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Found 62 results

  1. Player: Cameron Jurgens Hometown: Beatrice, Nebraska School: Beatrice Position: Tight End, Linebacker Height: 6-3 Weight: 238 40 time: Offers: Nebraska Visits: 6/5/15 - Friday Night Lights; 6/6/15 - Big Red Weekend; 8/6/15 - Practice (Commitment); 9/5/15 - BYU; 9/12/15 - South Alabama; 9/26/15 - Southern Mississippi; 11/7/15 - Michigan State; 11/27/15 - Iowa; 3/12/16 - Junior Day; 6/17/16 - Friday Night Lights; 8/6/16; 9/3/16 vs. Fresno State; 9/17/16 vs. Oregon; 10/1/16 vs. Illinois; 10/22/16 vs. Purdue; 11/19/16 vs. Maryland; 10/9/17 vs. Wisconsin; 10/14/17 vs. Ohio State Twitter 247 Composite: #180 Overall; #6 TE; .9257; Rivals: #16 TE; 247: #85 Overall; #4 TE; Scout: #195 Overall; #10 ATH; ESPN: #230 Overall; #4 TE-H; Hudl
  2. Player: Garrett Nelson Hometown: Scottsbluff, Nebraska School: Scottsbluff Position: Linebacker, Defensvie End Height: 6-3 Weight: 240 40 time: Offers: Nebraska Visits: 6/16/17 - Friday Night Lights; 6/23/17 - Friday Night Lights; 10/9/17 vs. Wisconsin Twitter 247 Composite: #408 Overall; #29 OLB; .8778; Rivals: #24 WDE; 247: Scout: ESPN: Hudl
  3. Lee B. on Wisconsin

    Wisconsin wins because it adopted the Nebraska way. Why doesn't Nebraska follow the Nebraska model? http://www.omaha.com/huskers/bigten/barfknecht-badgers-use-huskers-old-blueprint-to-roll-along-against/article_a58e04c0-a636-11e7-a739-df65c3fb2179.html
  4. LB Nick Henrich

    Player: Nick Henrich Hometown: Omaha, Nebraska School: Burke Position: Linebacker Height: 6-4 Weight: 200 40 time: Offers: Iowa, Iowa State, Minnesota, Nebraska, Ohio Visits: Twitter 247 Composite: Rivals: 247: Scout: ESPN: Hudl
  5. Player: Masry Mapieu Hometown: McCool Junction, Nebraska School: York Position: Defensive Tackle Height: 6-5 Weight: 293 40 time: Offers: Iowa, Iowa State, Nebraska, UCF, UCLA Visits: 6/17/16 - Friday Night Lights; 9/3/16 vs. Fresno State; 9/17/16 vs. Oregon; 10/1/16 vs. Illinois; 10/22/16 vs. Purdue; 4/15/17 - Spring Game; 6/16/17 - Friday Night Lights; 10/9/17 vs. Wisconsin Twitter 247 Composite: #858 Overall; #61 DT; .8434; Rivals: #38 DT 247: #82 DT; Scout: #34 DT; ESPN: #42 DT; Hudl
  6. Miles watched him on Sunday: http://www.omaha.com/neprepzone/recruiting/boys-basketball/aau-recap-nebraska-s-tim-miles-uno-s-derrin-hansen/article_3732e92e-6ff3-11e7-87ea-afe75ccbe781.html
  7. Player: Edward Chang Hometown: Papillion, Nebraska School: Papillion-LaVista AAU: MoKan Elite Position: Small Forward Height: 6-7 Weight: 180 Offers: Creighton, Nebraska Visits: 1/12/16 vs. Minnesota; 9/3/16 - Football vs. Fresno State Twitter Rivals: #146 Overall; :star 247: Scout: ESPN: Hudl
  8. SIGNED - RB Jaylin Bradley

