve been lacking. Really quick feet and fluid runner. 5. Will Honas - if Barrett Ruud hand picks you to be his ILB you’re a special player. 6. Cam Jones - will be a true leader on and off the field. Rangy safety with a nose for the football. Needs to improve coverage skills but loves to hit.
  7. Jesus Christ finally get a chance to read the thread. Too many visitors!