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  1. Admittedly we've only had the Switch for 3 days, heh. And don't plan on playing anything but Splatoon 2 for several months at least. I wonder what the Wii U reviews are about. Maybe the giant controller? I can't see that as being easy for a 6 year old to handle. It's heavy and huge. Anyhow - both Splatoon games are pretty awesome.
  2. I don't know a lot about it yet but if I were you I would look into the Wii U as well and even the regular Wii. They'll have more games. And on the Wii U you can download old nintendo games (Wii down to Nintendo) and use a Wii remote for the Wii games that require you to move the remote around. We have a Wii U and you can do 4 player Mario Kart.
  3. The Republican Utopia

    What happened to those indigenous people was wrong, and I guess he seems to be arguing against that. And the ability of the colonists to conquer them did not make the colonists of a superior race or even superior individuals. Anyhow, all men/women are created equal in God's eyes, imo, but humans place more value in some traits than others.
  4. Got one 2 days ago for Splatoon 2. Love the game but the lack of local 2-player is ridiculous.
  5. Trump-endorsed news sources

    He's not a good guy but I read today that Bannon was the main voice against increasing military/mercenary presence in Afghanistan.
  6. Trump Foreign Policy

    I love that woman.
  7. Analytical Season Projection

    Oregon State "keeps getting more competetive under Andersen" ? This is why Riley has a D+? Uh, they went 4-8 last year. 2-10 the year before that. Ya, they improved, but in no way do those 2 records show that Oregon State is better now than they were with Riley.
  8. Board Announcements

    This made me lol. I was just thinking, I'm starting to forget what the previous board looks like, and then I started thinking of all the iterations another board I used to use went through.
  9. Rhaegar Targaryen was the Mad King's son and heir to the throne. Daenerys is Rhaegar's sister. Lyanna Stark was Robert Baratheon's betrothed and Ned Stark's sister. Before Robert's Rebellion, the war that dethroned the Mad King and led to Robert becoming king, Rhaegar "kidnapped" Lyanna, or that's the story from the good guys' perspective. At the start of the story we learn that the Targaryens are the bad guys and Robert/Ned are the good guys. But throughout the series there have been small little hints that the story was wrong. For instance, pretty much every time Rhaegar is mentioned, it's to say what a great guy he was. Basically everything about him was good, even though he was a Targaryen. It always made it seem really weird that he did what he did to Lyanna. He also won a tournament at one point and surprised everyone by (IIRC) giving flowers to Lyanna. Some other hinted things throughout the series (might've even been in book 1) were Lyanna had a big secret that she told Ned. On top of that we hear that Ned is basically this perfect gentleman type, and how extremely odd it was that he cheated on Cat and had a bastard. So putting all that together the very believable theory came about that Jon was Ned's nephew and that he promised Lyanna he wouldn't tell anyone. And it's a good thing he did, because Robert had every last Targaryen hunted down and murdered. The ones he could find, anyway. In the books, it hasn't been revealed yet. But in the show it was revealed in Season 6 that Jon is Rhaegar and Lyanna's son, through Bran's visions.
  10. Question for book readers or maybe even show watchers, because I have a bad memory... Were there lots of reasons the first war started (the one where Robert/Ned and Co marched to King's Landing and Robert became king) and Lyanna's "kidnapping" was the tip of the iceberg, or was Lyanna's "kidnapping" a major event that started it? The mad king was called that for a reason but I wonder if the war would have started without Rhaegar falling in love with her.
  11. GRRM's done a pretty good job of pushing the envelope. I can see why you'd have expectations like this. I thought he did an excellent job in the books with making Jaime more and more likeable after he did something unforgivable. You even started cheering for the guy. I like him in the show, too, even though I shouldn't. The other thing was with Cersei. She was an awful, awful bitch (she hadn't even blown up the sept yet), but I felt sorry for her when she had to walk naked through the city.
  12. Board Announcements

    I see Community Reputation and my Rep points, but I don't see a See Reputation Activity link. Am I blind or is it possibly only turned on for mods? There is a "See my activity" link but I'm not finding it from that page.