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Husker watch site in Topeka????

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Sorry, all of the coordinators of our alumni assn. have Cox Cable and Cox traditionally has not provided the option even though two of us bought the Ball St game to learn at kick that the game was blacked out! It looks like DirectTv has it but no one has stepped up yet to volunteer their home for a watch. I called all the top sports bars here before the Ball St game and none bought it and kind of laughed that I was even asking.


We did have a big turnout at Skinny's last Sat nite for Mizzou and spent a lot of money on food / drinks but I still don't think it was enough for the proprietor to spring for the $500 to carry the game. We need to start negotiating for future PPV games with a sports bar to be our exclusive watch site.


My recommendation is to check the KCHusker.com website. They have enough clout in KC to have their preferred watch site pay for the game. We've had Topeka members drive over there to watch games and always have a great time. It is about an hour's drive...at closer than going back to N to watch someplace.


What also pee's me off is Cox in OKC is carrying the game...as is Cox Omaha. I just haven't had time to switch back to Direct Tv after voicing my opinion regarding the Ball St PPV. And after the article in the WSJ today I WILL SWITCH BACK! Direct Tv's dish is still on my roof and receivers in my basement...And they plan to have 100 HD channels available by the end of the year compared to Cox's 8?


At least in Topeka, you should be able to hear the game on 1110 KFAB but it is faded. I also assume KC stepped up and the game will be on 810 WHB (strong daytime signal). These radio options sure beat running to monitor to monitor in Atlanta there with the wife during the Iowa St game watching the trailors at the bottom of the screen for score/time left upgrades in the sports bar we visited.


Welcome to Topeka! Are you driving in the SCCA runoffs? If you here on Friday night go to Skinny's for the best bargain for a decent steak...$8.50 (?) for an 8 oz club with a couple of sides. We go there often but the one drink minimum clouds my memory but I do know this is an increase over the $8 they used to charge before a slight increase across the board to pay for their new annex that is now no smoking with a lot of flat panels and monitors and a couple of sofas to kick back in.

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Wow, thanks for the advice. I am from Topeka, I just haven't lived there for the last 10 years or so. Thats a big time bummer that i won't be able to watch it or even buy it. Thanks for all of your help!

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I have to be in Topeka for the weekend. Does anyone know of a watch site there??? topekahusker?


You're going to be in Topeka? Sorry...don't forget your flak jacket and tard repellent. This isn't the end of the earth, but you can see it from here. :rollin:rollin:rollin:rollin

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