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  1. Will post recipes when I am better
  2. https://nextdoor.com/news_feed/
  3. This site works where I live in California to see what is happening in our neighborhood. I signed up for it to get email alerts. I think this web site works for other states if you care to check it out. www.nextdoor.com
  4. Olive Garden Recipe Link

  5. Taco Potatoes/Pic

    I made this for the first time the other night for dinner and we really liked it. The only thing I will do different the next time I make them, is use more taco seasoning. I only used 1 package and it could of used more seasoning. I prepared it ahead of time in the zip-loc bag and baked it later when it was time to get dinner ready. Taco Potatoes: You want enough Russet potatoes to fill your iron-cast skillet. Wash potatoes; put in cutting board and cut in half, then cut in large chunks. Put 1/4 cup Olive Oil in a zip-loc bag; add potatoes and Taco Seasoning; shake bag to cover potatoes. Put 1/4 cup Olive Oil in an iron-cast skillet; put skillet in oven. Preheat the oven to 400 degrees. You want the oil hot before adding potatoes. Once the oven has reached 400 degrees, add potatoes that have been cut in chunks and bake for 40 minutes. Serve with Hidden Valley as a dipping sauce-(or your favorite dipping sauce)-if you want.
  6. Someone gave us some fish that he had caught and we had it last night with hushpuppies and tater tots. It was the best fish I have ever made. Nothing beats fresh fish. I used Zatarain’s New Orlean’s Style Fish Fri Seafood Breading Mix Crispy Southern for the fish coating and used Louisiana Homestyle Hush Puppy Seasoned Cornmeal Mix for the hushpuppies; had some tater tots too. The hushpuppies turned out great, I put some chopped green onions in the batter. I prepared them ahead of time. When I made them, I formed them into balls and put them in a Tupperware container and refrigerated them until time to make them. That helps the hushpuppies to firm up before making them. I deep-fried the fish and the hushpuppies. Used some homemade Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing for a dip. Edited to say that the fish was covered first with milk and refrigerated, then I flipped the fish over to let the other side soak in milk for awhile.. Then I cut the fish on a cutting board so the pieces would fit in the deep fat fryer basket. then I put the pieces of fish in a Tupperware container and added the fish seasoning. Put the lid on and shake it to coat well. Refrigerate it until ready to deep fat fry.
  7. Hoagie Dressing/Pics

    Made a hoagie sandwich for lunch today and this dressing is really good, This the way I make Hoagies: On a cookie sheet, open up Hoagie Buns, be careful not to tear. Put your choice of cheese or a combo of cheeses on both buns. Put your choice of deli meat-(or a combo of deli meats)-on the top bun, then more cheese on top of deli meat. Bake in preheated 325 degree oven until cheese is melted. Take hoagies out of oven, put shredded lettuce, sliced tomatoes then sliced onions on the bottom bun. Drizzle Dietz & Watson Hoagie Dressing on top of that and sprinkle Parmesan Cheese on top of the onions. I sprinkle Parmesan Cheese on top of the other deli bun too. Put top bun on and slice Hoagie in half
  8. I saw this on the Today Show this morning and it looked great. Brown Sugar Peppered Bacon: 10 Thick-Cut Bacon Slices 1/3 Cup Packed, Plus 2 Tsp. Light Brown Sugar 2 T. Black Pepper Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Line a rimmed baking sheet with aluminum foil. Place a wired rack on the foil. Place as many bacon slices as you can fit on the rack. Stir together the brown sugar and pepper in a small bowl. Sprinkle the bacon with the brown sugar mixture, pressing lightly to adhere. Bake until the bacon is crispy, 35-40 minutes, rotating the baking sheet halfway-(on same rack)-once or twice during baking time.
  9. I made this for dinner yesterday and we liked it. The next time I make it, I will bake it at a very low temperature. The longer it bakes, the more tender it will be. Crockpot Cubed Steaks In Mushroom & Onion Sauce: 2 Cubed Steaks Or Called Minute Steaks Flour Garlic Salt & Pepper, To Taste Garlic Powder, To Taste 1 Envelope Lipton Onion Soup Mix ***Or You Could Use Onion Mushroom Soup Mix 2 Cans Campbell’s Cream Of Mushroom With Roasted Garlic Soup Sliced White Onions, To Taste Chopped White Onions, To Taste 1/2 Soup Can Milk Kitchen Bouquet, To Taste ***Enough To Make A Brown Gravy 1 Tsp. Dry Thyme Leaves 1 Pkg. Fresh Sliced Fresh Mushrooms 1 Pkg. McCormick Mushroom Gravy Mix Fettuccini, Used A Half Of Box .***Can Sub Hot Cooked Rice Lay cubed steaks flat on a cutting board. Cover one side with flour and sprinkle garlic salt and pepper over. Flip steaks over and repeat on the other side. In mixing bowl, mix 1 pkg. McCormick Mushroom Gravy Mix, onion soup mix, soup, milk, Kitchen Bouquet, Thyme Leaves and garlic powder;,stir. Put sliced onions on the bottom of crockpot; put steak on top. Pour mushroom sauce on top: cover with sliced fresh mushrooms and diced white onions. I cooked it on low all afternoon, 6 to 8 hours. Serve over Fettuccini or hot cooked rice. I sprinkled Parmesan Cheese on top.
  10. Grilled Artichokes: Pic

