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  1. Decker Stepping Away from Football

    To quote Drake "zero to 100 real quick "
  2. ATH Kenny Logan

    This guy could send us into the danger zone...
  3. New Shoes?

    I'm a fan of the shoes. If they do emojis maybe nebraksa can get black cleats with white skull ans crossbones
  4. 2018 NFL Draft

    Honestly better to be a free agent than picked in the bottom half of round 7
  5. 5 Unique Frost Shirts ... any ideas of your own?

    There is a shirt on husker barstool that said "Mike Riley was my father but Scott Frost is Daddy"
  6. Husker Coaches Clinic (Power T's Recap)

    You booze you lose Great read and info. Thanks Coach!

    I wonder if Vince changed the Reigns march during the march itself. From the beginning the fans hated it and Vinny didn't want his guy to get booed out of the arena.

    Sedrick Alexander is a freak with his athletic ability. Rousey is annoying Braun!!!
  9. Trump-endorsed news sources

    Lol, f Sinclair.
  10. 2018 NCAA Tournament

    Pressure the inbounds pass. Poor coaching move by Sampson
  11. Parkland, FL High School Shooting

    What if we give every teacher and AR-15 but on the end of it we have a bayonet type attachment for dry erase markers?
  12. Parkland, FL High School Shooting

    Comment section isn't filled with enough thoughts and prayers.
  13. Parkland, FL High School Shooting

    I'm amazed by the courage of these kids to go after Donnie, Tomi, and the bs that is thoughts and prayers
  14. 2018 Winter Olympics

    Hilary Knight Tanith White Leila Rahimi