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  1. Thoughtful Plan on Moving Forward

    1. I think 5 years would be ok, if there were any signs that the program is headed in the right direction . It's obvious with the current staff it isn't, and is actually getting worse . 2. With the amount of money, facilities, and fan support that is pumped in to Husker football there's NO reason to accept mediocre results on the field . Nothing to do with entitlement, we just need the right coaches in place with the right attitudes and we can return to prominence on the field . 3 All the youngsters have to do if they don't "get it" is a quick google search . Watch the attitude , coaching , pride, work ethic , mental and physical toughness etc of the 80s and 90s teams and they'll understand what's needed to fix this mess . If the right things are done with the program, a new generation of die hard husker fans will emerge, with open hearts, and open wallets . 4. I agree with the one practice, and one game at at time idea, but good coaches turn programs less talented than ours around very quickly , all the time . No reason it can't be done here . 5 Just because someone says things are fact or fiction doesn't make it so . Nice try to "Trump" us though . Lol
  2. Which Mike Riley loss hurt the most

    Northern Illinois was the worst for me . They were not a better team than us but they came to OUR stadium and beat us . That should never happen .
  3. Come on Mike!

    He pretty much says the same thing every time he speaks . Doesn't matter if the win or lose , play good or bad etc it's always the same . He is what he told us he'd be ! Lol
  4. What feels worse: Texas Jinx or Wisc Jinx

    In a few of the Texas losses i thought we had the better team and we should win. We were capable and confident, a few breaks one way or the other would decide the game. None of the Wisconsin games felt that way to me especially this last one. They were the better team and they proved it. Right now i think we really need to focus on smashing lesser teams as we always did. Without that foundation,and confidence level its gonna be very hard to compete with the big boys.
  5. Where do we go from here?

    What qualifies an AD or coach to be the "Very Best" out there though ? I think it has to be someone who understands the unique challenges and situation at Nebraska and how to fix it. Not sure an outsider can do that. We were told Bill Callahan was the best, Pederson, Eichhorst, and Riley too . Not so much
  6. Where do we go from here?

    yep i think Frost is our guy too we used to always get the best in state guys
  7. Where do we go from here?

    I think Riley finishes the season, no matter what, but changes will be made after that. I think firing a coach mid season is a very bad idea. When changes are made though, i think we really need to get back to what made us great. Dominant offensive line, great running backs, and athletic running quarterbacks. Solid D line and rush ends. Were never going to load our team with 5 star guys like Alabama , Ohio State etc, but we can compete with them again, if we establish team identity, execute our system at a high level, and get the most out of each player. Wisconsin showed us it can be done tonight. I'm hoping we can get a coaching staff that understands that. I've been watching almost 40 years, and always will, but i gotta say its very frustrating.
  8. ill have to admit i didn't read it all lol . Scanning through I saw mostly jokes, and crazy speculation. I don't know much about what an AD really does, or what would "qualify" one guy more than another?
  9. Does anyone on here really know anything about ADs? Who are the top available guys?
  10. MR surviving the season

    He'll be here through this season, no matter how bad. Were going to pay him anyway , and i doubt we are going to be able to get a better coach mid season.
  11. Rimington named Interim AD

    I just hate that he doesn't want the job himself. I think hes more than qualified in many ways. I really think it needs to be someone with Husker/Nebraska ties. The last few outsider coaches and A.D.s dind't work out so well.
  12. Rimington named Interim AD

    I hope it becomes permanent. Hes a very intelligent, educated guy, who knows the Business side, the Football side, and Husker tradition. I don't know how they could find someone better suited, if he wants the job.
  13. Riley "Never Considered" Making A Change At QB

    His interception rate is very high but could be much higher. Hes been getting away with throwing into double coverage constantly, against lesser teams, i just wonder how bad it will get against better teams. I hope they limit his passing, and focus on utilizing our stable of good running backs.
  14. 8 games left....How many of them do we win?

    i voted 2-6 but i could see maybe 3-5. We aren't good, but i think Illinois and northwestern are teams we "should" beat.( I thought that about NI too.) Riley has a history of beating a highly ranked team, every once in a while though, so that could happen too. I watched the Iowa/PSU game last night, after watching ours and i don't see us beating either of them.
  15. The Talent Debate - 2017 Edition

    Some of our most talented, and highest rated players, are hurt or not performing at a high level.