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  1. Spring Game Ticket Sales

    I don't remember a spring game sell out. Is this a first?
  2. Super Bowl LII - Eagles vs. Patriots

    Who will win Super Bowl LII ? _ Eagles _ Patriots X Police
  3. There are two types of Eagles fans......those who have received their parole board decision and those who have not.

    1. TonyStalloni


      I have friends who are both professionals and very nice people who also happen to be Eagles fans.  But some of the videos I have seen of the fans at the stadium are nasty.

    2. krc1995


      I would love to go for an authentic Philly cheesesteak 

  4. WWE Checking in at Husker Power

    This is awesome stuff
  5. Zac Taylor promoted to QBs coach for the Rams

    Good for Zac !
  6. One day in the future, Nebraska will legalize recreational use of marijuana because money talks and b.s. walks.


    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. teachercd


      I was SOOOO against this...now I don't care at all.  Legalize it and tax it, make jobs.  I know that when you come to NE you set your watch back 25 years but F that...time to realize.

    3. BoSolich


      nebraska is a very dumb state. you can drive across a bridge to gamble in iowa from omaha, yet omaha doesn't legalize it.


      people suffering can't even get weed here, but doctors are allowed to get them hooked on opioids.


      nebraskans pay one of the highest property taxes in the country. for what exactly?

    4. The Dude

      The Dude

      Krystal Gabel for Governor!

  7. Peach Bowl Discussion Thread

    UCF should have been in the play-offs.
  8. So......how hot is Jim Harbaugh's seat?

  9. Tanner Lee Declares for NFL Draft

    List of Husker QB's drafted in the NFL ( Don't know how reliable this is) http://iqfb.com/nfl-draft/nebraska-cornhuskers-quarterbacks-taken-in-the-nfl-draft/
  10. Tanner Lee Declares for NFL Draft

    I wish Tanner the best , but I really don't see him getting drafted.
  11. Scott Frost's crazy month juggling Nebraska and UCF

    A Herculean effort above and beyond the call of duty. If our players work like this, God help our opponents.