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  1. Question for prior Marines

    I don't know about the only walking on the left thing. I graduated three years ago and they didn't have us do anything about people walking around us. The only thing we really had to watch out for was that we couldn't hold hands with anybody. You had to hold arms, instead.
  2. Question for prior Marines

    No, that's not how it works in the Marine Corps. Whether it's for Family Day liberty or for graduation, once their senior drill instructor dismisses the platoon, they're free to move as they wish. I would definitely recommend doing your best to get to your son quickly, though. There will be thousands of people there and it's pretty overwhelming after having not socialized for three months.
  3. Question for prior Marines

    The day before his graduation day is called Family Day. The graduating company goes on a moto run, where you'll get to watch them run and do cadences and such. After the run, there's about an hour of break and then they march down to the theatre and have liberty call. That's the first time you'll get to talk to him. Liberty lasts about five or six hours, I think. The new Marines go back to their barracks for the night after that. The next day is graduation day. It starts around eleven and takes about an hour. After the ceremony is over, he's officially done with boot camp and can start his ten days of leave.
  4. Question for prior Marines

    Is he going to San Diego or Parris Island?
  5. other quarterbacks BIG

    This definitely need its own thread.
  6. Conference Comparison per Sagarin

    Sagarin's rankings are notoriously inaccurate until the end of the season. It might be better to revisit this topic in a few weeks.
  7. Barring some sort of catastrophic injury or something bad happening at the Combine, Randy is going to be a top five pick.
  8. Greatest QB

    He had a good motion, but Joe threw a lot of interceptions.
  9. We can win games on special teams and defense. This isn't the same team that Nebraska has fielded in recent years. Tim Beck is just... I don't know anymore. Some of the worst playcalling you'll ever see.
  10. NFL Brady vr Manning

    I like to compare Tom Brady and Peyton Manning to Wilt Chamberlain and Bill Russell. Peyton is Wilt and Tom is Bill. Wilt was, without a doubt, the better player, but he played on much worse teams than Bill did. Bill won tons of championships because of his great teammates, but was certainly not as talented as Wilt. Likewise, Peyton has played with less talent around him (on the defensive side, at least) and is more talented, while Tom has played with much better teammates and isn't as talented. With that said, I'll take Tom Brady any day of the week.
  11. I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say that they would probably be shot to death by some combination of police, FBI, and military.
  12. When you toss it into the endzone for the game winner.

    I mean, I'm all for passing to Westy in clutch time, but if Hovey doesn't run into the defender, we at least get a first down and possibly a touchdown on that play.
  13. Michael Rose hurt...seems serious.

    I would imagine basketball players like him could probably come back a little quicker than a football player It's the opposite, actually. Ligament and meniscus injuries in basketball usually have a longer recovery time than those for football players. A football player can be expected to return from an ACL tear in about 6-8 months, while the time frame for basketball players is usually somewhere in the neighborhood of 7-12 months, or longer.
  14. The Hyatt Place in the Haymarket is pretty new and nice, from what I've heard.
  15. **** What we learned - Illinois edition ****

    #Excuses Pretty legitimate actually. If you lose key players or at least a large number of players and expect to win a championship, you're delusional. I think you missed the sarcasm.