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  1. Did you get this off of Dexter?
  2. LB Spencer Lytle

    I bet we have lytle chance with this guy.
  3. JUCO WR Mike Williams [Nebraska - Signed LOI]

    He is doing a sprinters squat.
  4. Parkland, FL High School Shooting

    The term "assult rifle" is thrown around loosely also. An assult rifle is a fully automatic rifle, which is illegal to possess. ALL ARs sold in stores are semi-automatic rifles. They are no different then any other semi-auto rifle except for the accessories that can be added to them, such as high volume clips and bump stocks. One other advantage of ARs is the quick exchange of magazines. Putting a ban on these accessories and making it harder for quick exchange magazines will greatly hinder sales IMO.
  5. Parkland, FL High School Shooting

    I have 3 and 4 shot. I took it out and shot a few rounds through 3/4" plywood. I got as far away as 40 yards before it quit going through the plywood.
  6. Parkland, FL High School Shooting

    To me, there is no reason to use high volume magazines for hunting. The magazines that came with my guns are standard. And its funny you brought up shotguns for coyote hunting. I actually just bought one for that reason. I havent got to try it out yet.
  7. Parkland, FL High School Shooting

    Automatics are illegal already. As far as making semi-autos illegal, i will argue that. I own a few semi-auto guns, none of them in the AR style. I use mine for coyote, coon or any other small game hunting. I have 6-10 round clips for them depending on which gun (caliber)it is. What makes the ARs so convient for theses incidents are the quick change, high volume magazines.
  8. Parkland, FL High School Shooting

    Large magazines are illegal in 7 states right now. Bump stocks are illegal in 1. This is a beginning but i will agree that more states need to get involved. Gun companies are saying that the AR style guns are the new style hunting rifle but i will say that i have never needed a 30 round clip to kill a deer or coyote.
  9. Says the guy that drank/drinks Windsor. Everyone knows that Canadian Springs was/is the go-to stuff.
  10. Parkland, FL High School Shooting

    It depends on how you look at it. A person that lives in a big metropolitan city really has no use for a gun other than for protection. A person that lives in a rural area will use a gun for hunting, which provides food for them, and for protection.
  11. If i drink red beers, i will use bloody mary mix instead of tomato juice.
  12. Orange beers are wonderful. Pour about an inch of OJ in a glass, fill it up with beer and enjoy.
  13. LB Garrett Nelson [Nebraska Commit]

    A majority of the kids he wrestled this year weighed 40+ lbs more then him. Watching him wrestle, he has the build of an OLB to me.