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  1. BTN Bus Tour

  2. BTN Bus Tour

  3. Fall Camp

    Lol at this coming from Utter
  4. Scott Frost Home Burglarized

    I don’t think prank is the correct term here.
  5. Who's Next?

    This guy
  6. Who's Next?

  7. Tre Bryant back?

    Too many people will get touches and Frost has already said they’ll have to limit Bryant.
  8. Tre Bryant back?

    Good to see Bryant practicing. I’m no dr but I can’t imagine the angle of his knee doesn’t play a role in the chronic inflammation “old man knees”
  9. DB Quinton Newsome [Nebraska Commit]

    Visiting this weekend
  10. OT Willie Canty [Nebraska - Signed LOI]

    Coach Sims said in an article the goal will be to get him graduated in a year and a half. Be eligible to enroll spring 2020.
  11. OT Willie Canty [Nebraska - Signed LOI]

    You’ll be mad regardless
  12. Already some of this starting to happen with some defensive players.
  13. Mike Riley, Ore State Assistant HC .... or not

    The Alliance has been in discussions with potential coaches for the league, with a base salary for a head coach estimated at $500,000. Coaches are not announced until their team has been announced and potential coaching candidates must sign a non-disclosure agreement