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  1. Chris Harriman

    I wouldn't be mad if we win 14 games and Miles is fired. I feel he has had his fair due, but at the same time this school has never won a tourney game.
  2. Chris Harriman

    I saw a team last night that didn't know their role yet. I just think game 3 is too early to be closing the door on the season. I think we will improve since this team hasn't played many games together which is Miles fault having kids leave the program.
  3. Chris Harriman

    The door is closing on Miles, but I am willing to let the season play out. Young team with two transfer starters.
  4. Alex Grinch

    I've watched a few Wazzu games this year. Grinch runs a 3-4. Players move around a lot and he emphasizes speed and more speed. Until I hear the next HC I don't believe this rumor though. The HC chooses his staff, not the AD.
  5. Alex Grinch

    This only makes sense if the new HC was okay with this...
  6. Transfers from UCF

    You don't think that Wilson would start? I think with two transfers coming in with a new system runs off a lot of QBs. Gebbia could stay and try to take the reigns which is possible
  7. Transfers from UCF

    I think POB is transferring and Gebbia will be on the fence
  8. Some of my favorite underrated gems: Alcahest (SNES) Alundra (PS1) Fire & Ice (NES) Kabuki Quantum Fighter (NES) Power Blade 2 (NES) Saturday Night Slam Masters (SNES)
  9. Miles trying to get a little too cute with these twenty different defensive looks.
  10. This team is LOST without Watson on the floor
  11. Just started playing Horizon and I really enjoy this game. It's like Zelda and the Witcher kinda mixed into one. The crafting system is a lot more simplified than the Witcher 3 which I am okay with
  12. WR Joshua Moore [Nebraska Commit]

    I still feel good about keeping Moore on board after the firing. Kid is next level talent
  13. ** Scott Frost megathread all things SF***

    I remember when Mike Riley said us asking him to be our coach was "Out of the blue"