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  1. Should we be surprised?

  2. Decker Stepping Away from Football

    What about serial killers?
  3. Immigration Ban

    I've also read that they've improved their debt situation quite a bit the past 2-3 years.
  4. Princess Beatrice has it made.

    She has access to loads of $ and gets to hang out in castles.
    Most people don't know who she is.
    But enough people know that she can go have a little fun with her fame, for example when she wore the hat below.
    She gets to hang out with her granny Queen Elizabeth and the royal family but not be on camera all the time.
    She probably has to go on some engagements but not many.



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    2. Comfortably Numb
    3. NUance


      Sure she has it made, but do they feed her a carrot every day?  Nei-ei-ei-eigh!

    4. Moiraine


      So mean! Her sister's a lil purtier.



  5. Already seen that one. That's my favorite Indiana massage channel. Although the guy getting the massage is less cute than the normal guy. Speaking of the normal guy, we're Facebook friends. Anyhow, you're welcome. Here's one for the straight menfolk, if porn is illegal in your state. Not sure if I can post this in the main forum but I'll use a spoiler tag.
  6. Huskers After Graduate Transfer Cornerback

    We're low on cornerbacks, right? And he didn't play as a junior so I'm assuming he has 2 years left.
  7. Should we be surprised?

    Don't want to make a new topic but the victim of the murder suicide in Nebraska yesterday was someone I knew. She's passed away since the article was written. http://kneb.com/regional-news/rural-lyons-woman-had-filed-for-protection-order/ Maybe we shouldn't be freeing these people. I mean, he had violated the protection order, then he's freed and allowed to go shoot her. What is the point of protection orders then?
  8. The Republican Utopia

    I think you're giving people too much credit. Obviously there are some out there who will pray for everyone, including their enemies. But many of these people think God helped Trump get elected. I've posted quotes before of some of these people who pray with Trump who've said, while praising Trump, that it just didn't feel the same with Obama. It was pretty hysterical when Trump was inaugurated how many people on my FB friends posted that they're praying for him and how many of them said the same for Obama. (That would be zero).
  9. DOJ Initial Russia Hearings

    So Trump is ahead of the curve. I know it didn't lead to anything yet but I'd love to see the Hilary Clinton investigation(s) on here for comparison - just to see how long they've stretched out.
  10. I guess it's more common than I thought. I've never been to a barber. I'd probably pay extra, if it didn't make me look weird, to have the beautician wash my hair for 20 minutes instead of 3.