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  1. QB matchups announced for Spring Game

    I think it is just a group of 4 receivers as #1 and 4 as #4. Meaning... 1.Gebbia 2. Vedral 3. Bunch 4. Martinez (90%)
  2. Huskers looking to add grad transfer at QB?

    That is what you believe.
  3. Will There be War wt N Korea next 4 years

    Step 1: Get nuclear weapon capabilities Step 2: Start negotiations saying you want peace with no nuclear weapons Step 3: Everyone comes to the table with peace within grasps Step 4: Tell America they need to leave the region with military threats and remove their nuclear arsenal as well Step 5: America doesn’t agree to leave region due to security concerns with protectorate with Japan Step 6: Become a nuclear power while blaming America Step 7: ??? Step 8: Profit
  4. Huskers looking to add grad transfer at QB?

    Actually it is just a fact. He has played in two games against Nebraska. He has played in 7 B1G games. Take what you want from it, they are still facts.
  5. Huskers looking to add grad transfer at QB?

    Still has more snaps during Nebraska games than any other Nebraska qb on the roster.
  6. China

    I am guessing that he thought he was the best negotiator and now he realizes he is the best deal maker. Don't mind 7 years of Obama's work to make it happen, he was the one who made the worst deal ever! MAGA!
  7. China

  8. Trans-Pacific Partnership is Dead

    Worst deal ever! https://www.nytimes.com/2016/11/12/business/economy/donald-trump-trade-tpp-trans-pacific-partnership.html?mtrref=www.google.com Joke is on you! We want back in. https://www.washingtonpost.com/business/economy/trump-weighs-rejoining-trans-pacific-partnership/2018/04/12/37d59500-3e71-11e8-8d53-eba0ed2371cc_story.html?utm_term=.1a7c1a8cc2d3
  9. Unless only 75 people plan on showing up anyway.
  10. DOJ Initial Russia Hearings

    When money comes in, they don't question too much. They let John Oliver run his commercials so I am sure they will let this slide.
  11. The Republican Utopia

    Did someone kick his puppy?
  12. 2018 NFL Draft

    I would be weary of drafting Josh Allen #1 overall before I read this. https://www.sbnation.com/nfl/2018/4/5/17046116/2018-nfl-draft-quarterbacks-josh-allen-sam-darnold-projections-hype
  13. Stormy Daniels vs. The Donald

    I believe this is why we are here. Trump thinks attorney-client privilege is an all encompassing umbrella that keeps him safe and uses lawyers to hide all his conversations, papers, and misdeeds. Cohen is probably caught in the investigation and is up for investigation. http://www.mcclatchydc.com/news/nation-world/national/article181133596.html https://www.nytimes.com/2017/02/19/us/politics/donald-trump-ukraine-russia.html?_r=0
  14. Cryptocurrencies

    The excitement with bitcoin is a decentralized place to hold money, no need for a bank, make transactions across the globe, no need to exchange different currencies or be tied to the market of a particular currency, and do so anonymously. The reason you keep hearing about it is that people made a whole bunch of money getting in a the ground level and the value skyrocketed. It has become mainstream to look into investing into the multitude of different players in the game since bitcoin and a few others hit some form of legitimacy.
  15. Stormy Daniels vs. The Donald