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  1. JUCO DE Chester Graves

    Wisconsin does it with Van Ginkel and it works like a charm.
  2. RB Rahmir Johnson

    Here is my issue with Wilbon. Aside from his body, he runs tentative. He doesn't just go. He stops his feet when contact comes. It is like he has stage fright and underperforms during games. If you watch his H.S. tape, you wonder where all that ability went. He looked phenomenal.
  3. JUCO DE Chester Graves

    I think Chinander would just send 4 on every play with him on D. Essentially giving a 4-3 look out of the 3-4.
  4. RB Rahmir Johnson

    If I'm being brutally honest, I think Maurice puts multiple guys in that room on the bench. He is the talent that cannot sit. If you allow me to be more brutally honest, once it clicks for him, I don't think you will see much of Mikale, Jaylin, or Ozigbo (and I like Divine a lot). Bell needs to be the guy going in. Maurice will get his touches and so will Jones. Mix in JD and Tyjon, and you start to see how guys will get left out. I like Thomas Grayson. He appears light on his feet, and is a great fit for our offense. If I compare him to Johnson, I would say they are very similar but give Johnson the nod in speed. They both appear to be great outside runners and I give Grayson the edge on the inside (tape shows more). Grayson seems to be a little better in traffic. If I compare him to Bivens, the speed looks about equal. Bivens has better agility and hip flexion. Grayson is no slouch though. He is a great fit. I'm looking forward to his senior year, and I expect the local schools to sniff around. I know I will get some backlash for this but I am disappointed with Mikale and Jaylin. Both look too big, especially Mikale. I don't think Jaylin has anything special to his game, at least for now. I know once summer workouts happen, they will become better conditioned and drop some of the fat. Still, serious talent is filling up that room, and I don't see how those guys can fend them off.
  5. RB Rahmir Johnson

    You're right about Jones. I have him slotted as a contributor right away. He is going to push Tyjon and JD this summer. No doubt about it.
  6. RB Rahmir Johnson

    I mentioned before that I liked this kid. To expound on that a little more; I will say that he is right now a much better outside runner than he is inside. He does fit our offense very well. He has track speed and that is a premium as we all know. His acceleration is elite. My only issue with him is his inside running and hip flexion. His back slumps when he gets in his stance. Thats a clear indicator that he's stiff in his hips. He doesn't make guys miss very often and he loses speed when he has to make a move. Don't get me wrong, he is perfect for an offense that allows guys to crease the Defense. I have been outspoken about Bivens because I think he's all around a better player. He has great hips, very good speed, and great balance. Bivens is one of the best RB's I have seen in a while. Whether he runs inside or outside, it doesn't matter. His rating is incredibly inaccurate if you ask me. I would put him against any HS RB in the country, and I doubt I would find many that are better than him. Lastly, if he were on our roster today, I believe he would jump a few guys. Thats how high I am on him.
  7. Tyjon Lindsey

    Its in his mouth in the second photo
  8. DE Mosai Newsom

    I didn't say they couldn't develop him. I know they can. His body is underdeveloped, and because the position is filled mostly with Jr's and Srs, I think Nebraska should be looking to sign guys who look and can play like D1 players now. I know Nebraska gets labeled as a "developmental program" but I think that is overblown. Nebraska can get high caliber D-lineman yearly.
  9. DE Mosai Newsom

    He needs to get in the weight room and transform his body now. I don't think Nebraska can afford to bring in developmental guys at that position.
  10. RB John Bivens

    He is the best I have seen at the RB position this cycle. Gosh, I really hope those two issues will be resolved. I wonder what the severity of his injury is. If his grades are an issue, it makes sense then as to why Nebraska doesn't talk to him daily.
  11. WR T.J. Jones

    This is what happens when you have limits on 4 star ratings.
  12. JUCO DE Chester Graves

    A Randy Gregory clone.
  13. RB John Bivens

    I can watch his film all day. I want him in our class.
  14. JUCO LB Lakia Henry

    And also a guy you expect to start right away. It would be pretty sweet to take the #1 Juco MLB (both from Kansas JC's) back to back years.
  15. JUCO LB Lakia Henry