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  1. what the heck am i watching...trump is calling for unity... and attacking the left and the media with intense rhetoric.

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    2. Enhance


      So, just a standard day during the current administration.

    3. macroboy


      Unity means STFU and fall in line.

    4. khaake


      Haven't you gotten the message yet? Your eyes are obviously lying. Your ears are betraying you. In only him can you trust. You probably weren't even able to get his message, because the mainstream media won't broadcast it. Look! They are turning off their cameras as he speaks! They offer only lies. But in him can you find truth. In him you will find love. He loves everyone. But those bastards in the press distort his message of peace, and work against making America Great Again. They want America to fail. It's sad but true. They want our enemies to win. They are betraying you. Lügenpresse!

  2. we are on the dark side of the moon   


  3. A man you can bait with a Tweet

    He was watching Fox News again?
  4. Trump's cabinet

    trump doesn't want to work with them. he wants to continue to blame someone else for his own problems.
  5. Trump's cabinet

    he is thinking "how many of these people can i fire in the next 6 month?"
  6. A man you can bait with a Tweet

    tuba trolling the white supremacists https://twitter.com/riotwomennn/status/898373115708878849/video/1
  7. A man you can bait with a Tweet

    lol....the anti nazis are called anti police by the fake president
  8. Trump Promises Megathread: Kept or Broken

    holy crap...maybe he is draining the swamp
  9. Commando

    that is not a 45...it is the partially hidden swastika that represents our 45th president
  10. Bannon is out.   finally a step that trump made that i agree with

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    2. knapplc
    3. dudeguyy


      Remember, if you're for this move and against the things Steve Bannon stands for (a position I'd very much support)...

      Bannon was never more than a bit player on the political fringes until Trump elevated him to power.

    4. C N Red

      C N Red

      Wat do you have against the number 45?

  11. Trump's cabinet

    Bannon is gone.....a step in the right direction
  12. A man you can bait with a Tweet

    what hate group was it that trump recently tried to deflect criticism from that was also guilty of war crimes? let me think and see if i can recall who that was......
  13. Trump's America

    evan does a pretty good job on twitter
  14. terrorists attack in barcelona...trump to talk about the good people on both sides?


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    2. commando


      ask yourself who is president #45?

    3. suh_fan93


      Pretty quick reply by Donnie smh.

    4. Michiganball


      Let me guess He twitted.... This is shameful, I dont like this. Sad!

  15. Trump Foreign Policy

    http://www.cnn.com/2017/08/17/europe/barcelona-spain-van-latest/index.html vans plows into crowd at barcelona in terrorists attack. i wonder if trump will talk about all the good people on both sides this time?