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  1. Already some of this starting to happen with some defensive players.
  2. Mike Riley, Ore State Assistant HC .... or not

    The Alliance has been in discussions with potential coaches for the league, with a base salary for a head coach estimated at $500,000. Coaches are not announced until their team has been announced and potential coaching candidates must sign a non-disclosure agreement
  3. QB Luke McCaffrey [Nebraska Commit]

    Bump to front page
  4. QB John Rhys Plumlee [Georgia Commit]

    Doubt he ever plays football
  5. Who's Next?

  6. Andrew Ward Leaving the Huskers

    Staff was supposed to be giving their post spring feedback and he probably didn’t see a future here. Which is fine from Nebraska’s standpoint and his. Bestof luck to him.
  7. What I find interesting is this audit doesn’t even mention the two murders that Moos covered up.
  8. ”Can only go up from here...”
  9. Huskers Interested in Suspended Florida Transfer

    I’d like it if all Husker football players had a 4.0 in pre-med or engineering. They must all be 6’ tall too, so I can tell my son that that’s what happens when you eat all your vegetables. You probably have a parenting problem if you can’t teach your kid not to steal.
  10. Assistant Coach

  11. New Tunnel Walk Ideas 2018

    Intro to zombieland
  12. Assistant Coach

    Be nice to get a coach with recruiting ties in BIG territory like Chicago.
  13. JUCO OT Kadeem Telfort

    Interesting, looked a little more and saw he charged a little over a thousand to the bookstore and then the food delivery stuff. Id be extremely pissed if my money was Stolen, so I have no sympathy for the action. My Tweet was just to show what some of the purchases were. He still only got a fine and probation. I have no problem with the Huskers accepting him into the program if he follows guidelines and isn’t a hinderance to the culture we’re building.
  14. JUCO OT Kadeem Telfort

    Where do you see he was one of the worst? He’s been charged with a third degree felony (lowest in Florida). And his punishment was 2 years probation and a fine.