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  1. unl22

    Broken Chair Remade

    If only it was that simple. More butts = more money. Really more butts means more expenses. So how can the more butts work for you. More like more eyes watching ads for things that generate more money. These figures are on http://sports.usatoday.com/ncaa/finances/ which are based on the15-16 fiscal year. The newest numbers are not out yet. I will say first I do agree I would love it if more creativity could be displayed on the video boards. I also am a purist of the event and would love the corporate aspect to be less. However, that simply isn't the case anymore. The above columns are revenue, expenses, total allocated and what percent is from the allocation. Oregon and NU basically have the same revenue generation. It will be interesting to see how this evolves with the now full share of B1G TV money and the new Adidas contract. So on a basic high level the "new kid" is on equal standing. NU receives 35% of revenue from ticket sales, 20% from the B1G and NCAA, and 17% from gift funds used "donations". The next two are most important, 15% from sponsorship & rights and 13% business enterprises. Without the corporate money they are roughly 31 million in the red last year. On a expense side last year 39% went to payroll (including coaches salaries) 34% to the student- athlete experience, 14% to fan experience, and the remainder on general operating expenses, administration and taxes. Also they donate back to the university roughly 20 million annually. These are pulled from here http://www.huskers.com/pdf9/4941808.pdf?DB_OEM_ID=100 the latest annual report from NU. NU doesn't receive the roughly 2 million that Oregon does from state funding allocation and still operates in the black. I think this should be a sense of pride. You can also argue that the fans tickets and donations are the real reason they make money. So if we won't real change don't go to the games, don't donate, don't buy the gear and don't by their sponsors products. Sorry for the rant everyone and going way off topic. I am more of just a lurker but really wanted to jump in here. This is a business and something run to make money to fund the athletic department and the student athletes they support. It is fair to ask for more things such as space for more stat info, better concessions, etc. Because the fans ultimately buy what you are selling. It's just a cycle and balancing act. I think NU does do a great job for a small market, small state population, public university. It has a brand that reaches people all across the country. So back to the topic at hand, the broken chair is back and that is good for college
  2. unl22

    Broken Chair Remade

    It's the ad revenue and sponsorship that truly generate the money that make it such a profitable athletic department. Now I am not saying that the donations and money spent by fans on tickets, merch, etc. is not a significant part of it as well. But, because of the high interest in Husker athletics the dept and it's facilitates have the opportunity to ask a premium from sponsors and ads. Which of course greatly helps the bottom line.
  3. unl22

    Stadium Expansion

    That sideline student section is for sure lowered for the standing students. I would love to have 15,000 crazy students slammed right up to the side of the court. But, that's just not relaistic when it comes to an off campus, new, revenue generating arena. Also just of note, Iowa, Ohio State, Creighton, just to name a few. All have student sections that are in rows of seats. Just as an FYI.
  4. Too bad that is not UCLA's mascot. That is Oski, Cal's mascot. Still funny just wrong bear.
  5. unl22

    Greensboro/High Point

    Hey everyone. I just moved down to NC from Omaha. I have heard there are watch sites in Raleigh and Charlotte. But, is there anywhere in or around the triad where people get together?