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  1. Lomachenko once again shows he’s the MAN. 

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    2. PaulCrewe


      Loma was getting pissed at all the holding and ducking last night.  Proclaimed his new name is No Mas Lomachenko. 

      There is nothing at this weight for him.  Can’t even get the loss on his record rectified as Salido retired after getting knocked out last night

    3. The Dude

      The Dude

      Loma looks closer in size to Crawford than he is Rigondeaux.  That's the fight I wanna see.




    4. PaulCrewe


      That’s 15-20 pounds though for Loma.  I agree that would be awesome.  Hoping Crawford forgets Manny and shoots for Spence

  2. RB Joshua Fleeks [Baylor Commit]

    Baylor will be tough to beat with the high school coach connection there
  3. MAN game from Watson tonight, 9 massive boards on top of the scoring. Had that swag all game like against Iowa last year
  4. My lord this team can look like a junior high girls team when they see a press. Been crap against a press for years
  5. When they push tempo and attack the rim this team can look sooooo good. The amount of poor contested shots is less and the ball movement is more productive
  6. As Omaha Husker says his defense is horrid. What he may give you from beyond the arc(6-9 points) he easily gets torched for that many. He gets abused when posted up, easily beaten off the dribble and routinely will get lost when trying to double This score is way closer than how the flow of the game feels
  7. One wishes the lead was a little bigger than 8 after getting their bigs in foul trouble. Must continue to attack the rim in the second and for the love of Joe McCray, stop the ball in transition. Rebounding gets better as well and look out
  8. Let’s hope they remember how to rebound. 2nd/3rd/4th chances killed them against MSU and could happen tonight with Minny’s bigs
  9. DT Bryson Williams [Wisconsin Commit]

    Still 100% badger from whispers I’ve heard/seen. big factor here, other than the late attention, is Bryson wasn’t born here and “grew up bleeding all things Huskers”. Kids can do whatever they want and power to them. But Frost, going forward, wins just with this offer.
  10. Assistants-who do we want?

    It is his alma mater and home. Perfectly ok with it for him IF it’s the DC
  11. Assistants-who do we want?

    Bray is heading back to Corvallis
  12. Weight Room Meeting with SF/Former Players

    Thinking the first guy that playfully pushes Scott then hugs him might be Ben Cornelson, wingback from Kansas
  13. Weight Room Meeting with SF/Former Players

    Close with the name but I’m thinking it is Lance Brown. Wingback from Papillion
  14. Weight Room Meeting with SF/Former Players

    No Matt was suited up and with Frost, Moos, and the rest of the big wigs. you know for his new gig PLUS you can see Matt right in the beginning behind Scott when they are entering the room