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  1. What Will Huskers Do With All the Money?

    Hopefully win
  2. Benning on Banker

    Taggart is probably one of the best coaches no one has heard of. I think he's going to do big things at Oregon and it won't take long.
  3. FOX analyst Klatt thinks NU can overachieve due to Tanner Lee

    Beaver90210. You've been one of my favorites since Riley was hired.
  4. 2018 Offensive Line Recruiting

    This kid's thread has been hijacked by how bad his potential future coach is and how he's not that good. Stay classy. I hope he comes here.
  5. Tanner Lee getting some early press

    I may be out in left field, but I believe Tanner's ability to hit the short/quick routes is going to determine the type of year the O-Line has. If he can do that, everyone will think Cav is amazing. Reality is, there hasn't been a threat taking snaps for a while now....open season on an average beat up line.
  6. Patriots find a trick-shot kicker in Nebraska, of course

    The played soccer in Europe...had multiple walk on offers including NU. He is a calm cool and collected demeanor. Can he hit an 80 yarder in a game? I doubt it. Can he hit from 60? Without a doubt.When I was in school we had a guy that was an all conference soccer player and joined the football team to be the kicker. We were stoked to finally have a good kicker. Could hit from all over the field using a tee. Get in field goal formation with people lined up accross from him and he couldn't hit sh#t. Soccer and football are very different that's why there aren't just a bunch of soccer players kicking for teams in theor spare time High school kicker in Nebraska that played soccer. I think he held the state record for a few years.
  7. Kalu Moving to Safety

    Kalu is a great tackler and isn't one that avoids contact. I think he could be a pretty good safety.
  8. WR Jamire Calvin [Washington State - Signed LOI]

    I'm sticking to this. He'll be out of football pretty soon.
  9. WR Jamire Calvin [Washington State - Signed LOI]

    Only way I'd go after this kid is if there is a scholly left to burn. Seems like a one and done to me.
  10. What did we learn- Ohio State edition

    Every statement here is dead on. We don't control the line of scrimmage on either side of the ball and I think it is talent/experience gap. I'm hopeful that the o-line redshirting are the real deal and Foster heals up from his injury. I think the D-Line made the DB's look bad. The most troubling part of the entire game for me was how bad the defense was. They held at the LOS, but they didn't make plays. The missed both tackles and opportunities over and over again. Our special teams have been a question mark all year. That dude makes way too much money to be so bad at kick-off and punt return. Tre Bryant had some horrible decisions. When Ryker came in and was throwing off his back foot I really started to realize that we just don't have a big time QB on the team. Tommy is a warrior and I'm glad he's ok, but the combination of the injured line and his inability to make the tight throw make it pretty easy to game plan against him. I think this loss is very disappointing, but to me it more shows that we aren't there yet rather than bad coaching. I really do believe with a healthy O-Line, a game manager QB and a couple of beasts on the DL this is a top 10 team. I'm eager to see how they rebound and close out the year. As bad as this is, closing out 3-0 would help me to move on.
  11. Coach Cav Free Pass?

    Last year he was called out for not rotating. Now he's being called out for poor play. There is no depth and the injuries to the starters are heavy. Leave the guy alone. Move on nothing to see here.
  12. ***Official Purdue Look-alike Thread***

    25 - Tario Fuller Mario Brother
  13. ***Official Purdue Look-alike Thread***

    10 - Gregory Phillips Lambda Lambda Lambda Pledge
  14. ***Official Purdue Look-alike Thread***

    Ross Els - D Coordinator Ross Els - Former Husker LB coach
  15. Guess we're facing an Interim Coach this Week

    I'd rather win against Purdue at take the inevitable beating that is coming via the W. That defense in the first half against tOSU was nasty.