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  1. *** Official 2018 Spring Game Thread ***

    Are you guys sad they’re getting rid of the tunnel walk?
  2. Who has a big day today?

    I’ll bet Morgan doesn’t even catch a pass
  3. *** Official 2018 Spring Game Thread ***

    good to see relationship with Suh is being mended.
  4. Spring Game Attendance Tracker

    Shouldn’t there be a zero on the graph the year it got cancelled?
  5. RB Thomas Grayson [Nebraska Commit]

    Mars probably, since it only has about 38% of the gravity the Earth does. But yeah I agree for an Earthling that’s pretty good.
  6. Mick Stoltenberg updates?

    Correct Heard his injury has something to do with trying to take a selfie with a raccoon.
  7. Zac Taylor vs Tommy Armstrong

    Mike Ditka vs a hurricane who do you take?
  8. Spring Practice Notes

    Is that what the kids are calling it nowadays?
  9. Sam Keller vs Tanner Lee

  10. Sam Keller vs Tanner Lee

    Tanner lee never took away my favorite video game as a kid
  11. Favorite new assistant coach

    With a decent amount of interviews so far (and no actual on field performance to gauge), which assistant coach is your favorite on the new staff? I’ll start out with Walters. I think he does a great job of explaining and seems to have a ton of passion for coaching. Like him more and more the more I hear him talk.
  12. Defensive Backs Working on Versatility

    Fisher is really big on the secondary being good tacklers. He’s brought it up in multiple interviews. Something of the effect if they’re not willing to throw their body body around they won’t play. So I’m looking forward to see what he can do. His position group is probably in the worst shape in regards to what each coach inherited.