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  1. WR Jameson Williams

    But he should probably remember both Williams’s last names, since it’s his as well!
  2. LB Nick Henrich

    Manitowoc and Madison are 136 miles apart. But I guess if 3=6, then Manitowoc=Madison.
  3. LB Nick Henrich

    Or have him watch their LBs go pro and he will...
  4. ***2019 Recruiting***

    @Maverick: need to bold Hannah at LB.
  5. S Quinton Newsome

    That’s where I respect him. He didn’t go releasing a frivolous list with 28 teams. He narrowed it to 27 already. He should just eliminate one each week. He’d have his choice right before the early signing period.
  6. JUCO LB Lakia Henry [Tennessee Commit]

    Rant on Not singling you out, but do we have to comment every time there is a typo or they say huskies? Rant off
  7. JUCO LB Jermaine Johnson

    LJS says OLB
  8. LB Nick Henrich

    If 9 of 25 guys are from the metro, that’s 36%. Are you saying the metro accounts for more than that in total student population? I moved away years ago. I honestly don’t know.
  9. JUCO DE Chester Graves

    You saying to play Graves at OLB? Size seems to be a DE. Would be interesting having Dixon, a hybrid LB/S playing opposite a DE/LB.
  10. LB Nick Henrich

    To me the question is how many kids play hs football in Nebraska and how many are from OPS? Or even the metro. There’s your ratio. My guess is the metro is pulling its weight.
  11. CB Cam'ron Kelly [Virginia Tech Commit]

    Not to be a nag but can we keep the player pages clean and keep posting poll additions in the poll addition page? Keeps player pages about recruiting and tangents. Thanks!
  12. DE Mosai Newsom

    Thanks St. Paul. Here's what I was trying to say: The point is that if we are going to say, "If he's good enough for non-championship winning, middle of the pack in the B1G teams, then he's he's good enough for Nebraska", then we deserve to not be in national discussions.
  13. DE Mosai Newsom

    I know there’s no championship coming this year. Northern Illinois was more successful than we were last year. Doesn’t mean I want kids they want. I’m just saying set the bar higher in our minds. Something like if he’s good enough for Michigan, Oregon and A&M than he’s good enough for us. All that being said, I want this kid to commit.
  14. DE Mosai Newsom

    I hope we get him. And this? We gotta move past this line of thinking if we want to get back where we wanna be.
  15. 2018 Spring Game Visitors

    Children, puhlease!