    Player: Jaylin Bradley Hometown: Bellevue, Nebraska School: Bellevue West Position: Running Back Height: 6-0 Weight: 187 40 time: Offers: Nebraska Visits: 1/21/17 Twitter 247 Composite: #1524 Overall; #99 RB; .8208; :star Rivals: :star 247: #80 RB; :star Scout: :star ESPN: #97 RB; :star Hudl
  9. I found the below poll on an Omaha.com article about Diaco's defense, his approach and its impact on the team. I'm interested to see what Huskerboard thinks in our own poll and if we are in any way correlated with a larger, more generic pool of Husker voters. This is particularly relevant as we've recently had the validity of Huskerboard polls called entirely into question. Here's the article, for those interested. So far, this poll has 909 voting yes and 303 voting no.
  10. Player: Noah Fant Hometown: Omaha, Nebraska School: South Position: Defensive End Height: 6-4 Weight: 211 40 time: 4.64 Offers: Nebraska, South Dakota State, Wyoming Visits: 4/11/15 - Spring Game; 10/10/15 vs. Wisconsin Twitter Rivals: #39 WDE; 247: #63 WDE; Scout: #66 DE; ESPN: Hudl
  11. SIGNED - OT Chris Walker

    Player: Chris Walker Hometown: Lincoln, Nebraska School: East Position: Offensive Tackle Height: 6-6 Weight: 275 40 time: Offers: Nebraska, Ohio, Wyoming Visits: 1/14/17 Twitter 247 Composite: #2035 Overall; #186 OT; .7991; :star Rivals: :star 247: #147 OT; :star Scout: #121 OT; :star ESPN: #96 OT; :star Hudl
  12. SIGNED - OG Broc Bando

    Player: Broc Bando Hometown: Lincoln, Nebraska School: IMG Academy Position: Offensive Guard Height: 6-5 Weight: 285 40 time: Offers: Georgia, Louisville, Nebraska, Mississippi State Visits: 6/1/15 - Camp; 3/29/16; 6/18/16 - Big Red Weekend; 10/1/16 vs. Illinois Twitter 247 Composite: #1044 Overall; #45 OG; .8413; :star Rivals: :star 247: #65 OG; :star Scout: #56 OG; :star ESPN: #54 OG; :star Hudl
  13. SIGNED - TE Austin Allen

    Player: Austin Allen Hometown: Aurora, Nebraska School: Aurora Position: Tight End Height: 6-8 Weight: 220 40 time: Offers: Nebraska Visits: 3/12/16 - Junior Day; 4/14/16; 4/16/16 - Spring Game; 6/17/16 - Friday Night Lights; 9/3/16 vs. Fresno State; 9/10/16 vs. Wyoming; 9/17/16 vs. Oregon; 10/1/16 vs. Illinois; 10/22/16 vs. Purdue; 11/19/16 vs. Maryland Twitter 247 Composite: #800 Overall; #40 TE; .8512; :star Rivals: :star 247: #35 TE; :star Scout: #23 TE; :star ESPN: #18 TE-H; :star Hudl
  14. Sign the petition so we can show the administration how many people want this trophy back! https://www.change.org/p/university-of-nebraska-athletics-department-bring-back-the-5-bits-of-broken-chair-trophy?recruiter=545534642&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=share_email_responsive
  15. Hi, looking for a Nebraska game worn jersey, in particular the following players: #34, Trev Alberts #7, Scott Frost #50 Dave Rimington OR #30 Mike Rozier Thanks!
  16. Had someone that knew I was a die-hard Nebraska fan send an article to me about the most prejudiced places in America. Very disappointing that our favorite city shows up not once, but twice on their lists: These were the worst offending cities by category, per Twitter feeds of citizens of those cities. Now, I'm not sure that using Twitter is the *best* barometer, but it is one that's culturally relevant based on acceptance and usage, at any rate. Also, the original article that can be found here also addresses that they're looking for keywords/phrases, and that some cultures have attempted to appropriate negative slurs (e.g. the "N" word and African American culture) and that this isn't filtered out by their methods. Anyway, thought this was interesting, especially in the context of recruiting for our University, as the last thing we need is for kids to be told that Lincoln is one of the most prejudiced places in America (whether or not the data is legitimate).
  17. Signed - DE Ben Stille

