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Found 331 results

  1. Here's the link to the group: https://bracketchallenge.nhl.com/leagues/huskerboard-2018 Password: FrostEffect
  2. Finally moved out of our condo last fall, so now we're able to have a real grill and/or smoker that uses real flames and all that jazz. I'm no grillmaster by any means, but I trust my HuskerBoard family more than most people so I'm hoping y'all can help me out here. What type of grill should I get? Gas? Charcoal? Brand/model recommendations would be awesome as well. I have also thought about getting a smoker of some kind. Nothing huge since I don't foresee making enough for the whole block. My parents love their Traeger, but I'm not sold on using it for grilling. Also, the Traegers are pretty pricey.
  3. Spring ball counts, right? Herm Edwards seems to think he only needs 45 guys? What The Hell Is Herm Edwards Talking About?
  4. What is the best Gatorade flavor? (No Powerade! Maybe I'll do a different thread for that) Here are a couple rankings: https://www.thrillist.com/drink/nation/every-single-gatorade-flavor-ranked-worst-to-best https://www.ranker.com/crowdranked-list/your-favorite-gatorade-flavors Post your favorites and I will create a poll on CHEESY CAPS LOCK FRYDAY
  5. I'm guessing there are more 402ers but I was curious to see the breakdown
  7. What is the best fast food chicken? KFC? Cane's? Chick-fil-a? Popeye's? Bojangles? Zaxby's? Church's? Some other place I've never heard of? I've had KFC. Uh, it's food. I have never had Cane's, Bojangles, Popeye's, or Zaxby's. I had Church's once a long time ago. It was fine, I guess. Nothing special. I have had Chick-fil-a a few times. Again, it's ok, nothing special. So let's hear what your #1 fast food chicken place is and why (none of this "you just gotta try it" BS).
  9. Bring back any former coach

    If you could bring back any former coach or GA to fill an opening on the staff who would you bring back? They have to still be coaching or capable of coaching.
  10. Can't believe it's already here again. Season starts a week from Friday, 11/11. AP Top 25 Duke (58) Kentucky (2) Kansas Villanova (4) Oregon (1) North Carolina Xavier Virginia Wisconsin Arizona Indian Michigan State Louisville Gonzaga Purdue UCLA Saint Mary's UConn Syracuse West Virginia Texas Creighton Rhode Island Iowa State Maryland Others receiving votes: Cincinnati 110, Dayton 98, Florida State 88, California 74, San Diego State 48, Miami 35, NC State 29, Butler 21, Wichita St 21, Ohio State 18, Virginia Tech 18, Florida 18, Texas A&M 14, Mississippi State 14, Oklahoma 11, Colorado 10, Michigan 8, Monmouth 7, Notre Dame 6, Washington 5, Seton Hall 5, Princeton 2, Ohio 1, Vanderbilt 1, Harvard 1 USA Today Coaches Poll Duke (27) Kansas (1) Villanova (1) Kentucky (2) Oregon (1) North Carolina Virginia Xavier Michigan State Wisconsin Arizona Indiana Gonzaga Louisville Purdue UConn Syracuse West Virginia Saint Mary's UCLA Maryland Texas Creighton Rhode Island Cincinnati Others receiving votes: Florida State 65, Iowa State 56, California 43, Miami 35, Dayton 34, Oklahoma 33, Seton Hall 24, Texas A&M 22, Notre Dame 18, San Diego State 17, Virginia Tech 16, Wichita St 15, Butler 14, USC 14, Ohio State 12, Colorado 11, Florida 11, Clemson 11, Michigan 10, Pittsburgh 7, Georgia 6, Yale 6, VCU 6, Chattanooga 5, Washington 4, Kansas State 3, Nevada 3, Davidson 2, Valparaiso 2, Arkansas 2, Utah 1, SMU 1
  11. I started a Yahoo Pick 'em group. Please join and feel free to pass on the info to your friends. Games: Big Ten and Top 25 Picks: Against the spread No confidence points Yahoo Group ID# 9740 Password: RiledUp
  12. Michigan Football Player Accused Of Spreading Chlamydia In 5,000 Campus Flyers
  13. Big Ten Network Releases Cool Football Promos For 13 Of Its Schools College football returns to your television screens tomorrow night, and one of the most interesting games of opening day is Michigan vs. Utah, which will air on Fox Sports 1. Wednesday, the Big Ten Network unveiled a number of 16-second spots – one for each league school except Illinois – that will debut during the Wolverines vs. the Utes contest.
  14. Here we go. Make a wise vote because this will be my handle for at least the next year.
  15. Since people have been so critical of my huskerboard handle the last couple weeks: first Po, now the current name, Ive decided to let you guys decide for me. Getting kinda old having someone tell me my name sucks every time I post, so lets just find a name everyone can enjoy. Ill take suggestions and then we'll vote. Go
  16. Name change

