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  1. Keep the Kids at Home

    how the hell did you jump from us talking about nebraska kids playing well elsewhere to thinking we want to join the mac?
  2. Keep the Kids at Home

    not sure what the metric for playing well is....but Brett Kitrell (Ashland, NE o-line) is getting snaps for Ohio as a true freshman. they burned his redshirt right away.
  3. Bill Moos named AD

    hey rocky watch me pull scott frost out of my hat
  4. Trump's America

    as long as profits are up for the most wealthy and the far right propaganda machine keeps a large segment of ignorant voters under control trump will be in charge. he is a madman but profits will keep him there.
  5. A man you can bait with a Tweet

    it's another big accomplishment for his administration....perhaps the biggest!!! the most columbus columbus day ever!!!
  6. Trump's America

    the circus just keeps getting nuttier and nuttier. how many more clowns are in the trump mobile?
  7. ***Ohio State Prediction Contest***

    Ohio state...however many they want probably about 60 NU not nearly enough lets say 14 passing 150 rush 100
  8. Trump's cabinet

  9. Las Vegas mass shooting

    dude...i wasnt responding to you...don't take it personally. i was just stating my opinion about these machine guns.
  10. Las Vegas mass shooting

    the only reason for a fully automatic weapon is to kill a lot of people in a hurry. these bump stocks that turn a semi auto into a fully auto weapon should be illegal to own or sell. and these large capacity clips don't help anyone unless they are targeting a lot of people. hunters have limits on how many animals they can harvest....mass killers don't have any limit except what their weapons allow them. 10 shot clips (or something similar) is more than reasonable. these 100 round clips serve no useful purpose unless you are wanting to kill a lot of people. madmen will still be able to do a lot of damage....but 50 people hurt is better than 600 like this idiot did. we can't stop the madness....but we can at least try to limit the damage they can do.
  11. Repealing the ACA under Trump

    this is why i thought it might be best to have the republicans get their repeal and replace. at least then they would be on full blast that it was their screwup and not have it disguised as a tax cut.
  12. Las Vegas mass shooting

    scalise should have "got small"
  13. Trump's America

    the greatest paper towel throwing ever
  14. Las Vegas mass shooting

    IMHO semi autos are ok. but fully auto and the parts to change semi auto to full auto are not ok. and clips should be limited to something like 10. just a way to somehow limit just how much damage a crazy can do.....and still allow a reasonable gun for hunting and perhaps self defense purposes if needed. 30 round clips are just to big IMO
  15. Las Vegas mass shooting

    that law actually made some sense...so of course it had to be allowed to die. now i am glad that guy didn't have a mini-gun last night. if i understand that rule a mini gun would be perfectly legal to own. can you imagine what he could have done if he could fire 3,000 rounds per minute?