    Grilled Artichokes: 2 large artichokes 1 lemon, quartered 3/4 cup olive oil 4 garlic cloves, chopped 1 teaspoon salt 1/2 teaspoon ground black pepper Trim the tops and ends of leaves from the artichokes, cut in half lengthwise and remove the fuzzy choke. Squeeze a bit of lemon on immediately to prevent browning. If preparing artichokes ahead of time, place them in a bowl of lemon water until ready to boil. If unsure how to properly prepare an artichoke, look at the video below. Meanwhile, preheat an outdoor grill for medium-high heat. Lemon Aioli Recipe 3/4 cup mayonnaise 2 garlic cloves, minced 1 teaspoon grated lemon rind 1 tablespoon fresh lemon juice 1/4 teaspoon salt 1/4 teaspoon pepper Stir together 3/4 cup mayonnaise and remaining ingredients. Makes 3/4 cup. Basil Pesto Mayonnaise Recipe 2⁄3 cup mayonnaise 4 tablespoons prepared basil pesto Mix well and refrigerate, preferably for at least an hour and up to 24 hours.
  11. Blue Cheese Dressing/Pic

    Sometimes it is easier just to buy it, but, then again, it is much better to take the time to make it:) Blue Cheese Dressing: 4-ozs. Danish Blue Cheese Or French Blue Cheese Or Your Favorite, At Room Temperature 1/2 Cup Olive Oil 1/2 Cup Margarine 1-1/2 T. Red Wine Vinegar Crumble the Blue Cheese into a bowl ad using a fork, whisk in the Olive Oil. Let stand for about 40 minutes. Whisk in the mayonnaise and red wine vinegar. Cover bowl and refrigerate till needed. Whisk again just before serving.
  12. Quesadilla/Pic

