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  1. QB Adrian Martinez [Tennessee Commit]

    Bunch of comedians in here today...love it
  2. S C.J. Smith [Nebraska Commit]

    Hampton is such an athletic freak.
  3. ***2018 Recruiting***

    Not only that but Baker started 2 years for Lake Travis High School, who is a powerhouse in the state of Texas. He was a good QB coming out of HS.
  4. Lol...i had an arguement with my 4 year old today o. Who is better, batman or spiderman. I say batman, he says spiderman. He is 4, he doesnt know s#!t
  5. ***2018 Recruiting***

    I miss Fisher...that dude was always in a great mood and the players loved him.
  6. WR Justin McGriff [Nebraska Commit]

    Visiting this weekend.
  7. Assistants Announced

    UCF people are pretty upset with Beckton leaving. He has been there forever and is a very good coach with LOTS of connections in Florida.
  8. RB Joshua Fleeks [Baylor Commit]

    I read a story that once Frost got to UCF, he went and looked up 200m track times for kids in Florida and then proceed to make offers to the ones that played football. If you go and look at the skill position kids he has been offering since taking this job, almost all of them have great track times. Fleeks ran a 21.8 in the 200m last year as a Jr.
  9. TE Chris Hickman

    and have a seat on my couch.
  10. JUCO WR Jaron Woodyard [Nebraska Commit]

    Yepper, Thanks...I have no idea how to download videos.
  11. JUCO WR Jaron Woodyard [Nebraska Commit]

    It's funny you bring up Usian Bolt. There is a Youtube video of Woodyard returning a kickoff and they label it as an "Usian Bolt like" kickoff return for a TD.
  12. JUCO WR Jaron Woodyard [Nebraska Commit]

    This is another track speedster that plays football. Ran a 10.68 in the 100m his Senior year in HS. Ran a 21.5 in the 200m.
  13. Assistants Announced

    Sounds like Sean Beckton also has an offer to come here. He was Frost's TE coach/Recruiting Coordinator.
  14. Any one heard if Strength coach fired yet?

    Philipp is actually a really good S&C coach. Don't let the field results fool you. The only thing i have heard and dont care for is if the players met certain lifting goals, they didnt have to come in as often. This wasn't a Philipps decision but one from higher up.