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  1. Fire Cavanaugh

    This line gets killed when it trots out 5 guards to start.
  2. New Huskers Future Imagined

  3. CB Brendan Radley-Hiles [Nebraska Commit]

    A few weeks ago, I almost typed this exact same thing. He is basically walking Nebraska into a break up rather than abruptly ending it.
  4. CB Brendan Radley-Hiles [Nebraska Commit]

    I have been saying this for a while now, I will be surprised if he comes here. His sudden change was too obvious that he doesnt feel anywhere near the same about Nebraska as he did. I feel the only reason why he hasn't been public about it is because he will look like a hypocrite. He hyped it up too much and talked commitment too much to be acting like this. It is all on him.
  5. Trust me, I get it. The thing is, there is something going on there that supersedes players and coaches. The program has become soft and lacks aggression. It is one thing to give it your all and still lose, its another to forget how to play and take it on the chin on national television two times a year. I feel like even if you brought in Saban, our players would still be scared to play.
  6. Nebraska needs to settle in with a staff and set of players and get this monkey off their back. It is pretty clear to me that these issues stem beyond a regime or players. I do not know what it is, but at some point, enough is enough. Let these guys figure it out. Is that a risk? I don't think so anymore. We are who we are as a program and I do not see it dropping beyond nine wins every year (aside from MRs first year). So take the time to get it right, instead of firing guys just to find lightening in a bottle.
  7. I am all for it. Nebraska does not have a coaching problem or even a personnel problem, even though it could be better and will be.
  8. OT Sione Angilau Jr.

    It is possible he is being negative recruited. Opposing coaches might be telling him that hes on the chopping block.
  9. This might be petty, but I am calling out a bunch of "UF fan" twitter profiles who are tweeting at Bookie. They all have one thing in common. 2-7 followers, suspect pictures, and only following recruits..

    1. Vince R.

      Vince R.

      Three things in common, sorry had a long day.

    2. Mike Mcdee

      Mike Mcdee

      You are doing work.  Thank you!

  10. WR Tommy Bush

    Oh okay, GBR
  11. WR Tommy Bush

    Geez... do you understand the JUCO game? Not everyone stays past a semester or year. Some kids leave for another. Some kids out play future pros but don't make it, some kids make it, every kid from poly, Serra, servite, mater dei, etc has camped or played on our field. We have hosted elite juco players who worked out for us but ended up going to mt sac or Fullerton or blinn, etc...
  12. WR Tommy Bush

    Sorry about it.
  13. WR Tommy Bush

    Hmm interesting. If those sparq scores are legitimate from Nike then I'm impressed. I will say though that my eyes tell me otherwise and maybe he doesn't run well with pads on. He is slight so maybe that's the case. I have seen hundreds of tape that look like this. He is not bad at all. He appears to have really good hands. But again, these numbers are telling me he is quicker and faster than tyjon and he is not even close. I'm sorry but I just don't believe it.
  14. WR Tommy Bush

    I understand the numbers but I would caution them. Most numbers are exaggerated and guys do not run like that with pads on. His tape shows that. If you're asking me, he runs a 4.8 which is okay because most guys run that. I wish I would have re worded some of my opinions on him because I don't think he is a bad player. Nebraska needs more quick twitch guys on O with great hip movement. I would like to see them go that route because as nice as 6ft 5 inches is, height is very overrated at that position. So when I see his tape, I do not see anything special. I am also aware that he was not hyped about Nebraska until now... since UT is essentially telling him yes but no. Nebraska needs guys to come in here and play right away and who can seperate from OSU, WISC Dbs. Yes I could be very wrong and for that matter I hope so but I have seen this tape before. Again, I could be wrong.
  15. WR Tommy Bush

    Oh yeah? Look I am not a coach but I worked for the football staff at Cerritos College for a few years. I brought kids on their visits and worked their camps. I witnessed NFL and D1 players on a yearly basis and have seen tons of tape. I have some experience beyond just HUDL grazing. I also know the recruiting game like the back of my hand. I can find out information about CA recruits because I have the connections. I am very adamant on this board about those things. I am not trying to toot my horn but there are somethings that I know that I couldnt expect the casual fan to know and it is kept that way. Don't grill because of this, I just had to say it.