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  1. Bold Predictions - Preseason Edition

    And KW joins the team as the WR coach
  2. Frost’s QB Room

    Yes indeed...The only difference is Gebbia is a little more accurate. I just want football to be here already. These Saturdays of doing chores are bulls#!t. Need a break!!!
  3. Frost’s QB Room

    Hmmm...Frost saying one of Gebbia's strength's is arm strength. Who would have thought!!!!
  4. The Running Back Room

    Also sounds like Washington has hit the dinner table pretty good. In the 180 range now.
  5. The Running Back Room

    If what i was told is true, KingBlank is pretty spot on. Oz was the first RB subbed in today with the first team.
  6. Post-Practice Presser - August 17

    Frost came out and said Gebbia is more accurate and a better decision maker and can actually run when needed. Said AM has a strong arm and is a better runner, just not as accurate. Doesnt make good decisions at times.
  7. Frost’s QB Room

    Or it could mean that he has been to slow and they are trying to speed him up.
  8. Way Too Early 2018 Depth Chart

    To be honest, we have better athletes at the position now. I think Jackson and Bootles will be starters with Taylor coming in as the 3rd CB.
  9. Way Too Early 2018 Depth Chart

    Its kind of amazing the stats Young has put up. He has seemed like an "ok" player since he got here but if he has a year like last year, he could finish in the top 5 for tackles.
  10. Fall Camp

    Prove me wrong on both accounts then. It has been stated multiple times that Gebbia doesnt have a strong arm but yet he passed for over 10,000 yards and 100 tds in High School. He done all that with a noodle arm?
  11. Fall Camp

    You dont become one of the most prolific QBs in California High School history by having a weak arm.
  12. RB Maurice Washington [Nebraska-Signed LOI]

    Killins Jr and Otis Anderson were both below 170 last year and they seemed to do just fine in Frost's offense.