    Another Good One: Quesadilla: 6 1/2 ounces combination cheese (Monterey Jack and Cheddar) 2 ounces pico de gallo butter or margarine, as needed 2 (10 inch) flour tortillas Filling: (Choose 1) 4 ounces cooked steak, cubed 4 ounces cooked chicken breast, cubed 4 ounces cooked crab meat 4 ounces cooked shrimp, peeled and deveined, cubed 4 ounces cooked assorted veggies, cubed Grate equal parts of Monterey Jack and Cheddar cheeses into bowl and toss until the two cheese are blended together. Measure 6-1/2 oz of combo cheese and set aside. Measure remaining ingredients and set aside. Place skillet pan or griddle on medium high heat. Place butter on heated surface and allow butter to melt. Distribute the melted butter across the cooking surface and place one flour tortilla on top of the melted butter. Distribute cheese, Pico de Gallo and optional cubed meat across the top of the tortilla and allow the cheese to melt. Place the second tortilla on top of the fillers and lightly press down to adhere the tortilla to the melted cheese. Using a spatula, flip the quesadilla and continue cooking until both sides are light golden brown. Remove the quesadilla from pan and place on cutting board. Slice the quesadilla evenly in half and continue slicing the portions in half until you have desired size wedges. Arrange the quesadilla wedges on plate and serve with your favorite Mexican garnishes and side dishes. Notes: When adding optional meat or vegetable ingredients, reduce the amount of combo cheese to 4 1/2 ounces total
  13. Seafood Nachos/Pic

    This is one of my favorite appetizers to make: 16 Large Tortilla Chips 1-(8-oz.) Package Louis Kemp Crab Delights 1-(8-oz.) Package Louis Kemp Lobster Delights 1 Package Frozen Package Salad Shrimp, thawed Or Use Fresh Shrimp From The Deli-(I Prefer Shrimp From The Deli) Shredded Monterey Jack Cheese Spread tortilla chips on 10-inch wax paper-lined paper plate. Layer the crab, lobster and shrimp over the nachos. Sprinkle the shredded Monterey Jack Cheese on top. Bake it on low heat until cheese is melted and it heated through You can also microwave it, but, I always use the oven. Toppings: Salsa, Picante Sauce, Sour Cream, Sliced Jalapenos, Sliced Black Olives, Guacamole, /Whatever You Prefer ****You could also make a cheese sauce and pour over it; top with your favorite toppings.
  14. Chicken Wings/Pic

    These Chicken Wings Are Good/Not Sure If I Ever Posted This One 3 Eggs 1 Cup Hot Sauce ***I Used Frank's Red Hot Wing Sauce ***Or Your Favorite Hot Sauce 2 Cups Self-Rising Flour 2-1/2 lbs. Chicken Wings ***I Used Party Chicken Wings Paula Deen's House Seasoning Heat oil in deep-fat fryer according to directions. In a medium bowl, beat the eggs; add 1 cup Frank's Red Hot Wing Sauce. Season chicken with Paula Deen's House Seasoning. Dip the chicken wings in the egg and then coat well in the flour. Place the chicken wings in the preheated oil and fry the chicken wings until brown and crisp-(8-14 minutes)-until they are crisp enough to your liking. Serve with homemade Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing/Blue Cheese Dressing/Carrot Sticks/Celery Sticks-(Opt.) Paula Deen's House Seasoning: 1 Cup Salt 1/4 Cup Black Pepper 1/4 Cup Garlic Powder Mix all the following ingredients and put in a shaker for convenience. I use this on fried chicken and on a lot of dishes.
  15. I had some left over pork left from the other day and I am like my dad was. He hated to see good food go to waste. He always said he starved when he was in the army and he wasn't going to starve again. Anyway, I remembered when mom used to make this and it was always good so I decided to make it. This is good football food. You can make the pork roast ahead of time and stick it in the crockpot for the game. I have made the pork roast in the crockpot and in the oven. Use more sauce if you use more pork, I eyeball it according to how much pork I have. 1-1/2 Cups Cooked & Diced Pork Mix With The Following Sauce: 1 Cup Ketchup 1/4 Cup Brown Sugar 1/4 Cup Water-(I Use Bottled Water) 2 T. Vinegar 2 T. Minced Onion-(I Use Chopped White Onion & Use More) Recipe Doesn't Call For Garlic, But, I Like To Add Chopped Garlic 1 T. Mustard 1 T. Worcestershire Sauce Put the cooked and diced pork in a crockpot or oven and cook for 2-3 hours. I like to use my crockpot and cook it on low or warm and usually use a whole pork roast and more sauce of course and cook it on low all day in the crockpot. Serve on hamburger buns.