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  1. Goodbye CentruyLink Center

    Qwest, quest whatever . Point is no one really cares what name is on it . People go there for the events, not for what name is on the building anyway .
  2. Just finished up Dexter. Definitely a top 10 series for me.
  3. Goodbye CentruyLink Center

    I never called it the Century link center either. Still the Quest center to me .
  4. Trump: More Popular than Ever

    Totally agree with the bold.
  5. Mike Riley, Ore State Assistant HC .... or not

    If he makes a good salary doing that are we still on the hook for all of his contract ?
  6. Trump: More Popular than Ever

    We’ve read Rics posts, and don’t appreciate our name being associated with him. In the future, please feel free to use dingbat, whackadoodle , ninnyhammer, or dunderhead, instead . Thanks Sincerely , “Moonbats”
  7. Trump: More Popular than Ever

    No one is to question King Donny or his followers .
  8. Trump: More Popular than Ever

    Nope .https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/birth-certificate/
  9. Trump: More Popular than Ever

    All through the election and since I’ve asked everyone those same questions, on social media, all kinds of forums, and In real life . I rarely get a response at all, and if I do it’s usually unsubstantiated claims , angry ranting, and regurgitated right wing propaganda . Has anyone else had a better experience trying to get anyone to legitimately answer those questions or defend this administration ?
  10. All of those things are your opinion only and one I don’t share , along with pretty much everything you post . I get it though you really aren’t here to debate or talk about reasonable solutions to anything just to antagonize, and stir the pot . Bravo you’ve done it, I guess everyone has to be good at something .
  11. I’d give Biden more than even odds, I think he’d win pretty easily . Especially if he brought in a young running mate like Kennedy , or Harris etc . He’s charismatic , bold, experienced , and (other than the hug thing lol ) fairly unsmearable . If Bernie runs as a Democrat I think he’d have a good chance , as an independent, not so much . I don’t really think the debates matter that much either . I watched them , and Clinton won them too . IMO I think the majority of voters already had their minds made up about crooked Hillary, Benghazi , emails etc and didn’t hear anything she said . Couple that with Russian interference , gerrymandering , and the electoral college her chances of wining were gone . Even after all that, she got 3 million more votes, and still “lost “ . Whoever the Dems run In 2020 will undoubtedly face all those same obstacles , and they will be tough to overcome . The cult following of Trump though very disheartening, and maddening is still unfortunately, very strong . I doubt any debates, facts, campaign promises or anything else will change their minds . The only way I see, is for Dem/progressive voters to unite, and turn out in force, and try to outvote the Trumpers.
  12. I guess if we assume all the candidates are liars I’m picking the liar that promises to work towards expanded Medicare/universal healthcare . I also like the liar that supports equality for all, where skin color , sexual orientation , religion etc doesn’t matter. Every American citizen deserves a good life not just a select few . Liars who tell me they’ll work to guarantee all Americans who work, a livable wage , decent benefits, and dignified safe treatment in return for their labor, are good too . If they say they’re going to fix social security , and other programs that I may need some day , I love the way they lie to me. Tell me you want to try to get us out of this endless cycle of war we’re in . Stop spending ridiculous sums of money on it, and destroying lives. I’m good with that kind of lie too . That list could go on but my point is , A typical democrat is going to support that thinking and a republican usually won’t . I think most candidates go in with good intentions but get bogged down by partisan politics, lobbyists , and the corporate overlords who really pull the strings . If they will even attempt to do some of the things that will effect my life and make it better though they get my vote.
  13. this one i'm not sure i understand. There are huge differences in ideology between Democrat and Republican platforms. To some extent between Progressives and Democrats too, though i don't see so much. I realize that money really controls everything, and most politicians are liars lol, but the base message is very different, so undecided makes no sense to me. Idk
  14. Get with The Program

    Great article in the herald today about Duvals training methods . I’d recommend the read if you can get it . Link would only work for digital subscribers .
  15. I still wonder why Joe Kennedy doesn’t even get a mention on those lists ? I’ve heard too young ? Maybe he doesn’t want to? Idk To me he’s the perfect anti Trump, level headed , thoughtful, charismatic, seemingly down to earth ( yeah I know he’s rich though ) , and a very good public speaker/motivator .