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  1. QB Grant Gunnell

    You may want to add Ohio State to the poll since they offered right before he decommitted. Maybe it is a coincidence, maybe not.
  2. I am at the point that I rather go to basketball games. Football ticket prices are too high for the average fan and the games are too long. Reviews and the amount of TV timeouts kill the flow of the game. MAC games are fun to go to but they play at such odd times that I can't make it to Toledo or Bowling Green for a kickoff on a Tuesday night with work the next day. The conferences sold themselves to the networks years ago and they have killed a little bit of college football.
  3. With Frost as HC, I fully expect Nebraska to give OSU a good game. I don't know how you guys managed watching Husker football over the last few years.
  4. Ohio State is more talented and have guys that have been in the system under the same coaching for multiple years. They have everything going for them. Good thing you only play them once or twice (CCG). Anything can happen in a game and Nebraska could win. I assume with Frost they could win any one of those games.
  5. XFL to Return in 2020

    This is all true. The XFL won't have the facilities and coaching the top college schools have but they will be able to pay the players. It will be interesting to see how it plays out.
  6. Head coach Belichick and defensive coordinator Nick Saban were fired by the Cleveland Browns in 1994. This clearly shows two things, never take a job with the Cleveland Browns because they clearly don't know what they are doing and people can get better with experience. The funny thing is, are we having this conversation about the best college coach of all time if the Miami doctors cleared Drew Brees to join Nick Saban in Miami?
  7. XFL to Return in 2020

    HS and college football has bad QB play at times and people still watch it. Let kids straight out of HS play, basically a minor league system, and see what happens.
  8. A ND lacrosse commit that played safety in HS. Even now they still take chances.
  9. Osborne wouldn't have left Michigan State?
  10. That is not the case or else guys like Sam Hubbard or Darron Lee never go from undersized athletes out of HS to NFL players. They wanted to take these guys out of HS because they knew they had great potential. It looks like JJB is a better fit at Nebraska and OSU has other positions of need.
  11. https://www.elevenwarriors.com/ohio-state-football-recruiting/2018/01/90565/the-hurry-up-kerry-coombs-impact-tennessee-titans-greg-studrawa-larry-johnson-visit-rasheed-walker-chris-olave-announcement Lind's quote from the article:
  12. Doesn't Meyer and Frost both have in home visits this week?
  13. I am talking about were they will need to be at for fall camp to get to 85 scholarships.
  14. So let it be written. So let it be done.
  15. I don't know, the last few years tell a different story.