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  1. *** Official 2018 Spring Game Thread ***

    Gebbia likely grades out better and appears to be a better game manager but Martinez had a very good day as well and is definitely more exciting to watch play.
  2. Huskers looking to add grad transfer at QB?

    I think some of it depends on the eligibility of Vedral. Its sounding like the new rule is going to pass - in which Vedral will be immediately eligible.
  3. Where Is It OK to Start Walk-Ons?

    I mean technically Baker Mayfield was a walk-on initially (after he transferred to OU).
  4. For the first time in years

    I feel as though we finally have an offensive identity and scheme that will win us a couple of the toss up games this year (and in the future). The Tim Beck and Shawn Watson spreads had no identity and no bread-and-butter. The prior spread schemes we had were a hodge-podge of sh*t. I feel Frost has his base scheme with actual concepts that build off of each other - ie) an identity. We haven't had a schemer like this on the offensive side of the ball who would run plays early in games to set up schemes, flows and plays later since Osborne (not comparing him to Osborne other than what he learned as far as game-planning/scheming). Its a long way of saying that aside from the the physical gains we've heard about we will finally out coach the opponent - instead of the past 2 decades of the converse being true - which will lead to marked improvement in year one. Save the "lets temper expectations posts", I don't expect double digit (10) wins this year but I do think we will be better then the 4-6 wins that are predicted.
  5. No More BTN on Comcast?

    I have directv now and love it. Big ten network and hbo for $40 a month with more channels than I need.
  6. Versus Threads vs No versus threads

    Turmanator all day!
  7. Zac Taylor vs Tommy Armstrong

    You can take Armstrong for a “Nebraska offense” - which is odd because there is no such thing as a “Nebraska offense”- but to say Armstrong was a better qb than Taylor is absurd.
  8. Zac Taylor vs Tommy Armstrong

    You again miss the point. And I wasn’t make an “allusion” - not even sure what that is. I was pointing out the fallacy of your position bc you favor a running qb over a pocket passer. That is all.
  9. Zac Taylor vs Tommy Armstrong

    Haha... wow. This obviously went way over your head. I, too, regret wading into it.
  10. Zac Taylor vs Tommy Armstrong

    No. You obviously didnt comprehend what I said...
  11. Zac Taylor vs Tommy Armstrong

    Would you take Kaep over Brady because he’s a better runner?
  12. Zac Taylor vs Tommy Armstrong

    You could do that when comparing any pro style to a spread style. Ie) That’s like saying who would you rather have between Tom Brady and Colin Kaepernick. I think you have to approach this question with who was the better qb is in the style of offense they ran or which they are the best fit in. When you do that the answer is clearly Zac Taylor.
  13. Zac Taylor vs Tommy Armstrong

    Taylor all day long and it’s not even close.
  14. Frost’s QB Room

    I tend to agree with you Mav. If Gebbia shows he can pick up a few yards here and there on scrambles I think it is his job. Frost's offense is predicated on getting the ball out to the flats to play-makers in space and Gebbia's mechanics/quick release set up well for that. Also, my recollection from Gebbia's high school tape is that he was surrounded with talent at the skill positions (KJJ, Holmes, and others) where quick throws were a large part of that offense.