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  1. A man you can bait with a Tweet

    i don't know why she was escorted out...but she is gone and apparently it was a rather dramatic exit with a escort out of the building
  2. A man you can bait with a Tweet

    maybe that's why omarosa was escorted out of the white house last night.
  3. The Republican Utopia

    i don't care how it happened....just glad that it did. turn it up
  4. The Republican Utopia

    not defending trump at all..... but bannon is the sith lord on the republican dark side...trump is only his apprentice.
  5. The Republican Utopia

    on fox news they are saying jones is a lame duck senator though. he has 0% chance of winning next time. they may be right.....but for now this is the correct result in so many ways. now back to russia is a hoax and the fbi is bad from fox.
  6. The Republican Utopia

    shocked....i didn't think bama would actually vote a democrat in.
  7. The Republican Utopia

    lol....this twitter account is gold https://twitter.com/RoyMooresHorse
  8. The Republican Utopia

    fwiw...i will be shocked if moore doesn't win. bama is about as red of a state as you will find. the only reason it will be close is moore is such a creepy slimeball that some republicans might not vote for him.
  9. A man you can bait with a Tweet

    how long till we get a tweet from mueller not so lightweight president donald trump, a total flunky for putin and someone who would come to my office "begging" for the investigation to stop (and would say anything for that) is now in the ring fighting against the United States. very disloyal & crooked
  10. Trump-endorsed news sources

    did fox tell the truth for once? that cross (maybe it's a t) sure seems to add something to their message.
  11. The Republican Utopia

    hey little girl.....
  12. time will tell....but i do think Nebraska did well this time.