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  1. RB Breece Hall

    If you’ve ever been to Lamar and seen the buy in you’ll understand why! Ever student athlete in the school is committed! They have 2 or 3 daily lifting sessions over the summer and the weight room is packed full of both boys and girls. And there’s no b.s.ing going on. They put in work and believe in each other!
  2. RB Breece Hall

    I said that because I know very little about Nebraska high school football. As far as Missouri football, Webb City, Rockhurst, and others would wipe the floor with just about every ks and neb high school teams
  3. RB Breece Hall

    The 5A 6A level of KS football is probably on level with the biggest classes of Nebraska and some of the bigger Missouri classes
  4. Meet QB Coach Mario Verduzco

    Looks like an old Harry Potter
  5. Confrence Re-Alignement Ideas?

    Wouldn't KU because considered the Kansas City media market? IF KU was to move, it would just help to strengthen the BIGs roots in the KC Metro that is currently divided between the BIG XII, the Big Ten and the SEC (Missouri).
  6. SBNation: How Scott Frost changes the Big Ten West

    Yea because it's true, every team adapts to the offense they are playing against, just like every offense will adapt to the defense they are playing against.
  7. OT Jalan Robinson

    I really hope that he comes to NU. Guy is a project but he has the frame to be a hoss, and I don't feel this staff is going to offer a kid they don't see a ton of potential in. I also trust this staff to actually develop the kids they bring in!
  8. LB Caleb Tannor [Nebraska - Signed LOI]

    A lot of people believe that wearing knee pads also help keep other players from getting concussions due to the impact being softened instead of getting a bare knee to the side of the helmet
  9. All Pelini Team

    TMart. Dude was a game changer unlike anyone we had after crouch, and in all honesty while I think TA was a good QB, he wasn't the game changer that TMagic was. Not to mention he got the hell beat out of him, and gave his absolute all to our program. Dude was an NFL caliber athlete who gave so much to our program that he couldn't pass a physical to be in the league.
  10. Peyton Newell Transferring to Kansas State?

    I think DPE would have been a big contributor but injuries early on really derailed his career
  11. Peyton Newell Transferring to Kansas State?

    Good luck to the kid! Never really found his groove here. Will be interesting to see what Old Balls Snyder can do with him. In all honesty I'm afraid our last coaching staffs inability to develop players is going to become more and more apparent
  12. Each Quarterback's Signature Win from Callahan to Riley

    That was my first and only trip to manhattan for a game, and may be my favorite husker game that I've been to! Before the game I was sitting by some older gentlemen who remembered the days of KSU absolutely blowing and they were extremely polite, even told me "they didn't have the horses to compete with a team the likes of Nebraska" but once the game started there was an idiot in front of them who kept turning around towards me and yelling F*CK NEBRASKA AND F*CK YOU! Needless to say I kept my cool until almost half when we were up by 3 scores, and he turned around to yell at me for what seemed like the one thousandth time, and I so politely yelled back "SCOREBOARD A**HOLE!". The dbag then called the number you call when there is a problem in stands and I got ushered to the top of the stadium where I was told I didn't have to leave but I couldn't go back to my seat! Needless to say I now wouldn't piss on Manhattan if it was on fire!
  13. Suh tangent from the Michael Thompson recruiting thread

    Wish KC would pick him so I could see him play live one more time
  14. Suh tangent from the Michael Thompson recruiting thread

    Looks like we need to update the picture to Suh in a dolphins jersey
  15. Speed vs Power

    A lot of people think that talent trumps scheme. When you're a team like Rice,Tulane, or UTEP it does because the talent is so much less. BUT when you have similar talent (not that we will ever have equal talent to Ohio St) and a really good scheme that players by into and are competent in that goes along way to evening the playing field