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  1. The Talent Debate - 2017 Edition

  2. ***2017 VISITOR LIST***

    Isn't it easy to see that we are lacking in the OL and RB department?
  3. ATH Talanoa Hufanga

    Well yeah, Riley coached his brother at Oregon State, but this is the least of our worries at this time
  4. Movie Reviews

    I get it, just not my style I guess. I felt the same way about the first Jeeper's Creepers. Loved the first half, then it slowly got out of hand IMO
  5. Who should we hire

    No, it's the fact that we hired someone who has coached for 30 years and was only worth being paid the 42nd highest in CFB. That should have been the first red flag. We need to dig into the pocket book and get a big name coach and quit pissing around
  6. Who should we hire

    We need to pay a HC close to $5M or get the young guy Frost. Those are the only two options IMO. Riley was 42nd highest paid coach. That ain't gonna get it done
  7. Eichorst Fired!

    This makes me so happy
  8. We always talk how we have all this money then want to spend under that. $3M would put him as the 37th highest paid coach. $3.7M as the 26th highest. How are these figures out of the question?
  9. I think everyone would take a long hard look if you got your salary doubled or tripled. $2 Million talks
  10. know your enemy (on paper) - Scarlet Knights

    30-14 loss vs Washington isn't all that bad being they are a top 10 team
  11. Movie Reviews

    The 2nd half to a lot of horror movies ruin it for me because they get too out of hand and unrealistic. The first half of It Follows was very good to me, then it took a turn into terrible.
  12. Tre Bryant doesn't get enough credit. I didn't hear as much complaining about the running game the first 2 weeks CAR YDS AVG TD LONG Tre Bryant 31 192 6.2 1 35 CAR YDS AVG TD LONG Tre Bryant 20 107 5.3 1 25
  13. ESPN: Can Riley Fix Nebraska?

    I'm sure having a nun as a our head coach would look great for the media and they would be respectful as well. This is football. We are here to win games bruh People act like Bo ate people's children. I'm not even mad he is gone, just shocked how people back Riley's inability to coach with "He's nice"
  14. Who should we hire

    It is different, but you are acting like a Head Coach doesn't have much significance to the team. Like saying since Urban Meyer doesn't call plays not much changes except he isn't at practice. Whole mentality of the team changes if Kevin Wilson takes over
  15. Who should we hire

    I doubt you can ever get an honest answer publicly since he is coaching elsewhere. He did note that Orlando is a fun place to live and easy to recruit at. "A lot of coaches are in a hurry to take the next step," Frost said. "I think you get yourself in trouble when you take a step before you're ready or before the time is right. I'm committed to making this place a really good football program that can win and win consistently in our league. I'm not planning on looking for a job until we get to that point." Frost has said he was never contacted about the job at his alma mater when that opened after the 2014 season. But the 41-year-old from Wood River is now considered one of the up-and-coming stars among college coaches.