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  1. Keep the Kids at Home

    It isn't a jump at all since you guys are talking about letting mid level talent and D1-AA talent leave the state.
  2. QB Spencer Petras [Oregon State Commit]

    Tebow was a 5 star prospect and the #1 dual threat QB in his class. I wouldn't say he wasn't talented. He just wasn't a NFL QB. You can have a team full of untalented guys that refuse to lose but that doesn't mean they will win anything. Motivated talent plus good coaching will win you a lot of games. I think Nebraska really needs to pick up a QB in this recruiting cycle ( they should be doing it every year). There doesn't seem to be much depth at the position.
  3. Keep the Kids at Home

    Judging by some of the comments in this thread, do some of you guys want to join the MAC?
  4. You beat him up when he was an assistant coach at Colorado State in the early 90s. Maybe he is just returning the favor?
  5. You can make up classes and not get in trouble but don't lie about players trading stuff for tattoos. 

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    2. jaws


      NCAA ruled Braxton Beverly ineligible for the upcoming season at North Carolina State. What did he do? He signed his LOI to play at OSU before Matta was fired and attended a summer class. Yes, he actually went to class. Matta was fired and OSU let him out from under his LOI because of the coaching change. I guess the NCAA doesn't like their students actually attending classes. The kid never played basketball for OSU. 

    3. teachercd


      I bet if that kid got all A's the NCAA would have him shot.

    4. El Diaco

      El Diaco

      Nothing sends up a red flag like student athletes getting textbooks and going to classes.



  6. I mentioned Campbell and Herman the last time you guys were looking for a coach. Nebraska hired Riley instead.
  7. OSU will have around 8 SO/FR starting this week vs Nebraska with 2 SO starting on the Oline. Many more SO/FR will see significant minutes. https://www.elevenwarriors.com/ohio-state-football/2017/10/86423/matthew-burrell-demetrius-knox-listed-as-co-starters-at-right-guard-erick-smith-back-on-ohio-states-depth-chart-at When they won the NC in 2014 they were really young and unproven. JT Barrett that year was a rsFR. If you recruit well, the good ones won't be around for more than 3 years in the system.
  8. I don't see OSU taking Nebraska lightly. They have a bye week after this to prepare for PSU. JT might have a letdown but I think Wilson/Day/Meyer are starting to get on the same page. Hopefully that continues this week. His passing game last week looked much improved. Saying that, I see a heavy dose of Weber and Dobbins in this game. OSU's defensive line is starting to get guys back at the DT position which should help. They have been rotating DE in at DT regularly. Tanner Lee better get the ball out of his hands fast.
  9. If we beat Ohio State

    Serious question. How much better do you think your 3-4 defense is than Maryland's? OSU attacked the edge very hard and was very successful doing so against Maryland. I don't think that OSU will have that kind of success vs Nebraska but I do think they will win the game. I think Dobbins and/or Webber along with Campbell should have big games. OSU lost a starting Olineman to a broken leg for the season last week and will be without a CB for the first half of the game vs Nebraska due to a targeting penalty. The Buckeyes are still a team trying to find itself but they are getting better each week and I don't think they are the same team that lost to Oklahoma week 2. I think they are finally starting to see some WRs emerge in the red zone which is something that hasn't happened in the last couple years. JT Barrett gets a lot of crap from OSU fans but I think 98% of the teams in CFB would love to have them as their QB. He isn't Aaron Rodgers and he never will be but that is OK.
  10. bo's last season

    I just can't believe this was a thing in 2007 for a school like Nebraska. I remember watching all of OSU's games on TV in 1995 (ABC/ESPN/ESPN+) let alone in 2007.
  11. bo's last season

    Wait, in 2007 you guys had games that were not on TV? You also had PPV games and a game on Versus? How on earth did some of you guys not want to join the B1G and have every game on TV?
  12. I think it is still too early to tell if Riley can keep kids on campus. He lost a couple of his highest rated guys from the last class before the season even started. I don't think it would be hard to find someone who can recruit a top 30 class to a place like Nebraska. Pelini and Riley haven't really set the bar very high.
  13. Lol, thanks for bringing back that memory.
  14. Harbaugh to Michigan

    They might not have a x-ray machine at the stadium but they do have a world class hospital 3 blocks away. That is where they take the OSU players if they get hurt, I don't know why they would do anything different for the visiting players.