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  1. DE Mosai Newsom

    You're talking to the staff who took in a dude with one hand and turned him into an All-American draft pick LB. I'll give them some leeway on "development" of players.
  2. LB Marcus Hicks

    Fact. You all act like you didn't try recruiting in your NCAA Football dynasties. Just the way it works sometimes man, no matter how many recruiting points you use!
  3. LB Marcus Hicks

    Do you want to start winning games? This is what all the schools do
  4. LB Luke Fulton

    Bo's kid who tweeted "Thanks Nebraska for paying my tuition" regarding his dad's buyout.
  5. LB Luke Fulton

    Jury is in, they spoke well of us!
  6. Who starts at QB?

    <-------------- The return of the king.
  7. Bracketology

    No, you don't!! You watched the same selection show we all did!! We could have lost those two. Dropped UTSA maybe? Boston College? Dropped another conference game too? And if we had beat Kansas, and maybe held on to Ohio State, we're in? Sam NAILS this whole thing with this tweet. Screw all outstanding agreements with non-conferences. Cancel them all, schedule UNC, Duke, Kansas, Zaga, Nova, Xavier, and hope you win a couple. Losing Q1 10 times is better than winning anything else 10 times, and the committee chose to die by that.
  8. Bracketology

    In other news, our region is CAKE. We already beat Miss St in an exhibition this season, and Baylor is bad. Revenge for 2014
  9. Bracketology

    Well you see Bruce, we had a Q1 win that you SAID you would look at as a Q1 win when we beat Minnesota. I don't understand how Nebraska should be punished for a season-long injury and a rape accusation on a team we beat, but hey. So you win all the games you're supposed to... Nebraska could have beat Illinois, the committee wouldn't have cared. Nebraska could have beat Penn St., the committee wouldn't have cared. They sure as hell wouldn't have cared about UCF or St. John's. Nebraska could have gone 26-6 (15-3) and the committee wouldn't have cared because we couldn't beat 5 teams that are a five seed or better. And we DID beat one of those teams!
  10. Bracketology

    I am coming to terms with this.... It has been hard, but I think I'm going to be okay. We can do this together, fam.
  11. Bracketology

    You can be mad about it, but the same happened to us. Michigan would not have been a Q1 win (earlier in the season) if we had beat them in the tourney.
  12. Bracketology

    Can you guys shut up and someone just post another break down on what I'm rooting for the next few days? Let's go Zags baby!
  13. S Jalani Williams

    From "favorite" to not in the top 8..
  14. LB Luke Fulton

    Went to school with Bo's kids, I'm sure they've all had great things to say?
  15. ***2019 Recruiting***

    I think we said the same thing. Best ever, no. IMO, best in a very long time. That almost isn't debatable based on ratings/offers/the works for the prospects in the state.