    To whom this may concern, Id like to change my name to Lorenzo Von Matterhorn. Thank you for your time and efforts! -LVM (The man formerly known as Po Belini)
  17. Luke Gifford Moved to Linebacker

    Possible move to linebacker in the future. @luke_gifford: My brother @the_real_beamon always told me i'd be a linebacker... Must be able to see the future 😂
  18. FAU @ Nebraska (-23) - Who Ya Got?

    Here it is, game week. This week's line looks really good, IMO. I'll take the heavy doses of AA and some crippling play action for the Huskers in a blowout. Gimme the Huskers to cover and I'll take the over.
  19. Michigan Wide Receiver Knocks Guy Out With Vicious Sucker Punch
  20. Low wage jobs

    We've all had them. Possibly many of them. Some of you...ahem decked....may still have them What were they? How long did you last at them? What you liked/disliked about them. Fazolis: Lasted about 4-5 months. I was the guy that brought around the breadsticks. Wasn't suppose to eat them, but I snuck a few around the corner when it wasn't busy. I know, Im a rebel. HyVee: Sophomore in HS. All my friends got jobs here, so I decided to follow suit. Lasted about 3 months. Got yelled at by some 50-60 year old drunk dude pulling his car out of his parking space because he couldn't wait two seconds for me to pass him with the long line of carts. Sorry dude, once those bad boys get rolling, its hard to stop 20 of them. Just freaking wait for me to pass. This guy was really pissed/drunk. Went to the manager to complain about me. Ragin' Cages batting cages on 90th and Center in Omaha: Worked there for two summers. Awesome job! Paid a dollar over minimum wage. For a HS kid, that's awesome! When they weren't busy, Id grab a bat and hit to kill time. If they didn't close along with the rest of that area, I would have worked there every summer through HS. VIP Car Wash: Don't know how long I lasted. Maybe two months. Very forgettable job. Got to drive some cool cars though. Umpire: Two summers. The abuse I took was too much for me to deal with. You don't know how crazy some people are until you've officiated sporting events, even little kids sporting events the parents are ridiculous. Great money. Made $2000 doing a Memorial Day tournament. Worked 14 games in three days. Almost got beat up by parents from a KC team. I knew then I was done. Gamers: Pretty fun job. Worked there about 5-6 months freshman year of college. Hate people who bring in a million things to sell back at once. One buy back took me four hours the guy had so much sh#t. Millard Public Schools Kids Network: Before and after school program for K-5 grade. Fun job. Worked there for 3.5 years through college. Got paid to play Candy Land and kickball Bartender at Field Club of Omaha: Two summers/falls. Pretty fun job. Most of the drinks the members ordered were easy ie. jack and diet, vodka lemonade, etc. Some members were rude, some were awesome. Most tipped really well! Little league baseball coach: Seven seasons. 13/14 year old in house kids for three years. Didn't get paid. Four seasons of select. Got paid $1000/season. Won a state tournament (great experience getting a Gatorade bath btw). I posted in the dad coaches thread that I had a dad coach that created TONS of problems for me and eventually I started to lose my passion for coaching. A shame that parent complaints can do that when it should be about the kids. That's all of mine. What about you guys?
  21. To open a Culvers in Tennessee. http://m.nydailynews.com/sports/college/iowa-assistant-coach-quits-open-fast-food-chain-article-1.1762709#bmb=1
  22. http://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2014/04/16/sports/errors-in-inquiry-on-rape-allegations-against-fsu-jamies-winston.html?_r=1 Jameis may never face any repercussions, but the university will probably see a fat lawsuit coming their way.