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  1. Spinoff Topic - Transgender Children

    I agree . That’s the reason you have parents is to help you get through that messed up stage in life without effing yourself up too bad . 18 is considered a legal adult in most cases so that’s a good line to draw on a life altering decision like that .
  2. Last Chance U

    Just Finished S1 &S2 gonna check out season 3 . I liked the first two . Where I work we take smart assiness , slams, and creative cursing to a new level, so a torrent of obscenities that would burn most people’s ear hairs out , doesn’t bother me a bit. I actually thought the cussing was a bit much though, in this one so far .
  3. The Republican Utopia

    Holy cow I’ve agreed with you quite a few times the last few days . Wth is goin on in here ? Lol
  4. The Death Penalty

    I think it’s odd that many people who are against the death penalty for humane reasons would applaud years of rapes and beatings by other inmates as “what he deserves “. If one thinks being executed (the equivalent of going to sleep and not waking up ) is horrible, how can they justify the other as just punishment ? I left my personal views out of, it on purpose, lol just a thought I had .
  5. Resistance Action Items

    Thanks for the link . They must not see my posts here or social media either I made it through the purge lol
  6. Biggest Concerns?

    I remember last year being happy to see Jaylin Bradley get some touches, because i wanted to see the Nebraska kid succeed. I also remember him being hit almost immediately after he got the ball, on many plays, giving him little chance to do anything. When he did have some room to run he did pretty well. None of the running backs are going to do well without better blocking.
  7. Biggest Concerns?

    If I had a concern it would be with the offensive line . If they do their job well it makes everything work . We have a stable of good backs , a couple good qbs, and great receivers . If the blocking allows them time and space to make plays, our offense will be scary good . Depth at the ol positions isn’t great either and that’s a concern . I trust frost and crew to get this entire team playing at a high level so I’m really not that concerned . Damn I’m just excited to see this team and coaching staff in action ! GBR
  8. Connect the dots

    I think Trump makes a big mistake with all the tweeting . Instead of working with his advisors to put out a well thought out message, he fires out far too many Ill advised, unfiltered , unchecked, 3am tweets that can’t be taken back . Then he has to spend too much time trying to defend and deny things he probably shouldn’t have said in the first place . I think other presidents were better at using the media to their advantage , controlling what , and how much info reaches the general public . Trump goes directly to the public with everything so in that respect he does bring a lot of things on himself .
  9. The Republican Utopia

    Making Chimichangas and Ric were having a discussion and Ric threw out the Republican talking point about workers stealing the fruits rich peoples labors . I don't agree with that so i posted my opinion. The conversation turned to another Republican talking point of able bodied people refusing to take a job and staying on welfare instead. I don't think that problem is nearly as rampant as many do, so i posted my opinions on that too. Nobody wants to work a crappy job, but there was a time when that crappy job would provide good enough pay and benefits to afford a decent quality of life for workers, and their families, so those jobs were always filled.. Now those same jobs are more work, less pay, and less benefits making it very possible to bust ones ass all day and still not be able to maintain a decent quality of life. I don't support, or respect, an able bodied persons refusal to work, but like it or not, i can understand it. Most of the "Republican Utopia vision" is one i don't share, but i enjoy a civil exchange of opinions /facts about it anyway. I don't really think any aspect of the discussion is any more worthy than another,
  10. The Republican Utopia

    Not to play the whataboutism game but the Republicans don't want to stop illegal immigration either, just for different reasons. They want to provide a cheap exploitable stream of labor for their corporate buddies at all costs. Reagan pardoned millions of them with a weak agreement that that would somehow solve the problem. Illegal border crossings were at an all time high through the W Bush years, and he made little or no meaningful attempts to stop it. Companies willing hired and even recruited these people without any repercussions all through his eight years. A major reason the current problem even exists is because of that.
  11. The Republican Utopia

    Agreed . and for all of that they are rewarded with the lions share of the profits. Nobody is arguing against that. The problem is not one single one of them built their empire 100% on their own, and they owe the people who helped them get there a much bigger piece of the pie than they are currently providing. There was a time when that was true and America really was great for everyone. Now its great for a select few ,and just meh for millions of others.
  12. The Republican Utopia

    I don’t remember bringing up that aspect of the argument I may have been responding to flairs post though. I agree with the things you stated in this post .
  13. The Republican Utopia

    I hear the argument a lot about how there are all these able bodied people on welfare who refuse to work , and how it’s a huge problem for the country . I don’t have access to the info right now but I wonder if anyone here has factual data/numbers on how big of a problem it really is ? I’d like to see it .
  14. The Republican Utopia

    The bold is very debatable . I would say more like they pay the absolute least amount they can get away with. Idk but When those companies are making billions they should be paying more than whatever they are .