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  1. As Jake Taylor said in Major League there is only one thing left for this team to do in NYC to go dancing.
  2. This is SOOOOO Nebrasketball. Let a team you are better than stay in the game with 2nd chance points and poor FT shooting.
  3. The two straight possessions of going to man after the zone got you back in the game was a Timmy brain fart. Add in the fact Roby would be careful with his fouls so Timmy basically gave Illinois four points there
  4. Seriously Glenn?!? What terrible shot
  5. What an absolute crap fourth foul call there
  6. Use the bonus to your advantage to end this
  7. This actually a really bad line up right now on both ends
  8. Anton Gill continuing to support my theory that he only should shoot from the right side of the floor
  9. 2-3 zone instead of the 1-3-1. Interesting There ya go Cope. Nice dime dropped by Roby
  10. They’ve hit some circus bailout shots after very good defensive possessions as well as Black playing the half of his life. Honestly would not bet on those trends continuing. Roby can get to the rim against his guy and Palmer as well, need Watson and Gill to do anything on offense to open more creases to the rim. And Copeland CANT Jordy that great bounce pass from Roby. That pass has been there all game
  11. Palmer hopefully won’t overly try to force his game and feeds and plays of his teammates success(namely Roby). Let it come to him especially if the Illini want to keep playing the foul trouble game. Long jumpers will not break him out.
  12. I’m content with letting Black shoot that all game long. Jordy leaving the paint on defense is bad news for him and the team. He will pick up fouls left and right and the team will get stuck chasing after bad over rotations
  13. Bracketology

    You want Michigan to win. Potentially a pair of wins over the Wolverines, and winning out these last games are far more important than who NU could POTENTIALLY face in the semis.
  14. Shore up the boards(far far fewer second chances for the Illini) and attack the rim relentlessly from the onset and should be able to come home with another win. Settle for quick jumpers and be careless with the ball(especially vs full court) and find themselves needing to win the conference tourney to get a ticket to the dance.