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  1. Coaching Carousel

    Florida State upgraded.
  2. TE Messiah Swinson

    I just see Jurgens as a Vanden Bosch.
  3. Eichorst-really a Wisconsin plant?

    You must not work in corporate America. Eichorsts are everywhere.
  4. Assistants Announced

    Anyone know what these guys were making before?
  5. Tim Miles Separation watch

    They are bad and they are going to get abused this year. I went to the Eastern Illinois and North Dakota games. They were up on North Dakota by 20 and still looked awful in my opinion. I left this game hoping that this is the last year for Miles. They are outplayed in every aspect of the game. The only chance they have is if they can rain 3 pointers. Jordy can't hit a lay up and literally every player on the team gets swatted when they drive. In my opinion it's the same as the football team. Reasonable talent that just isn't coached well.
  6. DT Bryson Williams [Wisconsin Commit]

    Just heard this on KFAB. What a joke. No one was in charge.
  7. S C.J. Smith [Nebraska Commit]

    Edit.....wrong info
  8. Assistants-who do we want?

    Not going to happen.
  9. Assistants-who do we want?

    Dewitt has to be coming here. He's played arena in Iowa and North Dakota. Coach at UNI. This dude breaks the mold of a typically football coach and I really hope we get him.
  10. Can we get JUCOs to beef up the defense?

    I’ve really never thought about it, but it seems like a no brainer. Could really benefit both programs.
  11. Can we get JUCOs to beef up the defense?

    Could IWCC be used kind of like the walk on program? Like a UNL JV if they would work together.
  12. Matt Davison Now Associate AD for Football

    Who takes his spot on Radio? I vote for Nick Handley.
  13. Watch Frost News Conference Here **Live** @ 12 Noon Cent time

    I have no issues with his stance. Our tabloid culture wants to know everything about everyone. Especially dirt. The mega thread is close to 350.
  14. Watch Frost News Conference Here **Live** @ 12 Noon Cent time

    Part of me says “reasonable request” and part of me says “you make $14K per day and that’s part of the deal”. Either way they’ll leave him alone.
  15. Give credit to Moos

    I’d prefer Altman, but that’s kind of a stretch