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  1. LB Caleb Tannor [Nebraska - Signed LOI]

    Oh, I didnt know they switched him. HS tape seems more like a 34 OLB to me, but who knows.
  2. LB Caleb Tannor [Nebraska - Signed LOI]

    I feel like everyone is sleeping on Willie Hampton.
  3. RB Maurice Washington [Nebraska-Signed LOI]

    He wore #21 on his visit. Clearly an allusion to coming in as a RB and leaving as a world class DB.
  4. S Jalen Catalon

    Looks like the same city as Cam'ron but I cant tell if thats the same HS. Would have been a crazy secondary with those 2.
  5. WR Joshua Moore [Texas - Signed LOI]

    f'ing texas barely makes a bowl and looks like absolute garbage on offense in a conference with very little defense and they out together a top 5 class. Is it too much to ask for another coach to go down in flames there.
  6. RB Ta'zhawn Henry [Texas Tech - Signed LOI]

    Gonna be rooting for him to do well there. I like that Frost and co are taking the shot at Washington because he looks like a potential star, but i think this kid will do well especially in that offense. Also doesnt hurt that the Big12 has some awful defenses.
  7. Moos and Black Friday

    I'm getting way ahead of things here, but if we somehow turn it around and get back to competing for the big bowls I could see this coming back to bite us a few times. Playing a team that usually isn't ranked, but has proven that they can play above their weight. Combine that with being the last game of the year where they got nothing to lose and beating us would make their season. Obviously at this point I think everyone would just be happy to be in that scenario though. I will also add that I think games like this are what make college football so great so I'm all for it.
  8. Predict 2018 Recruiting Ranking

    Yep you're correct, somehow I looked at 2016 and missed 2017. Still like you said its pretty crazy that this should be Frost's worst class. I will also add that while this does happen, Elijah Blades dropping from that class would drop it down to 215 points and 27th. If you look at Riley's transitional class it sits 4 or so points below what we currently are at and well below where we are looking to finish. This could be revisionist history, but it also seemed like he had a much stronger class to start with since Bo didn't have a terrible season that year. Pretty much all of the big names Riley had this year had one foot out the door by the time Frost was hired. Feeling pretty good about this right now
  9. Lindsey and Owen Hospitalized

    So I have some genuine question here: What can/should a training staff be doing to watch out for this? If it can be caused by acute over-training wouldn't that be really hard to detect? How do you tell someone is over-lifting in a single session in which you are training to exhaustion either way?
  10. LB Javontae Jean-Baptiste [Ohio State - Signed LOI]

    So someone tagged JJB in the Watt and Cam Taylor periscope and they told JJB to not say anything and text them. Could be reading too much into that, but maybe they know he is close to committing.
  11. Predict 2018 Recruiting Ranking

    So if we add, Palmer, JBB, Washington, Jones, and Bell, that puts us at ~231 points on 247 and ranked 17th currently, but probably closer to 20th after the other classes sort out. Our class last year(Riley's best?) was 216 points and ranked 26th, and that included 2 4 stars that never even put on pads. That just seems insanely good for a transitional class that he took over with like 7 recruits and coached a NY6 bowl at the same time.
  12. OT Hamilton Hall [Mississippi - Signed LOI]

    Looks like Frost got another pair of Yeezy's. I guess they really hooked him up.
  13. Assistants Announced

    Man this would be huge for us to get some production out of this unit again. We have the players for it. It was so nice when teams had to gameplan around DPE. Most college punters cant handle directional kicks well enough to not give up a ton of yards.
  14. Suh tangent from the Michael Thompson recruiting thread

    Vikings for sure win the division this year even if Rodgers was healthy. They are just a much better team right now.