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  1. I must have died and gone to hell!

  2. CB Brendan Radley-Hiles [Nebraska Commit]

    Are you sure it wasn't a necklace decorated with a pair of golden OSU pants?
  3. Ranking the Alternate Unis - SemiFinals

    Dude he was quoting a line from Billy Madison.I know I don't think you did. I just didn't feel the reference was necessary I read it to be full of sarcasm. Don't think he meant it otherwise.
  4. Rewatching Husker Games On YouTube

    This x100! I honestly think Helu's talent and impact is overlooked a lot when people reminisce about the last few teams we had in the Big XII. He was fast and explosive and not to mention made Missouri his absolute bitch!
  5. Ranking the Alternate Unis - SemiFinals

    Dude he was quoting a line from Billy Madison.
  6. 2017 Alternate Uniforms

    But what about printing it on? might make it look better, but the only way it'll look good is if the whole jersey is mesh
  7. 2017 Alternate Uniforms

    I'm afraid it's going to look god awful! Just taking a mesh number and sewing on a jersey that isn't mesh is going to be pretty underwhelming imo
  8. Optimistic, I think this offense could be a lot of fun to watch if Lee is what a lot of people seem to think he is. As far a the defense goes, I'm more curious than anything. I'm hoping that our defense can take on Diaco's aggressive attitude. If they do and our Dline plays well at all, we could honestly have a really good season.
  9. Jordan Westerkamp NFL Journey

    LJS Would love to see him with the Chefs! Their WR position is very lackluster and his chances to see the field with them are probably as good as they are with anyone!
  10. Recruiting Misses and Their Effect on Perception of Coaches

    Honestly lets not kid ourselves there are 2 more things. 1. if you have a volatile attitude that embarrasses the school year after year (and before you tear me up, I honestly didn't care too much about this but it did play a part) 2. If you're not the new AD's guy, and he wants to make a statement
  11. Deiontae Watts ineligible

    fort scott used to be a feeder school for us for awhile. Its where we got several players, including LaVonte David and Yoshi
  12. SI's Andy Staples on Husker's National Perception

    I think you guys arguments are both fairly valid. But lets consider a few things. 1. Tommy Scrambling instead of throwing the ball away had to have jacked the rushing attempts numbers up some. 2. Langs came to Nebraska from the NFL where it is very common to pass the ball more than you run it. 3. Langs has "his guy" in Tanner Lee. A true pocket passer who will hopefully be able to make the defense pay for being out of position. I honestly don't think we will pass it more than we run, but it will be VERY close imo. IF Tanner Lee is able to live up to the hype surrounding him then why in the hell wouldn't we pass more than we run. Tommy Armstrong struggled to read a defense before the snap and make adjustments on the fly. How often did the defense come out in a pretty base defense and not worry about having to disguise its coverage because they felt TA could read what they were doing, and they could pin their ears back and rush 7 because he wouldn't hit the hole in the zone, or see the mismatch in man coverage? If Lee is able to make the defense have to think and try to constantly adjust from play to play it makes it much tougher on them because they now have to do a lot more thinking and can't just go out and play football. A great QB makes defensive coordinators overthink their calls, and DB's second guess their reads. That is what we are all hoping we get out of Lee. And if we do then we very easily could win our division and play with the teams a program like Nebraska feels it should be
  13. ** 2017 Opponent Previews: Rutgers (Game 4) **

    I just bought tickets for my wife and I to go to this game! It will be my second game ever at memorial stadium (first was against KU in 08) and it will be her first time ever. Our tickets are section 5 row 46. Are those decent/good seats? and also if there is anyone on the board who is down with her and I stopping by, drinking a few beers, and tailgating with you before and maybe partying after the game please let me know. I want my wives experience to be awesome. After all I am attempting to sway her away from the dark side of being a KState fan!!!
  14. Kieron Williams

    could be having trouble grasping the new defense?
  15. Land of 10: Top 25 NU Players of all Time

    With Crouch it's going to be 4. I realize Frost is only 1 spot ahead of Gill but if you polled 90,000 fans on gameday that about 95% of them would take Gill ahead of Frost. In Frost's defense, he won a national championship and Gill didn't. I'm betting that is why they placed him ahead of Gill