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HS coach looking for film/help

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Hi fellas. I'm not a Husker fan per se, I'm actually a Miami Hurricanes fan (I know, I know) that has always been intrigued by the option game Solich and Osborne used to run at NU. I'm a HS coaching veteran of 8 years now and after dabbling in the spread (was obsessive about this) and wing-t (not by choice) I ran the i-formation two years ago and liked it and especially the option out of it. I started studying the midline game, veer, etc and that's brought me here.


I'm going to convert the offense to the NU i-formation and run the option out of it, and am looking for some film/cut ups of the offense. I realize that this could be time consuming, however on Thanksgiving, I figure why not give thanks to my favorite QB of all-time Tommie Frazier and reach out for help. Shoot me a message if you're interested in helping or have some youtube videos available.


side note: I have a copy of the 1997 playbook.




Coach D

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Here is some good stuff:




Just make sure that you give credit where its due - and all you players wear husker shirts under their jerseys.

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