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  1. Can anyone help me resize an image without losing quality? I would like to get it up to a movie poster size and it's relatively small. I don't have access to photoshop or anything. 

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      My pleasure.

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      So the plan is I'm going to be proposing while we stay in that room. We did a giant scavenger hunt that got us free hotel rooms with McMenamins. So I want to frame the art from the room for her xmas gift. 

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  2. At least the Indians arguably have it worse than we do. 

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      Is this a political post?  Ha

  3. CB Brendan Radley-Hiles [Nebraska Commit]

    I have to imagine there's a ton going on behind the scenes. I think there's an interaction here between Scott Frost and HCMR. The better UCF is this year, the more our hand gets forced. That said, Frost has made it clear in the past he's going to be careful about what jobs he takes. He liked UCF because he could run what he wanted to run based on local/regional recruits. I have to imagine there are background conversations going on to figure out if Frost would consider Nebraska. If he is willing to consider Nebraska and he's going to transition to a p5 this year I gotta imagine HCMR is gone. If Frost isn't willing to take the Nebraska job or he wants to stay at UCF (these are different things in my mind), I think HCMR stays unless there's another guy we absolutely want on the market. Otherwise, I think you're right that Riley gets another year. I think he's retained and we hope that this recruiting class goes up to its potential. Next year is going to be a rough year for us, so it would be easy to justify getting rid of HCMR with two bad seasons in a row plus the new AD can say they had a full year to evaluate HCMR. Bring in a new coach they get the relatively easy 2019 schedule. At that point we might be willing to navigate down our list of candidates just to make the transition. This year though, I have to imagine we're heavily focused on only Candidate 1A and not willing to go down the list. Personally, I think it's a strategy that makes sense. You don't want to throw a new coach to the wolves next year.
  4. This kind of stood out to me yesterday, but in small ways. On the pick six, ball hits Ziggy in the face,flies away. I don't have a huge problem, it sucks and it happens. However, instead of finishing the play, as the Wisconsin player was running off to score, he was taking to the ref. I don't know if he could have stopped the score, but I miss having players that almost all go until the play is over or even a little past when it's over. That motor that jp has and that he seems to be teaching to a few linemen. That's what I want to see again. Our dline got beat at the end of the game. I don't mind that. Wisconsin is good this year. But the don't stop won't stop attitude needs to come back.
  5. ***2018 Recruiting***

    Plus over signing which it is clear we need to start doing IMO.Could hit 21, might be a good class to do this in. If HCMR is going to save his job he needs to have a decent end of the season and recruit very well I imagine.
  6. Because I'm the one that's cleaning them up, no more food posts in the football forum. I'm going to start issuing warning. It's annoying, just stay on topic. 

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      I feel like the random gifbombings are some of my best work on this board. I would be sad if that went away.


      Usually those only happen in threads that are destined for a lock anyway, though.

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      +1 for zoo

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      El Diaco

      Okay okay, I'll volunteer to be the one who defines what's bad and what isn't :D


      Actually, I do understand that there was some legitimate discussion going on in that thread. But as happens from time to time and much more recently, there are a few posters who want to beat the same dead horse in every thread. Hopefully when "those" guys start yet another thread for that purpose we can Enola Gay the sh#t out of it.:thumbs

  7. Why I dislike Mike Riley

    Some of us have jobs. I cleaned up the thread though. All future cheese stuff should be taken to the official cheese fries thread.
  8. Everyone's getting along! We should all do this more often! Re: the search. I like this. I think the biggest thing I want is someone with connections. I want someone who's navigated a few major hires.
  9. Wow, horrible last play by NW. 

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      Sad lack of awareness by the QB.

    2. ladyhawke


      Rookie mistake?  We were wondering the same thing!

  10. What did we learn-Game 5 Illinois

    Good answer!
  11. Was just thinking that. He has a chance. This could be his third 100 yard game.
  12. That would baffle me. I think there's any way it plays out like that if he wins in a somewhat normal fashion.
  13. Chris Jones out 4-6 months

    I'm so nervous about the guys on this team re-aggravating injuries. Don't love the idea Morgan's going to give it a go....That said having Jones against WI and tOSU may keep the games in the realm of respectable.