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  1. Best Win of the Callahan Era

    Voted A&M because I was there and the end was amazing. Although in reality we played terrible most of that game and I realized how far we had sank at that point as a team. I guess I went to Michigan and that one was pretty awesome too(i wish we played some games in Texas still). With all the injuries we had that year, finishing the season off strong gave me hope we were on our way back.
  2. B1G Returning to Eight Conference Games per Year?

    I have to disagree with him saying SOS wasnt a problem for the B1G last year. Unless he is taking a specific swipe at the CFP committee, Wiscy had the same or better record as every other team in the playoffs.
  3. JUCO LB Lakia Henry [Tennessee Commit]

    Seems like a lot of parallels to Honas going on here. If Will starts and shows out this year that gives the coaching staff a perfect example to show this guy.
  4. What is your favorite Husker Video

    My favorite player and one of the greatest songs of all time.
  5. Huskers to Hire Director of Player Personnel from Tennessee

    I wonder if people on the 'Bama boards are questioning this hire.
  6. Harrison Beck

    Tbf elite 11 is kind of a joke and Dilfer seems like a doofus.
  7. Huskers looking to add grad transfer at QB?

    They had an offensive coordinator that could do just that, and they fired him after one year. The administration there is a total joke right now. So happy it seems like we finally fixed that problem here.
  8. "Nebraska has a solid collection of tight ends because they were also an important part of Riley’s offense"
  9. New Shoes?

    Yeah i like these ones too. The cloth type material they are puting on a lot of shoes now just looks great and im down with the gold/money motif. What you suggested would be so damn cool. I dont even play anything anymore and i would buy a pair of those.
  10. Husker Undrafted Free Agents

    Based on watching him play. When he was playing well I can see an NFL lineman. Do you expect me to get some all 22 and break down tape for you or are you fine with watching a single game against and calling him done? Not everyone is gonna be 100% driven to play for a bad coaching staff during a 4-8 season for free, and he was certainly not the only one phoning it in last year. Yes he will have to work hard in the NFL, but people are motivated in different ways. I also think NFL combine number for Lineman are pretty silly. I dont care how fast a lineman can run 40 yards, and I barely care how much they can push upwards while laying on their back.
  11. Husker Undrafted Free Agents

    No I very much get the point you are trying to make. It's always telling when someone calls out excuses without disputing them. No one is arguing about his work ethic, but if anyone in this group has a chance to make an NFL roster it is him.
  12. QB John Rhys Plumlee

    Wow his tape looks like he would be a stud in this offense. I would be pretty happy with this kid or Gipson.
  13. Husker Undrafted Free Agents

    You mean in that single game where he still was not fully healthy with piss poor coaching he got beat by a player that had 13 sacks on the season and then got drafted and started on the team that won the NFL championship. Crazy!
  14. ATH Garrett Snodgrass [Nebraska Commit]

    Assuming that "agility" test was a 20 yd shuttle thats an amazing time for his size.