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  1. PasstheDamnBallGuy

    there's no reason to lose to purdue...

    And lost to them allowing 55 points in a year they won 2 games. They only beat us and a fcs school that year.
  2. PasstheDamnBallGuy

    What Did We Learn? Michigan

    I learned that buying in is not just saying you want to win. Its keeping focus and concentration when s#!t goes awry. Its working though and not giving up when things look bleak. If buying in was easy it wouldnt be an issue. I see some good things but a lot of areas to improve on. I knew when last season started that getting an new coach was gonna mean a while before we got good, but Frost got me too hyped that i forgot and drank too much koolaid. I still have faith in the long term we will get back on track.
  3. PasstheDamnBallGuy

    *** Official Michigan Game Thread ***

    Jackson being agressive at the line 2 plays in a row. Nice to see
  4. PasstheDamnBallGuy

    Kirk Herbstreit Says Something Nice re: Nebraska and Their 0-2 Start

    Hmmm good point. Age is usually kinder to pampered celebrities over athletes. The weight gain after playing is hard to stop and all the time in the sun probably isnt great.
  5. PasstheDamnBallGuy

    Kirk Herbstreit Says Something Nice re: Nebraska and Their 0-2 Start

    Idk about this. I don't mind Herbsteit, I think he is a good announcer most of the time and I dont think he has a bias against us. He is like normal person off the street good looking but not some Adonis. He just looks like average white guy with added makeup and bleached teeth.
  6. To me it looks like 5 is the read for the handoff, so he makes the correct read although maybe it would have gone for a big gain anyway. The safety that is in on the tackle looks like he is the pitch read, but at that point Martinez gave up on the pitch and Spielman was not keeping up anyway. Also that LB that does most of the tackling just flew to the ball. Great play by him. In the future I would think Martinez would want to use Morgan as a screen and pitch it out to Spielman giving him a chance to dance down the sideline and be gone.
  7. I feel like very small bits of execution on plays like this will refine as the year goes on and these will be big gains/TDs.
  8. PasstheDamnBallGuy

    Big Ten Down

    Ok so we proved Wisconsin coach is basically Mike Riley. They should fire him.
  9. PasstheDamnBallGuy

    Nebraska is not a “team” yet

    You mean that PI that was complete nonsense? They showed every angle of that play and none of it showed him grabbing or interfering with the WR. Edit: mav beat me to it.
  10. PasstheDamnBallGuy

    Nebraska is not a “team” yet

    He has 10 rec for over 130 yds and td total in 2 games. He was also running open a few times today including on the end of game int.
  11. PasstheDamnBallGuy

    Nebraska is not a “team” yet

    Morgan and Spielman both look good but of course we knew that already. I also think Aaron Williams looked good.
  12. PasstheDamnBallGuy

    Nebraska is not a “team” yet

    Did you not see Washinton running?
  13. PasstheDamnBallGuy

    What did we learn? -Game 2- Troy

    I learned that one twist of the knee can cause 2 losses.
  14. PasstheDamnBallGuy

    What did we learn? - Game 1 - Colorado

    Exactly this, although Milton started from like the 3rd game on and was recruited just before that season so its really almost the same thing he did here. IIRC there was some reason Milton got behind in camp(injury?) otherwise he might have started game 1 like Martinez.
  15. PasstheDamnBallGuy

    What did we learn? - Game 1 - Colorado

    Frost also inherited QBs that didnt fit his system. The difference is that Frost went out and got a player that started day 1 and looked amazing in his system. Riley had every opportunity to do the same, and in 3 years never once did what Frost did in his first game. I think TA was an amazing player but as a coach its your job to design an offense that works for him or get someone that can run your offense now.