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  1. LB Nick Henrich

    I was born in Minnesota and I am not a fan of the Goofs...obviously. My daughter wears her Husker gear proudly and yells Go Big Red!
  2. No more Pound the Rock

    That is the link to the curse! Get that damn thing away from the stadium and the football team!
  3. JUCO LB Jermaine Johnson

    Coached against this kid...get him here! Hope JD has some influence!!!
  4. QB Jalen Suggs

    Great athlete. I have seen this kid play and is solid. Would be nice to get up to MN and get some of these kids!
  5. LB Nick Henrich

    What really sucks is that Nebraska has been down for so long that the true pride of playing for the Huskers might be down a bit too...plus, you add in the fact that the previous three regimes were not overly interested in local kids. Frost is the one that can bring this local pride back. Add in Held and Ruud that can only help and will be huge to continue Frost's ability to get the pride back. The local kids that have committed are great, hopefully the staff can get Henrich and Hickman as well...that would be amazing!!!!
  6. WR Joseph Lewis [USC - Signed LOI]

    Just saw he is no longer a USC Trojan.
  7. 2018 NFL Combine

    Orlando Brown from OU did like 14-15. The difference is that Brown was pretty dang good in college...Gates, was exposed frequently!
  8. *** 2020 Recruiting ***

    Hope the staff comes up to MN and takes a look at Jonathan Mann from Rosemount, MN. Kid is fast and big for a WR! Having to coach against him he is good! Interest will start coming I assume.
  9. Nebraska High School Players - Class of 2019

    Where do we stand with these two? I would think Frost and Co are making them a priority?? I have read comments where some dad was wishing they would go elsewhere because Frost did not offer his son...seemed to have an axe to grind!
  10. Chicago Tribune Article on Santino Panico

    I don't even remember this guy, but then again, I have blacked that era of football out of my mind!
  11. Scott Frost Signing Day Presser

    Absolutely insane what he and the staff since they were announced. He has to have an amazing wife and family to assist and support. I am very excited for what they will all do with the Huskers! As a high school coach it is stressful on the family...there is no way I could even begin to understand the stress he has been under!
  12. LB Nick Henrich

    Would be great to get this kid...I gotta think Frost and company put the full court press on to get him to stay home!
  13. OT Bryce Benhart

    Solid offer. Glad to see the Huskers coming up here to MN. Coached against this kid as well in football and wrestling.
  14. Lindsey and Owen Hospitalized

    You do not have control over ALL variables....just not possible. I agree that this should not happen again, but to just throw stones at the staff saying they should have known this was going to happen or they should know better it just ridiculous. Things happen and sometimes you do not know they are going to happen until they happen. It is tough that two kids had their body react they did. Frost coming out saying they did evaluate the players and dialed it back a little, they had training staff in with the kids and coaches, etc should be enough for you to know they took precautions to keep the players safe. Unfortunately there was an issue. They will learn from it and move forward.
  15. Lindsey and Owen Hospitalized

    And they can land in the hospital playing the game football. Do you honestly believe they did not take precautions? I mean, seriously? Even as a high school coach our staff take precautions in the weight room, on the field, etc. I think it is safe to assume that college coaches at this level would take the same if not better precautions.