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  1. Parkland, FL High School Shooting

    Many of the mass shooters in US history had serious mental problems (bipolar, schizophrenia, psychosis, anxiety disorders etc) Almost all mental health problems are treatable through medication and therapy. If treated properly, I think those people would have been far less likely to do what they did . If even one of them could have been stopped it’s an issue worth addressing imo. I don’t know the reasons why they didn’t receive proper treatment, or how other countries handle mental healthcare, but it is part of the issue here.
  2. Parkland, FL High School Shooting

    The blame game is a big waste of time in my opinion . There's no magic wand fix. or one single cause to point the finger at. I think all that energy should be used to try to identify and implement changes, that have the best chance of actually working. I think it is partially a mental heath issue, but what is the solution? Can we go into every home and make sure everyone with a mental illness takes their medicine and goes to counseling? No, but i think making treatments more affordable, and easy to access would be a good place start. To me this an easy scapegoat for Trump/GOP to blame, and divert attention away from their NRA ties, and away from any meaningful discussion on gun laws. I doubt anything will actually get done about the mental health issue. I think its also a society issue but again whats the solution? We cant go into every home in America and remove violent video games/ movies, or force people to raise their kids a certain way. We also cant force Godliness, or morality on anyone. In a free society i don't see a fix for any of that . Lastly it is a gun issue too. Sure bad people are going to do bad things anyway , but a semi automatic weapon with a high capacity magazine makes the job much easier. If stricter gun laws, and tighter enforcement of the ones we do have would save even one life, that's what needs to happen. I think this is the issue we have the most control over and the best chance of fixing .
  3. Parkland, FL High School Shooting

    i always thought the 30/30 was the best gun for coyotes? Its even called a "varmint gun" ?
  4. The Republican Utopia

    Interesting watch tonight on PBS called American Experience - The Gilded Age. I would recommend it. I was surprised how similar thing were then, to present day. Evan back in 1896 the issues, political agendas/parties , money in politics , citizens more powerful than the President (JP Morgan etc ) , class separation, poverty, deregulation, economic strategies, social issues, were a lot the same. Still two very different ideas on how to make America great too.
  5. I tried watching the wire a few different times now . I get 3 or 4 episodes in and lose interest . I’ve heard it’s the best so I’ll probably try again .
  6. Trump Taking Credit Where None Is Due

    I had my 401 k in aggressive mode for 8 months or so, i figured i'd ride the wave, and my portfolio grew pretty well.. Switched it over to guaranteed interest just before the downturn so haven' lost a ton so far.. Even i get lucky sometimes lol
  7. S&P reached a record high in January

    i have a decent amount in my 401k / investments too, and i enjoy seeing the value go up, though not as much as i though they would with the stock market "Booming". To me though, i feel like Millionaires/Billionaires control the market based on many factors that suit, or don't suit them, Everyone else is just along for the ride. I have a tough time getting too excited either way .
  8. Just watched King Kong skull island. Kinda cheesy and long, but good special effects/sound. Gave my surround sound/subwoofer a good workout. I think the neighbors enjoyed it too.
  9. The Republican Utopia

    I like this one lol
  10. DOJ Initial Russia Hearings

    I thought the same about the tax returns . Something isn’t right there . I realize he didn't HAVE to release them, but i think he SHOULD have. If there’s nothing there , releasing them would erase all doubt and prove the haters wrong, instead of prancing around like a little kind saying "I don't hafta" and "I don't wanna" . His supporters ate that up but i sure didn't.
  11. DOJ Initial Russia Hearings

    I just keep wondering why on earth an innocent man (Trump) is trying so hard to obstruct this investigation? Doesn't seem worth the effort to me to fire people, endlessly tweet and spin everything to try to discredit the FBI, if there's nothing to find. Let it play out and it will surely prove his innocence right?
  12. A couple that i tried to watch and just couldn't do were House of Cards, and Californication. House of cards was well written, and acted, but the smarmy backstabbing and dirty dealing was sadly too close to reality really got me down . I couldn't find a character on there to root for .lol Californication - Every woman in California no matter how hot (or young eek) must have kinky sex with David within 5 minutes of meeting him. He still loves his ex wife but cant "have" her, his daughter is a bundle of teen angst, and drama. Rinse and repeat. meh Did i miss something? Worth trying again?
  13. SOTUS - Trump's first - will it be his last

    You'll have to explain that statement more, make no sense to me. I saw one guy who cares about people, spoke from the heart, and wants to try to improve average Americans (MY) lives. (Kennedy) I saw another guy brag about a bunch of stuff that doesn't effect my life, and i don't care about. Self serving non likable person who's blatantly in it for his own ego and his rich friends. (Trump) We need many more PEOPLE oriented politicians who actually work for us, and attempt to care about us. Not divisive , nasty, people who are all about money, and themselves.
  14. SOTUS - Trump's first - will it be his last

    Still not seeing what booker or Harris offer that Kennedy doesn’t ? Somebody explain