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  1. The Big Ten’s real Quarterback Whisperer

    Ah the Mike Reily approach!
  2. Which QB Should Be The Starter

    I don't think Gebbia transfer if he isn't the starter come week 1. He is an injury away from playing, and AM has a history of a shoulder injury, so it'd be foolish if he did. Also I could see Gebbia starting and then eventually getting beat out by AM. If that is the case, I could see Gebbia sticking around, and eventually getting drafted due to his potential and this offense "not fitting his pocket passing style".
  3. Which QB Should Be The Starter

    I think the QB that can truly grasp this offense when it’s not watered down will be the one to start, I think that will be Gebbia. He did have a few bad throws but he looks like the most natural passer, as well as he looked better running then I expected. BUT he will have to be on his A game or Martinez will pass him and never look back. In all honesty it’s great to have this depth and true competition for a position. Guys now they have to come to work everyday or get left behind
  4. Athletes at the Skill Positions

    I really like sprinters/hurdlers in this offense because they get up to speed in a flash and usually have great top end speed. We don't need guys to make a lot of moves because they are going to get the ball in space, we need guys who once they get the ball, they get up the field in a hurry.
  5. Carl Crawford vs. Bubba Starling

    Starling had potential to have been a stud in Pelini's offense. Guy was a pretty darn good runner, both fast and elusive, not T-Mart fast but every bit as fast if not faster than TA. I thought he threw the ball every bit as well as TA did in HS. Guy just seemed to have that mystical "IT Factor".
  6. Post-Practice Presser - April 10

    By what Frost said Gebbia is obviously going to be the starter! Even has his own little nickname for him!
  7. RB Breece Hall

    Any news on how his visit went?
  8. Spring Practice Notes

    If he is a good enough athlete they will find away to get him in the game. Maybe on offense or maybe on the defensive side of the ball
  9. Deer Season

    I shot this old bastard opening day after sitting in the stand for maybe 20 minutes! The old butthead decided to run about 30 yards and die in the creek though!
  10. RB Breece Hall

    Wichita Northwest has a really good weight lifting program. They have several big time athletes come out of there every year! If we can pull either Hall or Hicks and establish that pipeline there, it would be absolutely huge going forward!
  11. Unpopular Opinion

    I suppose you're right, my wording may have been a little off, but I think you know what I meant.
  12. Must try places to eat in Lincoln

    We ate at Hiro 88 when we came up to watch the Rutgers game. It was pretty darn good.
  13. Unpopular Opinion

    I hate mustard and pickles Also bacon is overrated! And the only way to eat a cheeseburger is with an over easy egg on it!
  14. Who starts at QB?

    I hope its this, because if it is that means the our starter is continually having to work his butt of to get better or he will lose his spot! I think that will be one of the biggest things that we will notice with Frost as HC. His players will have to play with a sense of urgency at all times or they will find themselves picking splinters out of their ass as the next guy in line will be out on the field