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  1. 2018 Husker Camp Countdown

    I'm a Gifford fan, so I tend to disagree with your first paragraph. But I do agree Dixon is a stud. I see Gifford starting the year out but Dixon getting more PT as the year goes on and eventually overtaking Gifford, whether that be due to injuries or on-field performance.
  2. ****Official 2018 Season Countdown Thread****

    Agreed, Farley was an absolute freak and one of by favorite blackshirts of all time.
  3. Jordy Leaving Nebraska

    It stinks to lose depth but I don't think he was ever going to be happy coming off the bench.
  4. Huskers Dropping Dimes This Year

    Although they appear to be the same brand of ball it looks like the new 'dime' balls that will be used in 2018 have the orange leather which I've found to have more tack to them then balls with the more reddish leather (like the photo from the 2016 post). Perhaps they've had this choice all along but just something I noticed as different.
  5. WR Jameson Williams

    Kind of an odd exchange/situation. It looks like either a) he is crazy and just wouldn't leave or b) his wife is crazy and set him up by taking a photo of his car being in her driveway.
  6. He's about to hurt some feelings in the Big Ten

    I'm as delusional as the next fan and have drank plenty of kool-aid but I think we need to accept that we may not win another Natty in the next 10 years - But I fully expect to be in the BIG championship game consistently and competing for the playoff in the next few (2-5) years. We have to give Frost time because (and I know it's been said before) if we 'can' him too soon then this program is doomed. It took Dr. Tom 20 years to win his 1st Natty before going on his run. We need to give Frost that time - so long as we are competitive and there are no scandals.
  7. JUCO OG Desmond Bland [Nebraska Commit]

    Man, I hope we can hang on to him! He will be a good one.
  8. Extra Colorado ticket question.

    I see - Thanks. I haven't heard anything on my request either and was just assuming not hearing meant I didn't get the tickets.
  9. 2018 Husker Camp Countdown

    That is interesting. I see that spot they have Dixon locked in at as Gifford being slightly ahead this year.
  10. Extra Colorado ticket question.

    What did you find out or where did you find the info out? I am in somewhat a similar situation. Thanks.
  11. Chinander on His Defense

    I agree. I like the 2-deep we have on the DL. Hopefully Stille and Neal can prove to be pass rushers we think they can be and Freedom gets back to his Freshman form.
  12. OT Willie Canty [Nebraska - Signed LOI]

    Yes, Garden City is a pretty good spot for him to go and still end of at DONU. Only better I could think of would be IWCC.
  13. OT Willie Canty [Nebraska - Signed LOI]

    When you return 2 tackles who started as many games as they did as freshman there certainly is the perception they will have the upper hand, hence why i said "look to" before "locked down." Also, I didn't say it was scaring recruits away but it could be a factor, no one really knows. Would you rather sit and develop on a national championship contender (year in and year out) who consistently puts guys in the league or go to a program who just went 4-8 with sophs with 10+ starts between them? Similarly, most high 4 * or 5 * that go to a program that just went 4-8 would expect to get some PT right away or by the next year. If you don't think recruits look at the age of the guys who would be ahead of them on the depth chart then I'm not buying it for a second.
  14. OT Willie Canty [Nebraska - Signed LOI]

    Depth is definitely a concern but we have 2 Sophs who look to have the tackle spots locked down for the foreseeable future. Not making excuses but is this possibly a reason we are having difficulty recruiting higher rated tackles? I'm not sure.
  15. Agreed - I think the best bet to steal one (or two) from is Northwestern and/or Meechigan.