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  1. The Tyronn Lue Thread

    Seems like hiring Erstad for basketball.
  2. Which Nebraska QB would you choose for Frost's offense?

    There are 3 QBs on the current roster that are better suited for this offense than T-Mart. Add the coach and you have 4. This is great reading. GBR.
  3. Which Nebraska QB would you choose for Frost's offense?

    I couldn’t find the espn interview, but this article pretty much says what the interview did. T-Mart and Armstrong were never going to be elite QBs in any offense. http://footballscoop.com/news/mike-leach-quarterback-isnt-accurate-shouldnt-recruit/
  4. Which Nebraska QB would you choose for Frost's offense?

    Pretty heavy load carrying Burkhead, Abdullah, Helu, Kinnie, Paul, Allen, Q, Moore and Bell. One might think they carried poor QB play. This jump ball BS we’ve been watching for 9 years doesn’t work. It has been exposed that tossing the ball into the air and letting Bell or Westy make a play is at best marginally successful. Frost is looking for a smart QB that is athletic and throw accurately.
  5. Which Nebraska QB would you choose for Frost's offense?

    Great athlete, not a great QB. Everyone feels it move when they talk about the K State game when he was as a freshman and then what “Could have been”. In my opinion he was a liability for 3 years.
  6. Which Nebraska QB would you choose for Frost's offense?

    Any of you think Frost would ever start T Martinez at QB? That some funny shizzle right there.
  7. This is too great to get buried in Status Updates

    Pretty awful really, except Crouch. He did as good of a Crouch as I’ve seen.
  8. Tim Miles receives one-year contract extension

    Moos is a savage. He made the play he had to and we will get a new coach next year. He will have a year to find someone. He’s going to get it right.
  9. Versus Threads vs No versus threads

    Amigos v Taco Inn.....go
  10. Versus Threads vs No versus threads

    Matt Turman v Ryker Fyfe.....go
  11. Frost’s QB Room

    It refreshing to not see so many posts about Gebbia needing to gain 40 lbs so he could play. He'll be the starter.
  12. Jamal Lord vs Taylor Martinez

    I always wondered what Zac Lee would have done if he played his senior year.
  13. Curt Dukes vs. Harrison Beck

    Why not toss Dailey in here? They all ended up in North Carolina....at the same time.
  14. Jamal Lord vs Taylor Martinez

    Lord is one of the most underrated players I've every seen.
  15. So, who is going to leave?

    He took Morrow's spot as the team sacrifice since we are so weak inside. Kid is a team player. I'm glad we have him.