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  1. Trump Foreign Policy

  2. 2018 Husker Camp Countdown

    Why are you complaining about something when you don't know much at all about the something? UCF was ranked 71st in pass to run ratio last year. 46.6% of their offensive plays were passes.
  3. 2018 Husker Camp Countdown

    I feel like you have literally no idea what Frost's offense is about.
  4. Buy In

    We never get that kind of information, nor did we in the 90s from what I recall. I read pretty much every OWH article back then. Nor do we need to have the information. We're fans. Besides that, we've gotten plenty of little tidbits from Duval including videos. Not sure what you're wanting - we've seen some squat numbers, we've seen players improve their jumping height. What exactly are you looking for here?
  5. I wonder if we're gonna be the new Rome. I'm legitimately concerned about us surviving the GOP. I would like to believe that they don't have the numbers to do this.
  6. The Republican Utopia

    Sorry, I mean this part from Moore: "If Showtime airs a defamatory attack on my character..."
  7. The Republican Utopia

    What character?
  8. Chinander on His Defense

    Agreed. I think we are thin in certain places but the players just weren't coached well, not to mention other problems. Delaware as a hair gel salesman
  9. Maybe he's just plain bad and was a little lucky at OSU with his good seasons. Or maybe he thought Nebraska would he smooth sailing because be got a big boost in talent so he didn't put as much effort in. That or course doesn't explain all the boneheaded game management, which goes back to being bad at coaching.
  10. Will There be War wt N Korea next 4 years

    So he lies about people who died fighting for us just to get a PR win.
  11. Dems Rebuild

    I agree, definitely. A professor I TA'd for was like that. He was a genius but he had trouble relating to 18-22 year olds because either he never went through a time of being confused about the subject or it was so long ago he couldn't remember what it was like or what the tougher parts were. Whereas I was only a year or two removed from being confused about some of the things in the class I was helping with.
  12. Buy In

    When have we ever been privy to measurements over the summer?
  13. Trump Domestic Policy - Budgets, etc

    i.e. 1+1 = 2 but some people have trouble understanding that.
  14. DOJ Initial Russia Hearings

    It could just be the dossier. And if they had even mentioned they were investigating him it might have changed the outcome.
  15. I edite my post while you were typing. I completely misunderstood your reply, sorry. I didn't read the last part carefully.