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  1. Lomachenko takes another soul.  

    1. The Dude

      The Dude

      That was a great fight.  Linares did great.  Loma just outclassed him.

    2. MLB 51

      MLB 51

      That shot to the liver was an excellent punch. I didn't think he hit him that hard, but those type of punches just take the fight out you.

    3. The Dude

      The Dude

      He was the main topic of discussion around the water cooler today.

  2. Dave Humm Passes Away

    Mentioned this about an hour ago in my status, heart attack. The guy was a stud. Wrecked his knee at the end of his senior year and pretty much cancelled a pro career for him. Saved our bacon down in Lawrence in 1993 breaking up a two point conversion at the end of the game up 21-20
  3. Rough couple days for Husker Nation.  Former great D End Travis Hill passed away today

  4. WR Jameson Williams

    On the ball. My man!!
  5. WR Jameson Williams

    Boy that voting poll could use one hell of an update
  6. 100 mph. Guys my age are making super good money to usually get three outs 3-4 times a week
  7. So, who is going to leave?

    The biggest thing with Roby this year was he finally got to just play ball. When he played as a freshman he pretty much was looking over his shoulder at the bench after every off/def possession because Miles had such a short leash with him. Knowing that fouls were the only thing that sends him to the bench this year definitely helped with his confidence
  8. 2017-2018 Season Notes

    Your positives hinge on one key omitted thing. Home game. I’d look a hell of a lot more at the neutral court ass kicking
  9. Head Basketball Coach Search

    Here’s one to let sink in for a moment. Utah State has SIX wins in the NCAA tourney. SIX!!!!
  10. Head Basketball Coach Search

    Not directly related to NU, but Miles coaching tree. Craig Smith leaves USD to go to Utah State. Interesting
  11. Give me a Paul Westhead at Loyola Marymount type guy and system. You know 1990s Hank Gathers ad Bo Kimble up and down the floor averaging 100+ a game. I mean the he Miles defensive first mentality ain’t doing squat, so might as well make the games nonstop excitement
  12. 2018 NCAA Tournament Contest

    Thanks for going all Nebrasketball the last five minutes MSU
  13. What Should Miles Five-Year Plan Be Called?

    The Rasmussen was the shooter on the grassy knoll conspiracists need to take a step back. 1. He could not part take in the discussions about NU. As the head of the committee he brought them up as a team and that was it. 2. And much more importantly those discussions about NU were quick as their resume sucked.
  14. The shock will be if he stays in the states playing college ball instead of going pro in kangaroo land
  15. Must try places to eat in Lincoln

    George’s>>>>>>Ali Babas