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  1. DE David Ojabo

    Well he r rally smaht
  2. DT Gio Paez [Wisconsin Commit]

    Damn it, was just about to put my pick in Wisconsin-Whitewater... I guess I'm glad he clarified.
  3. QB Jacob Garcia

    Neeeeeeeddddd it
  4. OT Danielson Ike

    Can you stand up? That gets you starting early on our OL. Oh wait....
  5. OT Danielson Ike

    In a "much better spot" after the 2nd visit.
  6. LB Nick Henrich

    Just funny his dad is a tennis player and his son is a high 4* linebacker.
  7. LB Nick Henrich

    Ha.. Tennis...
  8. LB Jahmar Brown [South Carolina Commit]

    ... you can click "Read".. or open the tab and close it... "I don't care" doesn't mean "No one cares", my dude
  9. RB Brendon Holmes

    ^ Damn right Brendon, good ol "NU"
  10. OT Jimmy Christ

    A second Christ to accompany our Lord and Savior Scott Frost?
  11. ISO any LB who wants to play for Scott Frost. 

    1. NUance


      Seems like a golden opportunity for someone.  If anyone cares to step up to the plate, that is.  

    2. krc1995


      Maybe frost will just eliminate  the position. A 4-0-7 scheme. And if some of those 7 just happen to be 240, I won’t tell them any different

  12. ***2019 Recruiting***

    Not the savior we deserve... but the savior we need...
  13. S Quinton Newsome

    Just follow suit and release your Top 28 man
  14. CB Jeremiah Criddell [Oregon Commit]

    Poor kid... just ask Lamar, he'll ruin you
  15. DT Nash Hutmacher

    Farmer lost 30 lbs to wrestle, and loved doing it... we're not a shabby wrestling program...