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  1. I cant take it anymore

    I don't get why we brought in Bill Moose to be our AD when Dave Remington was doing just fine.
  2. Tanner Lee updates?

    "Impact migraine" definitely seems like an odd choice of words, especially given that as someone who used to get migraines very frequently I wouldn't think any sort of impact would cause one, but I can't see them beating around the bush if he has a concussion.
  3. Tanner Lee updates?

    From what I've read, it was an impact migraine that took him out of the game, so I'd assume that after some rest he was probably fine.
  4. Which is one more good reason than I've seen as to why we should send him packing now.
  5. My fault, I wasn't specific about it in that post.
  6. I'm not trying to say he wouldn't have been fired anyway. My point is that that's why he was fired during the season rather than after.
  7. Florida fired McElwain because he was caught in a lie that embarrassed the university. I don't know why Tennessee decided to fire Jones now, but I don't see why we should be looking at them as a shining example of how to operate a football program.
  8. Trouble is, just firing Riley and having an interim coaching staff in place for the rest of the season isn't much of a change. I wouldn't expect much of a change in our morale until we've named our new coach, which won't happen before the end of the season, likely not until after all the bowls have been played. That said, if the program is at a point where Moos feels that pulling the trigger now would be a better move, I'm not going to be upset about it. I can't say for sure what's going on with the team behind the scenes and Bill can, but from the outside looking in, I don't see a concrete reason to fire Riley now.
  9. Those who can't wait until the end of the season despite there being almost zero chance that we'll beat Penn State or Iowa (let alone both) are absolutely impatient. I understand that this season has been a nightmare for our entire fanbase, but whether we fire Riley today or at the end of the season, we still have two more games to play, and they're games that we'll almost certainly lose. Unless Moos has Frost, Chip Kelly, or someone else ready to step in and the negotiations are at the point where all that has to happen is one signature and it's a done deal, I don't see what we stand to gain by making the move now. Obviously Moos isn't perfect, but like I said, he's been doing this for awhile. Until I see a reason not to, I'm willing to trust that he'll do what's right for the program.
  10. I wouldn't put much value in the opinion of anyone who'd deem him a fool for going against his beliefs as an experienced AD to appease our impatient fan base. I'm all for calling the Riley experiment over, but I see no reason to make a change to the program with two games left in the season when there's very little chance that we'd win either game, regardless of who's coaching. People need to understand that Moos has been doing this for awhile, and if he intends to let Riley finish the year, it's probably for good reason. As for the sellout streak, it won't be ending this year. The boosters have that locked down already.
  11. Mario Goodrich Comments???

    From John Bishop on Twitter: I can't help but wonder who exactly told him this, if anyone. It seems strange that anyone within the administration or coaching staff would make a definitive statement as to Riley's, or anyone else's, job status either way right now.
  12. Two weeks from today I have my next post-op appointment and am hoping to get the good news that I can start walking again.  It's amazing how easy it is to take something like being able to walk for granted.  I had surgery to repair my shattered ankle just over a month ago, and it's been a long month.

    1. ladyhawke


      Hang in there! I hope you can start putting some weight in that ankle in a couple of weeks!

    2. ZRod


      Good luck, and give it hell!

    3. TonyStalloni


      I was in your shoes (pun intended) exactly a year ago.  Good mobility is a precious gift.  Hang in there.

  13. That's what I mean, though. Anything going on behind the scenes can be done just as easily with the current coaching staff still intact.
  14. A certain offensive lineman

    I guess if nothing else, the Gates are open wide for another lineman to come in and outplay him. One thing about being a lineman is that you can't be afraid to jump in there and get Nicked up now and then.
  15. There's ultimately zero advantage to getting rid of Riley now. It won't give us a jump on any other school looking for a new coach, because nobody is going to get an interview with a coach who's currently employed elsewhere until the season is over. Now, if Moos wants to have a chat with prospective replacements for Riley behind the scenes, there's nothing saying that can't happen, but if it does (and it likely already is), having Riley on the staff doesn't make any difference at all. Why make the kids play for someone else, likely with zero head coaching experience (or in Diaco's case, with a terrible history as a head coach) for three weeks when it's either going to be no different or worse? Plus, if Moos makes a decision now, that cheapens any possible statement he could make about this program from here on out, because he gave his word that he's not going to make a coaching change during the season. I know the fans are angry, and it's clear at this point that Riley needs to go, but there's absolutely no upside to getting rid of him now. There's already nothing to salvage from this season, so any drastic changes made at this point will hurt far more than they could possibly help.