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  1. What did we learn?....Penn State

    I learned that there is a lot of talent on this team that is being wasted by Riley et all.
  2. I’m gonna start to put up Christmas lights.
  3. We should just throw in the towel and run it every drive and make this a quick game.
  4. I really love seeing teams use old Nebraska football to kill our team.
  5. Rutgers has a better run defense than we do. They shut Barkley down.
  6. Here comes our best offensive player, Lightbourn
  7. I don’t know how the official on the field saw the ball cross the line. A TD was inevitable though.
  8. Good defensive stand coupled with a good short drive. I like this team. Can’t eait to see what it can do with competent coaching.
  9. All the breaks are going our way. An we steal this one?
  10. Avoided the shutout y’all.
  11. DPE is my spirit animal.
  12. I just need to keep telling myself there is one more game, then we fire Riley.
  13. Blow Your Mind...or not.

    I like to imagine a world in which Bo hired Scott Frost, which would have allowed him to focus on the defense and S/T.