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  1. The Republican Utopia

    Q. what kind of idiots believe this load of BS? A. trumpers!
  2. Trump: More Popular than Ever

    i have a high school senior looking at colleges. when we find where ric is i think i will cross that school off the list if they let moonbats like him teach there.
  3. Trump: More Popular than Ever

    lol. you are beyond lost.
  4. Trump and the Military

    i think we need to be able to at least build a tie fighter before we think about a death star
  5. Trump: More Popular than Ever

    he is as popular as herpes
  6. Immigration Ban

    those kids were already alone when they came to the US.....we were not taking kids away from parents. if you can't see the differance i don't know what to tell you. you have swallowed the party line and are knee deep in the propaganda if you support stealing kids from parents to use as hostages
  7. the FBI was out to stop trump...so they hide the fact they are investigating trump and they announce they are reopening files on an e-mail server. who was actually hurt by that and who was actually helped?
  8. Immigration Ban

    whataboutism at it's finest.
  9. Immigration Ban

    nazi germany wasn't trying to kill the jews in the 30's...they were trying to force them all to leave at that time. there had to be another solution for those that didnt get far enough away soon enough
  10. Immigration Ban

    trump could end it right now without any democratic support if he wanted to...but he chooses not to.
  11. no rush...only fox and friends and sean hannity? if none of those...what other far right wing sources are you using to get the "deep state" propaganda from? info wars?
  12. A man you can bait with a Tweet

    if fox and friends is the highest rated news program...wouldn't that make them the crooked main stream media that he is always attacking?
  13. based on the republicans are in charge of counting the votes.
  14. to paraphrase trump....there were idiots on both sides.
  15. where is the anyone but trump option?