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  1. Fightin' Erstad's at Frisco Baseball Classic

    Waldron was dealing when he came in. The bats were quiet all night Yeah, our offense was hard to watch. I was sitting behind home plate off to the right in section 116, I had a great view. I am not going to the game tomorrow because I am going to see a concert but I am going to the game on Sunday. I am scared to play Arizona right now with the way that we are batting. I'm afraid that we might get taken behind the wood shed.
  2. Fightin' Erstad's at Frisco Baseball Classic

    On the way home, went to the game with my father and sister. This game sucked!!! Pitching was great!!
  3. Fightin' Erstad's at Frisco Baseball Classic

    I will be at the game tomorrow too, I live about 3 miles away from the ballpark here in Frisco. I am also going to the Sunday game.
  4. Moses Bryant

    I would hate to see some in state talent fall through the crack.
  5. ***2017 Recruiting***

    Yeah, we better not Whiff on some of these recruits, I do not have a good feeling about how things are going so far, I would like to hear some good news soon. =(
  6. It's Bowl Time!!!

    Yeah, we are going to play in a toilet bowl, I could not care less which bowl that we play in at this point. I wish that I would learn to stop being optimistic about these Nebraska football teams.
  7. Let's Be Honest...

    If we want to keep up our momentum with recruiting and want to take a step forward as a program then we need to win at least 11 games this year and make a quality bowl such as the Orange or Rose bowl. There is no excuse this season to not win at least 10 games minimum, I am not going to be somewhat happy unless we can win at least 11 games. Nebraska's schedule is only going to get harder in years to come, next year is not bad but our 2018-2019 schedule is going to be a B***h. Sat, Sep 01 Akron Memorial Stadium (Lincoln, Nebraska) TBA Sat, Sep 08 Colorado Memorial Stadium TBA Sat, Sep 15 Troy Memorial Stadium (Lincoln, Nebraska) TBA Sat, Sep 22 Michigan * at Ann Arbor, Mich. TBA Sat, Sep 29 Purdue * Memorial Stadium (Lincoln, Nebraska) TBA Sat, Oct 06 Wisconsin * at Madison, Wis. TBA Sat, Oct 13 Northwestern * at Evanston, Ill. TBA Sat, Oct 20 Minnesota * Memorial Stadium (Lincoln, Nebraska) TBA Sat, Nov 03 Ohio State * at Columbus, Ohio TBA Sat, Nov 10 Illinois * Memorial Stadium (Lincoln, Nebraska) TBA Sat, Nov 17 Michigan State * Memorial Stadium (Lincoln, Nebraska) TBA Fri, Nov 23 Iowa * at Iowa City, Iowa TBA
  8. Week 7 Preview: Indiana

    Nebraska wins 38-24, it is a one score game going into the 4th quarter then we eventually wear them down and get a 2 score lead in the 4th.
  9. What Did We Learn-Bye Week

    Outside? I noticed that they ran a lot of stretch plays instead of running right at them and they tried some running outside the tackle, Ohio states defense is way too fast to runs plays like that but that is kind of a captain obvious thing for me to say because we all know that.
  10. What Did We Learn-Bye Week

    We might be giving Indiana too much credit, I would not be surprised if we beat them like a drum. Indiana has a Tim Beck type play caller, I hope that they try to run outside against us like they did against Ohio State.
  11. What Did We Learn - Illinois

    Only thing that I am concerned about is our offensive line protection. There is going to be a fine line between good Tommy and bad Tommy when we play Ohio state due to him having less time to throw the ball and him having to make fast decisions. I had a horrible dream last night, I was dreaming that we were playing Illinois but this time we lost 12-10. Nebraska was on the cusp of getting into field goal range for a game winning field goal, but Nebraska was still a little out of field goal range. NU went for it on fourth down, Tommy drops back to pass, the right guard gets whooped, right as Tommy unloading the ball he gets hit and the ball flies incomplete, we had a receiver wide open in the flat outside the right hash.
  12. Ranking the Remaining Games

    I like your perspective, it actually makes sense. There will be more pressure on the team when we play Wisconsin because that game may make or break the season for us. The Ohio State game is not as big because we will still control our destiny if we get by Wisconsin, we will be playing against Ohio State with nothing to lose.
  13. Nebraska #15 in Coaches Poll

    Notice how I said "dream scenerio" I have been dreaming of great season since I was 11 watching Eric Crouch in 2001, I am now 26 and we have not done anything since then. I am tired of watching old Fiesta bowl and 90's championship games. I would rather beat the crap out of Wisconsin and lost to Ohio State if I has to choose one, we might as well change our colors to pink if we lose. I am so dang tired of losing to Wisconsin!!!! GRRR!!!!!! Since joining the Big 10. October 1, 2011 Madison, WI #7 Wisconsin 48 #8 Nebraska 17 September 29, 2012 Lincoln, NE #20 Nebraska 30 #23 Wisconsin 27 December 1, 2012 Indianapolis, IN Wisconsin 70 #14 Nebraska 31 November 15, 2014 Madison, WI #22 Wisconsin 59 #11 Nebraska 24 October 10, 2015 Lincoln, NE Wisconsin 23 Nebraska 21
  14. Nebraska #15 in Coaches Poll

    I think that a dream scenario would be going undefeated in regular season, having Michigan beat Ohio State and then beating Michigan for the BIG 10 Championship and going to the playoffs OR going 11-1 in the regular season with the sole loss being to Ohio State then playing them again for a rematch and beating them in the rematch for the BIG 10 Championship and making the playoffs. I just do not see us beating Ohio State 2 times in one season. If we lost to Ohio State and Michigan wins out and we beat them in the BIG 10 championship I think that would be good enough to get us into the playoffs.