    Player: Ben Stille Hometown: Ashland, Nebraska School: Ashland-Greenwood Position: Defensive End, Tight End Height: 6-4 Weight: 231 40 time: 5.0 Offers: Iowa, Nebraska, Ohio, Wyoming Visits: 6/12/15; 8/9/15; 9/5/15 - BYU; 9/12/15 vs. South Alabama; 10/10/15 vs. Wisconsin Twitter Rivals: :star 247: #28 SDE; :star Scout: #85 DE; :star ESPN: Hudl
  18. Scott Frost and the Future

    I want this to be a serious thread for all questions relating to SF's future. What are the chances he does well at UCF? What are the chances he ends up at Nebraska? Can he recruit to a school that doesn't have the College of Nike Apparel appeal? Just wanted to hear other people's thoughts. Also, I'm currently a freshmen at UNL and was wondering if anyone else on HB is currently at UNL, or if it is all older fans that remember the good ol' days? I'd love to see the differences in opinions between generations. Oh, and GBR!
  19. Player: Jared Bubak Hometown: Lincoln, Nebraska School: Lincoln Christian Position: Tight End Height: 6-4 Weight: 237 40 time: 4.7 Offers: Nebraska Visits: 8/6/14 (Practice); 8/30/14 vs. Florida Atlantic; 9/20/14 vs. Miami; 9/27/14 vs. Illinois; 1/24/15; 3/7/15 Spring Practice; 4/11/15 - Spring Game Twitter Rivals: #34 TE; :star 247: #24 TE; :star Scout: #38 TE; ESPN: Hudl
  20. Fyfe-3PO Tommy Boyega Jar Jar Perkins Luke Neuheisel
  21. Link to the LJS Article Notes from the article: This is something many of us have asked all season long--if you know you have a QB that can't handle the plays that are being called, why the heck are you calling them in the first place? Perhaps the local media was being kind in waiting until the end of the regular season, to give Riley, Langsdorf, et al, the benefit of the doubt. But it's evident they're seeing what many folks have pointed out here, usually during gameday threads--that Riley and Langsdorf really did not do what was sold to the 'Husker fans at the beginning of the season in this regard...or worse yet, they did set out to do this, and failed in their attempt to do so. I think between Sipple's column and McKeown's article in the aftermath of the Iowa debacle, it's evident that the grace period for Riley and company (for whatever grace period was given) is now over, and the local pundits are seeing what many folks have been complaining about for some time--that Langsdorf isn't putting these kids in a position to win with his playcalling and coaching. I guess the honeymoon is over?
  22. Here is a video preview by the ES, the oldest college FB blog in the Big Ten. It's from the most popular bar in East Lansing of the upcoming stint at Nebraska. We interview locals about their thoughts on the Spartans vs Corn, review the Spartans whipping of Indiana and the terrible reffing in the Big Ten... plus, video footage of the stumble into Spartan Stadium. Check it out and enjoy! Go GREEN. http://enlightenedspartan.blogspot.com/2015/11/enlightened-spartan-preview-6-mich.html
  23. 2015 Game 7 “Expert” Picks: Nebraska at Minnesota ————— CollegeFootballNews.com Why You Need To Care Nebraska might be four plays away from being 6-0, but it’s 2-4 – you are what your record is. This is turning into a historically awful start for a program looking to make this a special year after firing Bo Pelini for not being able to take the program to a whole other level – among other things. Lose this, then you’re talking about the worst start to a Husker season since going 1-9 in 1957. Win this, and with Northwestern up next and Iowa still to play, there’s still time to catch fire, go on a run, and yeah, actually win the West. Lose, and then Northwestern and Iowa look daunting, and facing Michigan State won’t help, either. Minnesota hasn’t been good, but it’s 4-2 and coming off a 41-13 blasting of Purdue. This isn’t anywhere near the same team compared to last year’s, and the season could fall off the map in a hurry with a loss. After this? Michigan, at Ohio State, at Iowa, Illinois, Wisconsin, and needing to win two of the last five against them with a loss this week. Why Nebraska Will Win Don’t let the Purdue game fool you – the