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  1. Mike Riley, Ore State Assistant HC

    I think Pelini and Riley both went to situations where they fit much better. I don't think money was the major factor in their decisions, though I'm sure it played a part. Bo went back home to Ohio, where hes loved, away from rabid fans, the media spotlight , and the meddling Perlman/Eichorst duo. Riley went back home to Oregon where they love him too. Lots less pressure there to actually win football games, so he can just be a good guy/ decent coach, and that will be enough. Good for both of them , and good for us too. We got a much better fit with HC Scott Frost, than either of them were. Things are looking up,
  2. Well agree with it or not it’s done . Next comes an order for Trump to step down and Moore to be disqualified from holding public office right ? All the Democrats who called for Frankens resignation , and any Repubs with a conscience should be equally outraged and take action ? Equal proof and admission of guilt is all there, it should be a no brainer.
  3. Where to get your news

    Got off work a while ago, had a couple rum and cokes, now your big words make my head hurt. I got your point and agree though lol
  4. Where to get your news

    Is there really any news source that’s 100% fact with no bias ? I don’t think so . My philosophies and view of current events are based on a mix of reading (books, newspapers, etc) , internet/ tv media , years of life experiences,and acquaintances . I think it’s imoprtant to view opinions from all sides and make my own decisions . I’ve even forced myself to watch Hannity in an attempt to understand why anyone listens to him . I fought the urge to reach through my tv and punch him , and took a shower afterwards as I felt dirty, but I did it . Watched FB videos from his site too, and read read comments from some very deranged people there. It was enlightening in a way though . I didn’t see snopes listed as credible or not for fact checking ? They seem reliable to me but idk
  5. After witnessing last years election, I don’t have faith that most voters have informed, fair , opinions any more . It’s too easy to destroy someone through the media/internet, and innocence or guilt doesn’t matter . They’ll watch Hannity, Fox News etc and be told Franken is a horrible sexual monster not worthy of public office , and they’ll believe it without question . The same “news outlets” will preach that Trump and Moore accusers are liars , and the masses will believe that too. Sexual misconduct is wrong , should be investigated, and if found to be substantiated, appropriate punishment should be dealt out . I think Al should have forced and investigation instead of stepping down so easily . Now I think Frankens political career is over either way .
  6. Returning talent level

    I think talent is there developement has not been . One of Osborne’s best skills was finding the “right” guys and getting the most out of them . He had walk ons, Nebraska farm boys , and low star prospects playing at a high level . Riley and company had much more physically gifted players, playing below their capabilities IMO . I look for Frost to start getting the most out of the players we do have , and recruiting the “right” type of player again too.
  7. At what point are we monsters for allowing the same, and even worse, behavior from members of the right though? Why aren't the Democratic senators that called for Franken's resignation doing the same for Trump and Moore? Al is supposed to resign in disgrace for improper conduct, while others who , if proven guilty, could actually be convicted of crimes, are allowed to just deny everything, and retain their positions?
  8. Offensive Line

    no way anything can be done to motivate or cut him? Sucks to waste 4 years of scholarship on someone who cant/wont contribute.
  9. Hearing reports that he’s going to announce his resignation tomorrow . At first I thought he should, but the more I’m thinking it’s the wrong move . If denying,lying, attempting to smear and discredit your accusers etc, works for Moore and Trump I say Al should have done it too . Taking the high road will cost him his job, us a good senator, and make the left look weak. Ugh
  10. 2018 Betting Props Are Out

    The new staff will probably grab a RB in this class too , I think they’ve offered a couple already . A Healthy Tre Bryant is a very good back and I think Jaylin Bradley can be a big contributor too . Hes Nebraska kid, who as a freshman, behind a pourous O-line showed some flashes of what he can do . I think Frost and crew will find a role for him .
  11. 2018 Betting Props Are Out

    That’s seems about right . I could see wins against NW and Iowa too. After the Northern Illinois debacle, I think Riley lost the team, and things spiraled downward out of control, so it’s hard to use last year as a measuring stick . I don’t see that kind of collapse happening under Frost and his staff ever .
  12. Offensive Line

    I'm interested to see if they can do with a player like Jalin Barnett. A four star,highly touted, O linemen out of high school currently buried on the depth chart because of weight and fitness problems?
  13. Dems Rebuild

    Agreed lol
  14. Dems Rebuild

    Obama tried to regulate the markets more than any Republican has , and at the very least didn’t weaken Unions/workers rights as Reagan for instance did .
  15. Dems Rebuild

    I definitely think the left is splintered a bit . Progressives and mainstream Democrats need find common ground and band together if they’re going to win against the GOP.