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Name of techno song played before opening kickoff (not Alan Parsons)?

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Hey guys, I know this a silly question, but I was wondering if anyone knew the name of the techno (I think) song that they play at Memorial Stadium before some kickoffs. Last year I was at the Texas game and they played it in the 4th quarter. This year against USC they played it right before the first kickoff.


Go Big Red!

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I was just thinking about this - I couldn't really hear the song very well, but I was grooving with it on a kickoff. I love the original by the Jackson 5 - one of my favorites of all time by MJ.


Here's a video - not sure if this is a homebrew or the actual video from King of House:



I like the song. . .this video. . .not so much. . .


PS - the original by the Jackson 5 (caution, long video). You can tell where Michael's inspiration for the 15 minute Thriller video came from:


Jackson 5 - Can You Feel It

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