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  1. All the comments here should be well thought out and adult-like
  2. Fan Day - August 18th

    Carl losing his ranking with sorority girls
  3. Fan Day - August 18th

    Everyone remember the fit a grown lady threw last year? Any of that this year?
  4. Ohio State Domestic Violence Saga

    It might die down for a bit but once the season starts every time OSU visits a stadium (with or without) Urban fans are going to say stuff and signs will popup at game day, especially with Herbstreit
  5. Pelini to OSU

    If Brohm puts together another good year at Purdue.....
  6. Ohio State Domestic Violence Saga

    Keith Williams should apply. Poor Zach, all that trash you talked, you are probably get lit up in your @ right now
  7. Ron Brown "make Nebraska great again
  8. Who's Smarter: Scott Frost or Peyton Manning?

    Peyton Manning is a dumb hillbilly.
  9. If the #1 receiver is a poor man's hakeem nicks this must be a poor draft for WR
  10. Also a Mariners fan, and my kid loves playing baseball and has really liked to get the trading cards. In a recent pack he got a remake of Griffey Jr. Card.
  11. WR Drake London [USC Commit]

    Football team could put up more points than the basketball team. Hope UMBC doesn't offer.
  12. 2018 World Cup

    One of my best friends is in Russia helping do in arena production for matches. Getting extremely jealous of the snaps he sends me
  13. Unpopular Opinion

    All of the following suck or are highly overrated. Star Wars Lord of the rings Space x launches Star trek
  14. Decker Stepping Away from Football

    To quote Drake "zero to 100 real quick "
  15. ATH Kenny Logan

    This guy could send us into the danger zone...