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  1. They will in 2019. But yes, in general, Ohio State doesn't care if one of their ex players goes to UC. I think Urban has a good relationship with Fickell and there have been a couple players that left OSU and transferred to UC.
  2. Such an easy thing to say in May.
  3. From all accounts Burrow is very well liked at OSU by the coaches and players. He just wants to play and he doesn't see a path at OSU. He graduated and has the opportunity to go somewhere else to go to school and play and I don't think anyone blames him. I am sure that OSU would love to have him in the QB room but it didn't work out that way. I don't see anyone blaming OSU or Burrow in this whole thing other than some fans that wanted him to start. Some people just like to make a story bigger than what it actually is and read into something that just isn't there.
  4. I don't think Burrow is going to go to Nebraska either. I think Nebraska missed out the first time around when they didn't offer him coming out of HS. It sounds like it would have been a done deal at the time. Burrow is a good prospect but he is still an unknown. If he lands in the right situation, I am sure he will do well. I just don't know if he will live up to the hype that is surrounding him at this moment. BTW, why does everyone want to add an 's' to his last name?
  5. Florida is a big name program that needs a QB and Dan Mullen coached under Meyer.
  6. Travel

    After traveling a few places overseas, having phone service through Project Fi has been wonderful for me. My phone just works when I am out of the country (So far - Haiti, Bahamas, Mexico, Jamaica, and Canada) and the data is the same price as it is in the US. Having a credit card that doesn't charge you for foreign processing is also a huge bonus.
  7. Moos @ Omaha Press Club

    I am not sure that either coach really has put much thought into Nebraska at this point in the year, but I was serious when I said I love the enthusiasm. I am going to guess Nebraska will be a lot more competitive vs OSU this year, and I am going to assume there will be a lot more Nebraska fans in the Shoe this year compared to past years.
  8. Moos @ Omaha Press Club

    http://www.omaha.com/huskers/nebraska-a-d-bill-moos-all-smiles-as-he-sets/article_4d58c312-fde3-5680-9ee5-66a06a174c06.html I love the enthusiasm.
  9. Spring Game Attendance Tracker

    Part of the stadium is being worked on which reduced the capacity for the game. Even if OSU had their whole staidum available and the weather was better for the spring game, I imagine Nebraska will have more fans at their spring game this year. That graphic never gets old.
  10. Spring Game Attendance Tracker

    Ok, it was a sellout in the sense they sold all the available tickets but not everyone showed up to the game. Thanks for the feedback and I will try to hit the mark the next time.
  11. Spring Game Attendance Tracker

    It was a Nebraska style sell out. The game time change and threat of bad weather kept people away. https://www.elevenwarriors.com/ohio-state-football/2018/04/92405/tickets-sold-out-for-saturdays-ohio-state-spring-game
  12. OSU's spring game was basically of two hand touch. Haskins won the Michigan game for OSU last year so I think he has showed his worth. I like Burrow and I think he is a good QB but if he doesn't win the starting QB spot it is because the staff thinks Haskins is a better QB now. Urban said he wants to decide on the QB position within the next few weeks. If Burrow isn't named the starter, that will thankfully give him time to find another school and play next year. If the spring game was a great indicator that someone would become a star, Joe Bauserman would have started over Terrelle Pryor. I try not to get too excited about spring game performances.
  13. Is this a Nebraska fan admitting that Iowa football is equal to Nebraksa football?
  14. B10 Scheduling: Crossover Games

    Ok, let's say they are the second best team in the B1G since Nebraska joined. Everyone else in the west is basically behind Ohio State, Wisconsin, Michigan, Michigan State, and Penn State. Iowa has a good year every 5 or so years so Ferentz can get a nice raise. What I am saying has nothing do do with Maryland other than they have to play against these team every year no matter what. Nebraska and other teams in west don't have to play against all these teams every year and they have an easier road to the championship game. As an Ohio State fan, I am fine with the way it is, but it is funny to me when you complain about crossover games.