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  1. Dude, I literally took the OP's last sentence and turned it around on him. I don't care what people discuss but the point of this entire topic is telling people they shouldn't talk about replacing the coach and need to "support the boys". I guess your pet-peeves only apply to certain fans.
  2. I support the team. I hope we win out. But I refuse to get my hopes up and have unrealistic expectations. Right now I see no way for this team to win the West. It's possible but unlikely. The talk of replacing coaches is a good distraction from the product on the field; it makes a bad season a little more bearable. How about we drop the "but we can win the west" talk and cross that bridge when we get to it.

  4. Possible Coaches

    Maybe this is a little further out of left field than I thought, but what about UTSA's Frank Wilson? https://www.sbnation.com/college-football/2017/3/8/14821666/texas-san-antonio-football-2017-preview-schedule-roster He's going to be a P5 coach soon, why not ours? The guy is a great recruiter, and he took UTSA to a bowl game. Sure we can look down at the 6-7 record, but that's in year 1 without his recruits and doubling the previous year's win total. He's already off to a great start this year....
  5. Illinois Week Pressers

    Eichorst: You know, except for when we play on Fridays that aren't after Thanksgiving. Because it's much safer to play on a random Friday in the middle of the season than on the same Friday the last week.

    I wonder how upset Wisconsin is that they're missing out on a nationally televised night game because they HAVE to play a crappy Nebraska team.
  7. Not a big fan of the new mobile interface. Ended up making a new comment instead of editing. Sorry
  8. What did we learn-Game 4 Rutgers

    Riley teams play a terrible team and either squeak by with a close win or lose
  9. What did we learn-Game 4 Rutgers

    I learned that over his coaching staff, especially Langs, can take a crappy team like Rutgers and figure out a way to lose or barely win. A competent staff would have won by 3-4 TDs, allowing backups to get snaps. We we are our own worst enemy.
  10. Thats not how football works.
  11. Ozigbo has a huge run. Prepare for 3 straight pass attempts.
  12. With our defense he’s be up for a Heisman. Edit: This opinion still stands after the pick.