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  1. Fall Camp Updates - Offensive Line

    Although I would still put a priority on LT, your point about C is well taken. However, the purpose on moving Conrad to C was to get the 5 best linemen on the field. If Knevel is really struggling then is Knevel still one of our best 5 and better then Decker??
  2. CB Brendan Radley-Hiles [Nebraska Commit]

    I get the feeling he really likes Nebraska but loves and is committed to Riley. With this I mean to say if we struggle this year and choose to clean house then Bookie is gone as well. I personally think Riley is here through 2018 at a minimum - but I think people have gotten his ear about the above scenario.
  3. Fall Camp Updates - Offensive Line

    Kind of surprised Conrad hasn't gotten a look at RT and moving decker into the C role...
  4. OT Nicholas Petit-Frere

    Yeah, pretty much. Don't want to ignite the Cav recruiting ability/inability debate but his tweets leave a bit to be desired...
  5. Friday Night Home Games

    Love to hear this.
  6. Fall Camp Updates - Quarterbacks

    A lot of you guys are acting like this is the first POB has probably heard this - i'm sure he hears it every day in the QB room that the competition for each spot is ongoing and the battle for 2nd string and 3rd string reps is real. Also, not real concerned Gebbia's weight - as many pointed out numerous quarterbacks have played below 200.
  7. ** 2017 Opponent Previews: Wisconsin (Game 6) **

    Hate to see a kid have the injury problems this kid does, what a tough s.o.b., "Cichy was hurt in Tuesday’s practice, but kept playing despite the injury." http://www.foxsports.com/wisconsin/story/jack-cichy-wisconin-badgers-linebacker-out-for-season-torn-acl-081017
  8. Fall Camp Updates - Receivers & Tight Ends

    Receivers seem to be the most frequent of position groups to be injured during fall camp with pulled muscles, groins and etc... a lot of running and reps in fall camp compared to other position groups.
  9. Quincy Enunwa Set Up To Be #1 Receiver For Jets

    Bummer. Hope he is ok.
  10. WR Cameron Brown [Nebraska Commit]

    Any word on whether Cam was the 4 star silent that Josh Moore alluded to?
  11. CB Brendan Radley-Hiles [Nebraska Commit]

    How many times does he have to saw he is solid... has to get old after awhile.
  12. New defensive consultant

    If nothing else a hire with his pedigree will help with film breakdown, scouting of future opponents and tendencies, and organization of practice schedule/drills (although no contact with players is allowed.
  13. 2017 Alternate Uniforms

    Can we wear these next year when we play at Michigan???
  14. Joel Klatt says Texas ruined the Big 12

    Agreed. Its nice to see his perspective and I think he often offers great insight in games I've heard him call.
  15. For once I agree with 84...