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  1. ** 2018 Opponent Previews: Purdue (Game 5) **

    That might be a bad sign for him considering the Titans history of coaching hires.
  2. CB Lorando Johnson

    Looks like he changed his mind and no longer has a top 4.
  3. Farmer to Center

    Haha no worries. I can see how that was confusing.
  4. Farmer to Center

    It'd be nice to see Wilson start to get some meaningful reps this season too. Very curious to see the frequency this staff subs out oline.
  5. S Josh Sanguinetti

    He looks fast enough to play safety on tape; he was outrunning players as a WR. His balls skills look really good too. Big guy who can track, high point, and is agressive after the ball. Looks like he would be a great pick up to me.
  6. POB...still in the QB room?

    Oh yeah didnt even think about that. CSU is gonna have a bit of a rep for QBs possibly after Grayson and if KJ and POB do well.
  7. POB...still in the QB room?

    Didnt they just get a grad transfer QB??
  8. Avery Moss Drafted by Giants in the 5th Round

    I feel like hacked gets thrown around loosely for these types of things a lot. Was something actually hacked or did some upset former friend or family member just know his password. This one seemed a little more intense than the normal "social media got hacked" stories.
  9. 247: Most Indispensable Huskers

    I thought last year he would come in as a DT, but I'm not sure what the new staff has him as.
  10. 247: Most Indispensable Huskers

    Is Deontre not considered behind him?
  11. JUCO OG Desmond Bland [Nebraska Commit]

    Watching Wisconsin play I have to disagree with this. I think any team that has a oline that performs very well pushes the limits on holding.
  12. Willie Hampton

    Ah ok. Yeah I remember people saying he would make a better LB. Just making sure I didnt miss anything. I do really like they way Frost uses the TE in this offense so I wouldn't mind still seeing him there even if its maybe not his best position.
  13. best QB to ever run the option at NU

    I dont think he belongs on this list overall, but Armstrong had a really strong pitch game, that was probably underutilized by both staffs. Maybe it just seemed better because of how lacking we were in that are for a long time, but I felt really confident in him making a play once out in space running the option. His fake pitch specifically was one of the best I think. Now his read option decision making was another story.
  14. Willie Hampton

    Havent heard much on this. Last i remember he seemed to be leaning towards wanting to play TE.
  15. Best Win of the Callahan Era

    Voted A&M because I was there and the end was amazing. Although in reality we played terrible most of that game and I realized how far we had sank at that point as a team. I guess I went to Michigan and that one was pretty awesome too(i wish we played some games in Texas still). With all the injuries we had that year, finishing the season off strong gave me hope we were on our way back.