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Help...sure this can't be too difficult?

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Figured I would get some responses here from fellow Husker friends.


I have a bunch of digital pictures...seems like we always take the digital camera to family events, trips, parties, wherever we go...you get it. I then put pictures on my computer and look at them...cool. Sometimes I email them to family and friends.


I also have a bunch of music...iTunes.


I'd like to post pictures online set to a music slideshow. Then people can go there and check out a liitle picture slideshow set to music. After awhile would probably get a number of events in this format and would be a cool digital archive.


What is the best site to do this? I want it free and only for private persons to be able to access. That way instead of emailing a bunch of photos I can direct them to the site...and the viewer sees a bunch of photos from the event set to cool music.


Thanks if you can reply! :power

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A music slideshow - sounds like something you can create in Windows Movie Maker, possibly powerpoint. Maybe a free open-source movie editing software package.


As for where to upload - you can upload to youtube/google video - don't know if they are separate anymore - and set it to private, so that only people with the link will be able to see it.

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Do you have iMovie? I'm pretty sure that's the program I used to create a picture slideshow with music for a photojournalism class I took two semesters ago. I think you can download it online, but I have no idea if it's free or not. I would recommend checking it out - it's very simple, lets you adjust the amount of time the picture stays on screen, drag/drop mp3's into the timeline, etc. Very user friendly and sounds like it will do exactly what you're looking for.

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