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    I love sports:) Played varsity volleyball, ran track was a collage cheerleader and pom pom girl Loved to go fishing with my dad too:)

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  1. Roxy15

    Last Recipe For Awhile

    Ok so it isn’t really a recipe, but, I want to go out with a laugh so let me do it lol Will call the hospital tonight to see what time I have to be there. Operation will take 4 hours plus recovery. I will be doped up real good. Anyway, I will post recipes again when I am strong enough too. It will be a long process. Just know that I admire you all and I respect you. On that note, I leave you with something that I hope makes you laugh.
  2. Roxy15

    Am Happy

    My opinion is this about stress. A person can have stress in their life, but, it can only be “defined” as stress if you have whatever is bothering you, have power and control over you. I don’t know how to explain it more than I did. Do I get bothered or upset in life, of course I do. However, I won’t let it have control or give it that power over me. When I do feel like I am getting overwhelmed, I pray, I like to go outside and count my blessings. I enjoy writing and reading and I try and learn something new each day. I call my best friend who I mentioned the other day on this board. She helps me figure things out and we laugh. I eat chocolate lol. I hope you and everyone on this board has a great day. Be happy.
  3. Roxy15

    Am Happy

    Thank you everyone. I appreciate all of the kindness that the members here have shown me. You all are the best and I send you all hugs. This morning I registered at the hospital for the surgery. I can’t run and hide now lol Just kidding, there are things in life that we all don’t like to do but we have to. Surgery falls in that category. My blood pressure and stuff is good they said and I lost more weight again. Appointments are finally done now so all I have left is the surgery and that’s a relief. You all take care now.
  4. Roxy15

    Am Happy

    I just noticed that I got a message from Facebook and she left me a message. She is the best. I got to thinking on how we thought pageants were stupid and here she ended up being homecoming queen and I ended up getting 3rd place in a beauty contest. We laughed a lot over that.
  5. Roxy15

    Am Happy

    Oh my laughing....you probably wouldn’t believe me if I would tell you. Now get your mind out of the gutter lol it had nothing to do with you know what. We were not that way. We were both on the honor role and we both were on the varsity team in volleyball, cheerleaded, pompom girls, were in band and more and we wouldn’t risk loosing those activities for any guy. However the stories we could tell about the guys who tried to date us, is funny. Now I just got to remembering the times we were warming up for a game and the stupid stuff guys tried to pull to get our attention. It didn’t work for them laughing. Oh my. I can’t wait until they join this board. I better get better quick after my surgery so they join. She made me laugh so hard and that is what I needed. Laughter is the best medicine Thank you for wishing me luck on the surgery, I really appreciate it. I will be ok. I am a firm believer in the good lord and he has watched over me.
  6. I called my very best friend from high school today but she didn’t answer so I left a message. She called me back and.we laughed and cried together, I miss her so much. She is beautiful inside and out. We both cheerleaded, played varsity volleyball and other sports together and oh the stories I could tell you what we did, would take forever. I am sure the coaches and staff haven’t forgotten us lol. She has a twin sister who has the same name as me, so you could say all of us were triplets. Anyway, my friend and her twin sister may join this board. They are going to check it out. She asked me what name she should use and I suggested a name. We got to laughing so hard about the name I came up with, however she said “no” to the name. She said she would let me know the names they picked out. When she lets me know, I will introduce you to them. It probably won’t be for awhile because she knows that I am having surgery and she wants to wait until I am better. We can read each other’s minds without saying anything. just by a look we give each other and when we talk, we say the same things at the same time a lot. Anyway, I have been nervous about the surgery and after talking to her, I feel so much better. She loves football too and said she was sad that they lost, but it will take time. That’s my news for today.
  7. Roxy15

    What did we learn? -Game 2- Troy

    Be patient! Good things come to those who wait! The husker players feel bad enough as it is! Think about this: Let’s dance in the rain instead of worrying about the tough starts the Huskers have had. They feel awful too. Stay positive!
  8. Roxy15

    What did we learn? -Game 2- Troy

    What I learned today is this: i refuse to give up on the Huskers. It is sad that they lost, but, it isn’t going to change over night. Patience is something that a true Husker fan should have and your love for them should never stop because they have had a rough start. Everyone learns from their mistakes. So the things listed below are what I learn after a game-(win or lose)- and if you do the things that you love after a game, you will learn from them too and you will feel better. My Learning List: On the top of my learning list is “prayer”. Prayer is very important to me and it teaches me. Popcorn always makes me feel better. If Huskers win, I get out a bowl of popcorn to celebrate. If they loose, I just eat more popcorn lol. My doctor wants me to start eating anyway. i put my favorite music on and turn up the sound. So do whatever makes you happy and hopefully you will learn from it too. I saw Fleetwood Mac in concert and they were great. Stevie is one of my favorite singers. So this is one of my favorite songs that I put on. Music always makes me happy. May your days be happy.
  9. Roxy15

    *** Official Troy Game Thread ***

    Well if anyone in here needs a laugh watch this. Sigh.. hope the Huskers can turn this game around and “hit somebody” like she says in this movie.
  10. Roxy15


    I picked the Dirty Dancing video because like the song says, I’ve have had the time of my life” and Huskerboard has been a lot of fun for me. I got the exray done this morning and they took a blood sample. The surgeon I have is one of the best out there and I trust him completely and I like him. After being in a coma and having other operations, this should be easier. I wouldn’t let him do the surgery if I didn’t trust him. You wouldn’t even believe some of the doctors that I told off because they wouldn’t listen to me and I ended up being the one who was right all along! I am no doctor, but I am far away from being stupid! So please remember this: No one knows your body like you do, so if you can’t get your doctor to listen to you, find a doctor who will! Sending hugs to all.
  11. Roxy15


    Thank you both huggss
  12. Roxy15


    Just want you all to know that I am going to be having surgery Wednesday and it is going to take a few hours. I won’t be posting recipes for awhile because I have a lot I want to get taken care of before then and I am going to be real sore after the surgery. However, I will check in here every so often to read stuff before then and if I am up to it, will check in while recuperating I have X-rays and blood work tommorrow morning. The doctor told me to fast after a certain time tonight and I told him that I hadn’t ate all day and that I wasn’t hungry. He shook his head and told me that he didn’t want to have me passing out. I am pretty little to begin with and he told me that I lost another 10 lbs. and he shook his head. I have been nervous about surgery and have had some personal stuff on my mind so eating is not on my priority list. I told him that I drink lemon water alot and he laughed and said that he had missed me. We always tell stories when I go and it is fun. He reminds me of my grandpa who was a pharmacist. Anyway this song is for the Huskerboard to thank you all for the fun you have given to me and other members. When I am in the hospital you all be kiind to another ok? I love you all hugs.
  13. Roxy15


    I meant Roxy on it geez
  14. Roxy15


    Now which member in here is going to build me this she shed?? Lol. I want a big N and Rixy put on it though. I will bake you cookies and give you some beer when you are done lol
  15. Roxy15

    Meat & Vegetable Seasoning

    Also good on fish