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  1. Erik Chinander

    The tackling in space was very impressive!
  2. ** 2017 Opponent Previews: Wisconsin (Game 6) **

    Baum out for the year.
  3. Recruit well so you have quality depth to overcome an injury.
  4. Illinois Game Trip

    Went two years ago. Stayed at a hotel N of the campus. I was near a major shopping center. Can't comment on the bar scene. The atmosphere gameday was bland. Had no issues getting home after the game. Imagine most traffic heads N after the game. I was heading E.
  5. B1G Replaces SEC as Most Overrated Conference

    I know a Crusader Husker from elsewhere.😉
  6. USA Today: Nebraska Bets on Lee

    Zac Taylor, "what about me?"
  7. OWH: Potential B1G Upsets

    Probably not. Remember the drubbing in Norman in 2008? Came back and beat them the following year. Obviously a lot of mitigating circumstances but it can be done.
  8. CollegeFootballNews: Big Ten Predictions

    I see 3 swing games, Wisconsin, Iowa and Oregon. Two losses in Ohio State and Penn State. The other 7 games I feel pretty good about. Would like them to go 2-1in the swing games. Penn State and Ohio State have to be competitive.* How I feel at 10:19PM, 7/19/2017.
  9. CollegeFootballNews: Big Ten Predictions

    This is opinion.
  10. Program Changing Plays

    Osborne handpicking Solich was a program changer.
  11. Most Expensive CFB Tickets

    I paid under face for Nebraska's games against Purdue and Illinois. Granted the games were at Champaign and W Lafayette.
  12. RB T.J. Pledger [Oklahoma - Signed LOI]

    There was a drop off from Hayes to Bruce. Bruce was not bad but he could not keep it at the Woody level. Alabama disappeared for a bit after their 93 title.
  13. McDermott Offered tOSU Job

    I wonder if the move by Creighton from the Missouri Valley to the Big East played a roll? Big East has Villanova, Creighton and Xavier for starters. Wichita State joins this winter.
  14. tOSU Presser - Matta Out?

    Jaws: Could Chris Jent be a guy the fanbase could get behind? Probably not too appealing for Gene Smith.
  15. Penn State had a great year last year. How much of that was from them not having a bullseye on their back? I thought they sneaked up on teams after a slow start to the season (loss to Pitt and blow out loss to Michigan). Will be interesting to see their response now that they have folks undivided attention.