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  1. JD Spielman named Freshman All-American

    In 11 freakin' games!! Would have easily had 1k if we made a bowl.
  2. S Dallas Craddieth

    I guess we are gonna be pretty thin in the secondary. Bring in whoever you can get and don't worry about the position. One of them could at least play the Nickel.
  3. JD Spielman named Freshman All-American

    I mean I kinda get why they would say that, but we had several players that I thought showed a hell of a lot of potential this year. Stille and Deontre Thomas at the very least looked like studs already and were both freshman.
  4. Husker Defense Under Frost

    The way Shaquem plays reminds me a lot of the tape from Willie Hampton. Looking forward to seeing him develop in this system.
  5. Who's Next?

  6. WR Justin McGriff [Nebraska Commit]

    I dont want to knock any of or WR, but this is a big thing we have been missing here for a while. I am excited!!
  7. QB Adrian Martinez [Tennessee Commit]

    Someone show this kid Darnold's draft stock before and after this season in that offense.
  8. WR Justin McGriff [Nebraska Commit]

    Time for us to start winning more of those 50/50 balls.
  9. S Dallas Craddieth

    So if Cam commits do we take a 3rd safety in this class?
  10. ***2018 Recruiting***

    Wait that guy graduated from college??
  11. Assistants Announced

    This to me is one reason i dont feel too bad about taking Frost. There were probably 10x or more Nebraska fans than UCF fans that wanted to hire Frost here for the past 3 years. He has done well now so yall feel bad about him leaving but he was our guy and we have been rooting for him for 20+ years. If he sucked yall would have rode him outta town without a second thought.
  12. Coaching Carousel

    It may take a little while bit I bet in a few year we will look back and see that Miss St got an upgrade. Moorhead is a really smart guy and and innovator. Just look at the PSU offense before he took it over to what it was the past 2 seasons in a defense heavy league.
  13. Assistants Announced

    I feel like if Riley had come in here and took us to an undefeated season in 2 years and then left for like the NFL and took his whole staff I would have been pretty damn stoked. The new staff at any school usually doesn't keep more than 1 or 2 coaches anyway. I mean Frost didn't retain any of them from our previous staff correct? And as far as I can tell there is only one recruit we are seriously going after that is committed to UCF. When Dan Mullen got the UF gig he offered most of the top recruits from Miss St.
  14. RB Jeremy Banks

    I was thinking he looks like a bigger Tre Bryant. He definitely looks like a solid back. I agree with the people that think he should be a 4 star.
  15. WR Joshua Moore

    I'm putting onmy heavy jacket when it hits like 60 outside, but that goes both ways pretty easily though. I doubt most people up there could handle the heat and humidity of summers down here. Not too long ago we hit something like 90 days over 100 degrees in a single year here.