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  1. *** Official 2018 Spring Game Thread ***

    The QB battle is gonna be a good one. I wish they would have had Gebbia run a little more to see how it went. His passing is spot on. I actually think he is sneaky fast just going off his first run.
  2. Frost

    Yes he does...
  3. *** Official 2018 Spring Game Thread ***

    Breon Dixon is the real deal.
  4. 2018 Spring Game Visitors

    Good to see StPaul crapping on another thread by questioning everything that is being said.
  5. ATH Jamie Nance

    He is a track star also. Here are his latest times. 100m: 10.49 200m: 22.27 Long Jump: 22' 9
  6. Body wash or bar of soap...Im an Irish Spring bar of soap guy. 

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    2. Husker from Kansas

      Husker from Kansas

      I prefer bars of soap, seems like they last a lot longer, scent is stronger, and is cheaper

    3. NM11046


      New thing learned today: Duke Cannon Soap.

    4. darkhorse85


      I'm not sure the brand but I have a cedarwood scented bar of soap that does not seem to be getting an smaller and I've been using it for about a month and a half.  Smells great.

  7. Body wash or bar of soap...Im an Irish Spring bar of soap guy. 

    1. Stumpy1


      Mods delete please. 

    2. Redux


      Let the record show, Stumpy is trying to get deets about Vinces showering routine

    3. Vince R.

      Vince R.

      Well, if you'd really like to know....

  8. POB...still in the QB room?

    It wasn't a football issue with POB but rather an attitude issue with him is what I was told this morning. It's hearsay but apparently he wasn't liked much on the team because of his arrogance and attitude. "Unity Council" at work is what was also mentioned.
  9. Frost’s QB Room

  10. BTN's Dienhart's Priorities for Nebraska

    The Oline has already improved just by simply being stronger then last year.
  11. POB...still in the QB room?

    Thanks Obama
  12. Thanks...i must have misunderstood what they were saying.
  13. A lot of Texas fans aren't happy with Elliott and how he is running the program as of late. They say he is constantly switching things up with rotations and with his offenses DURING the season and literally has no clue what he is looking for. I have read that Lexi left because she wants to be part of a 6-man rotation and that is what she started out with at Texas but as the season went on, she became a back-row only player and she was told that she will probably stay there depending on others on the team.
  14. RB Thomas Grayson [Nebraska Commit]

    He was state runner-up in the 100m as a freshman with a 10.8. Says he is running around a 10.7 right now and hopes to better that.