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  1. DE Micah Parsons

    https://www.landof10.com/ohio-state/3-3-will-ohio-state-find-way-land-tyreke-smith-micah-parsons-jayson-oweh Interesting article from an OSU perspective. It looks like it may come down to Nebraska, OSU, and maybe Penn State.
  2. DE Micah Parsons

    Are you saying those with NFL experience are automatically better college coaches? If so, that is a bold statement coming from a Nebraska fan.
  3. DE Micah Parsons

    If Nebraska wins this one against Larry Johnson and Urban, it would be one the Nebraska coaching staff can really be proud of. Larry Johnson has developed a tremendous resume over the years.
  4. Most Weeks Ranked #1 by AP

    Alright, OSU is #1 at being #1!
  5. College football playoff selection.

    How about they do this like every other division and have a 10 game schedule (yeah right, they would lose too much money in the regular season) and have a real playoff. http://www.ncaa.com/interactive-bracket/football/d3
  6. They could have just joined the B1G. That would have made more sense than the ACC but whatever. I don't have a problem watching OSU beat up on them every 10 years or so.
  7. College football playoff selection.

    Having two losses, with one being by 39 points, really hurts your chances at making the CFB playoffs. Most years the CCG will be the play in game. Ohio State winning at Oklahoma got them in the playoffs. In 2014 the Big 12 thought they were going to get 2 teams in the playoffs and didn't get either one in. If they had a conference championship game, they probably would have gotten one team in.
  8. 2018 Husker Football Schedule

    Sometimes you have those types of years. Ohio State last year had: @ Wisconsin (night game) @ Penn State (night game) @ Michigan State Nebraska (night game) Michigan Both Penn State and Wisconsin had off weeks before they played Ohio State. To make it even better, they decided to play @ Oklahoma as their main OOC game.
  9. 2018 Husker Football Schedule

    Michigan has SMU the week before. Ohio State has an open date the week before. Wisconsin has an open date the week before. Good luck.
  10. Nebraska Becoming Wide Receiver U?

    Is this OSU wr coach secret account on here? I was actually thinking the same thing. My cover is blown.
  11. Nebraska Becoming Wide Receiver U?

    Do you understand the word "becoming" Yes.
  12. I think he would have been your starter this year and maybe even last year.
  13. OWH Does this benefit or hinder JT Barrett this season? Will be very interesting to see their offense under Wilson. I think it will benefit him. Much like when he was under Herman his RS freshman season (2014). Thanks for your input. Are most OSU fans pretty confident with Barrett as your QB? Are there any other real candidates or is Barrett OSU's only true option at QB? I think most fans are confident in Barrett but have bought into the notion that he can't throw the deep ball. Since Beck has been replaced with Wilson, we will see this year if some of his regression over the past season was coaching or not. I think the higher pace will help with his decision making because he does tend to think too much and usually does better when the pace is faster. Of course there are vocal fans that think the backups are better than the starter. However, I would feel very confident if Joe Burrow or Dwayne Haskins had to play for Barrett. I think both would start at many other schools but Barrett is the starter. Yeah a co worker of mine who's a big OSU fan and alum basically said the same thing. That sometimes he'll just miss the easiest of throws or your wide receivers will get open deep but Barrett will overthrow them. He did add the obvious that Barrett does have the athleticism and isn't a sitting duck back there. I forgot all about Joe Burrow. It would be cool to see him get some PT this year. Great post. People will always clamor for the instate kid to play. In this case, with Joe Burrow being the backup QB and from Ohio, whenever JT throws his first INT or if OSU loses a game (GASP!) there will be a vocal bunch wanting Burrow. There should be a fun QB competition between Burrow, Haskins, and Martell next year.
  14. Nebraska Becoming Wide Receiver U?

    I am confused. Yes, Ohio State wanted Tyjon Lindsey and I am guessing they would have taken Cameron Brown but when did Brown "juked back from Ohio State to NU."? It is a great narrative but Brown never committed to OSU nor did he give any indication that he was going to pick OSU. One WR class does not make a trend. Especially when one of the three recruits from the class isn't even on campus anymore. Calling yourself Receiver U is cute but it doesn't mean much if you aren't getting guys drafted.
  15. Memorial Stadium is a great atmosphere and I am sure it will be rocking on 10/14. Nebraska will have a great home field advantage but Ohio State has played in venues like this before so they will be ready. This is a really nice way to say... I don't know. I think it will be within 14 points going into the 4th qtr.