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  1. Most Wins

    And now you are one of us and you are in a stronger conference. It would have been interesting to see how many NC some teams would have had if all the conferences weren't hiding behind the bowl system and we had a playoff like the other divisions a long time ago. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2010_Ohio_State_Buckeyes_football_team Nope, you can't play guys that you know are not eligible to play. PSU can have their wins back, it won't change the fact of what happened there.
  2. Most Wins

    I am guessing this doesn't take into account wins that were vacated. OSU would have a few more if some of the players didn't like free tattoos so much and their coach didn't lie about it. I am sure some other schools would have a few more wins as well. I am assuming that Nebraska has never vacated any wins. If they haven't, that is cool to think about. There are a lot of other schools on that list that have.
  3. Most Wins

    Don't show this to a Michigan fan. He will tell you how important those wins were from 1890 to 1910.
  4. 2018 Betting Props Are Out

    7+ wins next year.
  5. Hope frost does it

    Nice first post Having Nebraska be a top tier team would be nice but the Big 10 is more than Nebraska and Ohio State. Wisconsin's problem was the lack of balance when scheduling cross over games with the east (Penn State, Michigan, and Ohio State) and not having a good out of conference schedule. Usually that isn't a problem for most of the top Big 10 teams. Also, I see the Big 10's image only improving and becoming more stable. All around they have some of the best coaches in the country and Frost has only added to that.
  6. 2017 B1G CCG - Wisconsin vs. Ohio State

    Excel, Keep your head up. Don't let the everyone beat you up too bad by what they are saying. I think Wisconsin is a lot better team than what they are getting credit for. If we don't see you next year in the CCG, we will see you in Columbus in 2019. I have much respect for your program and your coach.
  7. Some of you guys would be better served rooting for a mid major that can hire a guy like MR and be fine with a .500 record.
  8. Playoffs - What Can We Do?

    The problem is the conferences are not setup to play everyone so it isn't a balanced schedule. What would have been more impressive this year, a one loss Nebraska that loses to Wisconsin by a last second field goal but beat everyone on their schedule or an undefeated Wisconsin? Nebraska played a much harder schedule than Wisconsin.
  9. Playoffs - What Can We Do?

    With conference championships 4 is fine. Just make sure the schedule makeup for each team is the same. 9 conference games and no FCS teams. I also say get rid of the neutral site games during the regular season. I can't wait until people complain about OSU's 2019 schedule. Their out of conference schedule isn't good but they do play Penn State and Michigan back to back. They also get Nebraska, which should be improved under Frost, and Wisconsin.
  10. Playoffs - What Can We Do?

    Joel Klatt's take... I think the Fox and B1G signs his paycheck.
  11. Playoffs - What Can We Do?

    I don't know for sure if Bama was the wrong pick or not. I don't really have a problem with them picking a team like USC, Ohio State, or Alabama this year. I just have a problem with people automatically saying how much better a team is like it is fact. I heard how OSU was so great before they played Florida in the 2006 NC and then got it handed to them. I then heard it before the OSU/Bama 2014 game when everyone was saying that Bama was going to kill OSU. Then people bring up all these statistics like it really is supposed to definitively separate two teams that played two totally different schedules. It is like comparing cars with one running a quarter mile and the other running a slightly shorter distance. Are you really going to compare the stats from the two races and say that one car is definitely better than the other?
  12. College Football Playoff Rankings

    You can't lose to Iowa. I get that. I did find out that OSU can lose to Michigan and not win the Big 10 and still get in the playoffs. Throw in a FCS team at the end of the season as well.
  13. Congrats Nebraska fans on the new hire and I hope this turns your program around. 

  14. College Football Playoff Rankings

    Are you saying all schedules are the same? Let's say Ohio State never played Oklahoma and scheduled Fresno State and had one less conference game and played an FCS team. How come Auburn wasn't questioned when they had two losses? They were in the playoffs no questions asked if they won the sec championship game.
  15. College Football Playoff Rankings

    OSU wouldn't have gotten in last year if they played this year's Alabama's schedule and had the same win loss record. Alabama is definitely in the playoffs if they played OSU's schedule and won their conference. It is just the way it is.