Minnesota offense still isn’t working. Yes, the running game was great, and yes, Mitch Leidner was efficient and effective with the passing attack, but the Gophers are struggling to put points on the board against decent defenses. Nebraska has a decent defense. The Huskers might be 106th in the nation in total defense, and the secondary has been a hot mess, but Malik Collins and the run defense have been terrific. No one has run for more than 150 yards yet on the Husker D that’s allowing just over three yards per carry. Minnesota needs to run to win – that’s going to be a problem. Why Minnesota Will Win What the hell has happened to the Nebraska passing game? Even with the return of De’Mornay Pierson-El, and even with some decent targets to play around with, Tommy Armstrong has struggled. Playing the Illinois and Wisconsin defense have had something to do with it, but Armstrong has completed 21-of-59 passes for just 234 yards with a touchdown and a pick over the last two games. Minnesota’s secondary is rock solid, ranking 15th in the nation and ninth in pass efficiency defense – the Nebraska air show isn’t going to take off this week. Player Who Matters No one expected much out of Shannon Brooks. The 6-0, 206-pound Atlanta native came to Minnesota as just a recruit, without any fanfare, and he didn’t do much over the first three games. He started turning heads against Ohio with 82 yards and two scores on just ten carries, and last week he took over with 176 yards and a score on just 17 carries, highlighted by a 71-yard dash. He’s got the speed, and he has the running mate in fellow freshman Rodney Smith to help share the load. What’s Going To Happen? Is Nebraska going to finally catch a break and finally get over the hump, or is this just the way the team is going to roll this year? Nebraska is a far better team than Minnesota with a far better offense, but the Gopher defense is set up the right way to pull off the home win. Nebraska will once again figure out how to lose. PREDICTION: Minnesota 24- Nebraska 20 ————— SBNation/Football Study Hall http://www.footballstudyhall.com/2015/10/15/9533063/college-football-picks-projections-week-7-sandp Minnesota 29 - Nebraska 22 ————— ESPN FPI http://espn.go.com/college-football/team/fpi?id=158&year=2015 Nebraska - 53.1% chance of winning ————— AP - Ralph D Russo http://collegefootball.ap.org/article/pivotal-games-boise-st-memphis-be-best-group-5 At some point a ball has to bounce Nebraska's way, right? Nebraska 28 - Minnesota 21 ————— BTN.com http://btn.com/2015/10/14/hold-polls-its-time-to-pick-your-week-7-big-ten-football-winners/ Tom Dienhart: Nebraska 17 - Minnesota 14 Sean Merriman: Minnesota 24 - Nebraska 20 Brent Yarina: Minnesota 24 - Nebraska 20 JoeChristensen: Minnesota 16 - Nebraska 13 ————— ESPN Big Ten Blog http://espn.go.com/blog/bigten/post/_/id/125205/big-ten-week-7-game-picks-can-sparty-knock-off-u-m-in-the-big-house Brian Bennet: Minnesota 24 - Nebraska 21 Josh Moyer: Nebraska 24 - Minnesota 21 Dan Murphy: Nebraska 24 - Minnesota 14 Mitch Sherman: Minnesota 27 - Nebraska 21 Jesse Temple: Minnesota 13 - Nebraska 10 Austin Ward: Minnesota 24 - Nebraska 22 ————— Big Red Wrap-Up http://netnebraska.org/interactive-multimedia/sports/big-red-wrap-minnesota-prediction-2 Kevin Kugler: Minnesota 20 - Nebraska 17 Blake Lawrence: Minnesota 24 - Nebraska 21 Matt Davison: Nebraska 24 - Minnesota 20 ————— Daily Nebraskan http://www.dailynebraskan.com/sports/dn-sports-desk-nebraska-v-minnesota-score-predictions/article_5b85a45a-7082-11e5-b379-6f9185713232.html Josh Kelly: Minnesota 27 - Nebraska 23 Brett Nierengarten: Nebraska 17 - Minnesota 13 Nick Wilkinson: Minnesota 27 - Nebraska 17 Michael Dixon: Nebraska 20 - Minnesota 17 Vanessa Daves: Nebraska 20 - Minnesota 10 ————— Athlon Sports http://athlonsports.com/college-football/predictions-every-college-football-game-week-7 Steven Lassan: Nebraska Mitch Light: Minnesota* David Fox: Minnesota Braden Gall: Minnesota* Mark Ross: Nebraska * (Changed pick in podcast) —————
  24. Minnesota vs Nebraska tickets

    In need of 3 Minnesota vs Nebraska tickets!!