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  1. DOJ Initial Russia Hearings

    Ukraine isn't Russia.............yet.
  2. The Environment

    It is like watching a cartoon villain be president, except some cartoon villains have more depth of character.
  3. Trump: More Popular than Ever

    But just because you haven't taken the time to make sure it isn't a duck, doesn't mean it isn't a duck.
  4. Trump Legal Troubles

    A lot
  5. Trump Foreign Policy

    Reverse that, WE get to invade the UK because THEY speak some bungled version of english and they don't want to be a part of the EU anymore. Seems like we can go take the British now! Hahahahahahaha!
  6. Trump Foreign Policy

    I find myself agreeing with what Sasse says; his actions always seem to be where I get angry.
  7. Worst loss of the Pelini Era

    OMFG...You made me go look and I started randomly with 2013. I got two drives into the season and you know what PTSD I got? Double set receivers, halfback motion, flare pass to the flat. 5 yards every time, sometimes 40. All...year....long...uggggghhhhhh.
  8. Worst loss of the Pelini Era

    Ohio State's zone read for the 30th time.
  9. DOJ Initial Russia Hearings

    I had no idea what you were talking about with not indicting a sitting president. No more than look to catch up on stuff and Rudy has already backtracked from saying that Mueller told him that.
  10. End of Net Neutrality

    Oh look! The Nebraska senators didn't seem to think we need an open and fair internet. Nebraska is probably one of the states that needs this most given the vast majority of the state is rural with limited choices in providers.
  11. End of Net Neutrality

    Where they have already said that they won't take it up for discussion.
  12. Recruiting Tangent Thread - StPaulHusker Edition

    No, but it terms of coaching, they have produce 4 recruited tackles in the draft since 2013, 3 of which went in the first two rounds. You know, the team that has had similar recruits at OT as Nebraska recently that you reminded us of. Facts or whatever you were talking about.