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  1. Peach Bowl

    I can't blame them for wearing all UCF gear. If the roles were reversed and they were leaving Nebraska for another program and wore that other programs gear, this place would melt down
  2. WR Katerian LeGrone [UCF Commit]

    I think it may be Jurgens can come in and play soon and others are going to need more development?
  3. Honest Expectations (Frost and Co)

    Year 1- Team shows consistent improve and becomes competitive against pretty much anyone we play. We will be understanding if we drop a game or two early on due to the transition. Make a bowl game Year 2- Start to dominate far lesser opponents, beat the teams we should and beat either Wisconsin or Iowa. Make a decent bowl game. Year 3- Win the west, beat both Iowa and Wisconsin, No blowouts, make a better bowl than the year before. Top 15 recruiting class Years 4-7- Same as year 3. If Coach Frost can get his system established it will just take getting better athletes than what he will start out with on both sides of the ball to consistently win the west and to a BIG championships. And in all honestly my expectations may be a year to quick each year
  4. OWH: 20 Osborne Stats 20 Years After He Retired

    Did he even recruit him?
  5. **BREAKING** Season Ticket Requests Up

    I hope all of these people who are buying season tickets realize this is going to be a process and don't turn on Coach Frost if the team struggles early on.
  6. ***2018 Recruiting***

    I'm not probably right but I thought that was only if they were transferring into the same conference, out of conference I don't think they have to have one
  7. JUCO QB Terry Wilson [Kentucky Commit]

    I know he has sent several good players to Nebraska but I can't stand Sims as a person. When he coached at FSCC he was like Coach Buddy Stephens (Last Chance U) on crack. Absolutely terrible to his players and staff. He also treated the people of Fort Scott absolutely terrible. He's a good coach, but dbag in every other aspect
  8. Scott Frost - Coach of the Year (Home Depot Award)

    Ha ha well played sir
  9. Scott Frost - Coach of the Year (Home Depot Award)

    Has anyone done a meme/gif of Doc Brown saying GREAT SCOTT! yet? I think it would totally be appropriate and I can’t due to the fact in sitting in the deer blind with my 10 year old son
  10. 2018 Betting Props Are Out

    Totally agree with this. I think we lose a game early that we feel we shouldn't just because of learning the new systems. THEN as the end of the year approaches I think we almost win a game that according to the "experts" we shouldn't (OSU) and then we finish the year on a tear beating Illinois and MSU badly and then winning a dog fight against Iowa, we get in a decent bowl game with an 7-5 or 8-4 record and we wallop whoever we play in the bowl game. We will see a team that buys in more and more each week, a team that loves their coaches and each other, a team that competes against the best like we haven't seen for sometime!
  11. Poll: Who Starts at QB in 2018?

    I've come to realize even the slam dunk out of HS kids often end up being duds. Honestly I'd rather have a kid with a chip on his shoulder who understands the value of hard work and leadership than a 5* kid who is " a sure thing".
  12. Poll: Who Starts at QB in 2018?

    I would say Frost will make it pretty apparent that it you don't WANT to run the ball then you won't see the field
  13. Poll: Who Starts at QB in 2018?

    I don't think it's crazy to expect a college football player to put on 10-15 pounds in the course of a year. Gebbia was 185 in August and when the spring game rolls around I won't be surprised if he is closer to 195-200 range
  14. CB Brendan Radley-Hiles

    Kids now a days prefer to do it on twitter so everyone knows how they feel. A lot of kids now a days would rather do it this way then call or text. Thats just kids now a days. I doubt he really gives two craps what us message board warriors think about it.
  15. Quarterback

    Very true.