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  1. ***2019 Recruiting***

    Dismuke is on the cusp of starting. I imagine he will stay.
  2. WR Jamie Nance [Nebraska Commit]

    He will naturally grow into 180. Two months of proper nutrition and lifting, you're talking 15 lbs easy.
  3. Those two have a ton of production. More than double of most of tOSU's returning starters. tOSU shouldn't even be in the top ten.
  4. Not even close? You could easily make the argument that it's very close.
  5. Nebraska should be in tOSU's spot.
  6. WR Demariyon Houston [Texas Commit]

    This is what happens when you recruit a state heavily and well.
  7. RB Darwin Barlow

    You are a genius.
  8. He's actually the spotter.
  9. WR Jamie Nance [Nebraska Commit]

    I think that Heinrich will be the main domino of this class. If that were to happen, the odds of landing Hickman goes up, thus potentially taking up two spots. From there, the pressure will be on.
  10. WR Jamie Nance [Nebraska Commit]

    I think thats what happened here. You know what else is interesting? I think the way our commit list sits now, some guys are going to have to start making decisions soon. Not saying that we go full press by any means, but the prospects who are really high on us, regardless of position, are going to feel that pressure to commit. Not saying that's exactly what will happen, but a commit or two from now, and space starts to dwindle a bit.
  11. WR Jamie Nance [Nebraska Commit]

    Something tells me that another WR commit may be coming soon. Jamie had to have been told that he cannot wait.
  12. Chinander on Sharp & Benning

    I think back to Freedom's RS FR year, and how disruptive he was as a pass rusher. He looked to have the ability of being an 8 sacks a year type DE. Then I see how poorly mismanaged he was physically and schematically. I imagine every one of our D-lineman regressed as well, but in different ways. Deontre Thomas is an obvious DE and they put him at Nose. I remember watching Carlos playing like a mad man his RS FR year and then that disappeared. There is plenty of talent on that D-line. Stille is going to be a monster.