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  1. Dems Rebuild

    I honestly think it's okay to talk a lot about Trump, but the stuff they have to include is what his policies mean for the environment, what his policies mean for education, health care, immigrants, minorities, things like that. The status quo was way better than what we're going to have with his policies. The agenda should be to stop the bleeding, then reverse what has been set into motion. A lot of the agenda in my opinion should be to reinstate, but not via executive order, a lot of what Obama put into place. They also need to fix health care but I don't even know what they can say about that at this point. The ACA should have been fixed, not trashed. They're blamed for all of the negative stuff with the ACA, so they don't have much credibility when they talk about it to the average voter.
  2. Tickets Sold Compared to Actual Attendance

    I could say "I would prefer no one starve to death" and someone could reply: "So you want all Nebraskans to starve to death just so we can feed a few people in China" and it would make as much sense as this leap.
  3. DOJ Initial Russia Hearings

    I think they also thought Trump was going to lose, and wanted Clinton to win without playing this "card" before the election.
  4. DOJ Initial Russia Hearings

    No words.
  5. Tickets Sold Compared to Actual Attendance

    That's not how that works.
  6. Tickets Sold Compared to Actual Attendance

    It's not at all a farce, unless you don't know what sell out means. In which case, in your head, it's a farce. But not in reality.
  7. Dems Rebuild

    They also need someone without baggage. And also, I don't think a female candidate is necessarily controversial, but Warren is pretty boring. I don't think she would appeal to enough people. I would definitely prefer Harris over her. Really I just want someone who can pull independents and a few Republicans over. And someone who won't excite Trump's base into voting in higher percentages. That was probably part of the problem with Clinton. I bet more Republicans voted because of her.
  8. Gerrymandering

    Comparison. This needs to happen in every state, whether it benefits Democrats or Republicans. The Supreme Court needs to rule the right way on this.
  9. Who's Worse: Riley VS Callahan

    That photo looked a lot better on my phone, heh.
  10. Who's Worse: Riley VS Callahan

    Ok. I like the guy but that's ridiculous. Do you know where I can find the quote/interview? I'm not gonna judge him on that one thing. I'm more amused than anything else. Also, no, Frost isn't going to do anything about it. The best player on his previous team says hi. (I know you said he probably wouldn't. It's just, the fight against long hair was silly in the 50s and 60s. It's even sillier now.)
  11. Dems Rebuild

    Yes I agree with this too. I hate the fact that it even enters my mind. To be really blunt, I'm hoping 10 years from now after a bunch of senior citizens die it'll help with that some. I know there are younger people who are racist but hopefully a smaller percentage.
  12. Dems Rebuild

    I hate to admit this but having a gay presidential candidate in 2020 would worry me. I want the safe bet right now to get rid of the current trash. I'm already thinking of some groups that wouldn't vote for him in as high of numbers (religious Black and Hispanic voters, for example), that the Democratic candidate needs to have. I like to think 10-20 years from now a gay candidate wouldn't be anything for people to bat an eyelash at.
  13. Roby getting into foul trouble was probably a pretty big deal.
  14. *rolls eyes* You're reading a lot more into the post than what I'm saying. What I'm saying is having more to play for doesn't necessarily mean a lot. An underdog in football with no hopes of making a bowl game can beat an undefeated team. I don't think we didn't try or care. I think Illinois had a fluke night where they were hitting shots they don't normally hit for a good part of the game. What are you even talking about? People are disappointed we lost. How dare they! Expectations can and do change as the season goes on and you find out what the team is capable of. The fact people are disappointed is a good sign.
  15. We had much more than Illinois to play for :/